Faculty Council Minutes -- March 2008


March 7, 2008
Rosen Center Conference Room

Faculty present: Dick Oliver, (Chair) (CSES), Doug Karcher (HORT), Laurie Apple (HESC), Fred Stephen (ENTO), Gene Milus (PLPA), Jean-Francois Meullenet (FDSC), Park Waldroup (POSC), Duane Wolf (CSES), Jeff Miller (AEED), Tom Costello (BAEG), Charles Rosenkrans substituting for Hayden Brown (ANSC).

Others present: Dr. Greg Weidemann, Dean

1. Call to Order – D. Oliver, chair, called meeting to order at 2:30 p.m.

2. Approval of Agenda – Motion made and seconded to approve the agenda. Motion adopted by voice approval.

3. Approval of Minutes – Motion made and seconded to approve the February 15, 2008 minutes. Motion adopted by voice approval.

4. Reports
A. Administration: Dean Greg Weidemann

Dean Weidemann had a productive discussion with Vice Chancellor for University Advancement Dave Gearhart.

The department head hires are ongoing. Searches include Ag Econ, Ag Education and Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences.

B. Associate Dean: Donna Graham. Dick Oliver reported on behalf of Dr. Graham.

Cross Listed Classes

Each faculty member reported on any cross listing of classes: G. Milus (PLPA) – none; C. Rosenkrans (ANSC) – the department has more than one class cross listed with Poultry Science but they want to keep it that way; D. Karcher (HORT) – one class is cross listed and the department is receptive to changing; F. Stephen (ENTO) – none; T. Costello (BAEG) – two classes are cross listed and the department wants to keep it that way; J. Meullenet (FDSC) – one class is cross listed and the instructor is not in favor of changing; P. Waldroup (POSC) – the department has a number of classes cross listed, mostly with ANSC at the graduate level and would be reluctant to change; J. Miller (AEED) – none; D. Wolf (CSES) – the department has several cross listed classes and are strongly against changing because they are co-instructed; L. Apple (HESC) – the department has several cross listed classes, and they do not want to change.

C. Agriculture Curriculum – D. Oliver reported on behalf of Donn Johnson

D. Oliver gave everyone a handout regarding what was discussed at the meeting on February 29, 2008. Six poultry classes with curriculum changes were approved.
There is a big push for a new curriculum on sustainability. However, there was not 100 percent support as many did not see the place for such a program in Dale Bumpers College nor what jobs would be available to trained graduates.

D. HESC Curriculum Committee – None
E. University Faculty Senate - None
5. Old Business
A. Discussion of Joint Committee Meeting with Vice-President Shult – D. Oliver

D. Oliver suggested the Faculty Council must decide how to proceed as he must respond to President Sugg within the next few days. The Food Science Department has met with Vice-President Shult already. D. Oliver would like the departments to hold off on these meetings until a plan has been decided upon.

The first issue addressed with Vice-President Shult was the first statement by the Resolutions Committee in Cornerstone 1 regarding the joint signature lines on the promotion and tenure sheet. (Form 1405.10C) Everyone had assumed this had already been approved; however, a formal vote only to accept the committee report was made at the December Faculty meeting.

There was discussion regarding Vice-President Shult's practice to hire at least 50 percent tenure-track faculty. Vice-President Shult reiterated that each hire would be evaluated on its own merit based on recommendation and justification letter from Department Head and approvable by administration. D. Oliver will change the meeting report to reflect this.

C. Rosenkrans made a correction regarding the voting faculty. It does include non-tenure track faculty along with the tenure track faculty in Fayetteville.

Vice-President Shult asked that the off duty assignment applications be routed through his office for his approval. Dean Weidemann informed everyone that University policy would have to be changed to accommodate this request. The Provost feels very strongly that off campus duty assignments (OCDA) should be only tenure track faculty. The Faculty Council agreed that this should be added to the report.

Vice-President Shult explained that the branding of the Division is more for advertising purposes, and no separation from the Fayetteville campus was intended.

In regard to the review of Cornerstone 2 regarding post-tenure review. All agreed that present policy is effective. However, Vice-President Shult wants the Division involved if a faculty member receives two consecutive unsatisfactory evaluations or three in five evaluations.

D. Oliver will remove the peer review comment. All decisions flow through the Dean and the next decision point is the Provost. As a faculty a decision will need to be made regarding sharing that decision point with the Division administration. Changes in signature lines would be a change in policy and would have to go through campus policy.

One of the issues is that department heads are not being evaluated in the same manner as the faculty and Vice-President Shult agreed to review a better form if provided a proposal.

Regarding Resolution 4 – the split between the Division and the College. Vice-President Shult asked for examples of conflict. The lack of communication and the perceived teaching budget were mentioned.

It has been noticed that not all associate deans are attending campus meetings. It is a college faculty meeting. Some suggested that Vice-President Shult, Dean Weidemann, and Dean Graham should all three speak at the spring and fall faculty meetings. It was noted that Vice-President Shult declined to meet with the faculty as a whole. Dean Weidemann will accept what the Faculty Council decides. One suggestion included having Vice-President Shult give a state of the Division address at the end of each semester. It was also pointed out that these are college related meetings and they (faculty council) reserve the right to invite anyone to attend for a purpose, not just extend an open ended invitation. There was a reminder that 20 percent of the faculty body are not members of the Division of Agriculture but all campus resident faculty are members of the College.

The Faculty Council agreed to delete the comment about 50/50 tenure track hiring practice by Vice President Shult in D. Oliver's report.

D. Oliver will return President Sugg's telephone call and report that the meeting with Vice President Shult was informative, but they were not satisfied with the outcome.

B. College Recognition of Student Scholarly Achievements at Graduation – D. Wolf

During the fall semester of 2007, there were 124 students who qualified for Latin designations while honors students represented only 32 students. The committee of D. Wolf, H. Brown and F. Stephen recommended that Dale Bumpers College adopt the Latin designations to signify the honors graduates and use distinction, high distinction, and highest distinction for GPA categories Motion was made and approved to reintroduce the recommendation that had been tabled at the Fall Faculty meeting in December 2007. Motion was made to accept the Committee's report that only Honors College students receive the Latin designation at graduation. Motion failed with 2 in favor and 11 against.

Dean Weidemann suggested this vote go before the faculty at the spring faculty meeting.

C. Clarification Statement for Plus and Minus Grading System – D. Oliver

Faculty was split right down the middle regarding this grading policy. It was questioned if the University would allow an A plus. Dean Weidemann will ask the Provost. A suggestion was made to update the catalog to reflect that this grading policy is optional for faculty to use. The Faculty Council decided to table this issue for now.

D. Faculty Council and Ad Hoc and Four-Cornerstone Committees Preparation of Questions for Departmental and Town Hall Meetings – D. Oliver

A suggestion was made to obtain a list of all the questions and responses from those meetings that have already taken place with Vice-President Shult. Food Science has already met and J. Meullenet will send the results to everyone via email.

6. New Business – None

7. Announcements

The College's Honors and Awards Banquet will be in the Arkansas Union Ballroom at 6:00 pm on April 17, 2008.

There will be a Recruiting and Retention (RAR) retreat March 27 from noon to 4:00 pm in the Arkansas Union, rooms 508-509. Faculty Council has been asked to attend.

The next Faculty Council meeting will be April 11, 2008.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:23 p.m.

Submitted by Carmen Alessi
calessi @uark.edu