Faculty Council Minutes -- March 2007

MARCH 9, 2007, 2:30 p.m.
Rosen Center Conference Room

Faculty Present: C. Rosenkrans, Chair, M. Gentry (HESC), A. Procter (FDSC), F. Stephen (ENTO), G. Milus (PLPA), D. Oliver, (Chair-Elect), D. Wolf (CSES), T. Costello (BAEG), H. Brown (ANSC)

Others Present: Dr. Greg Weidemann, Dean

1. Call to Order - C. Rosenkrans, chair, called the meeting to order at 2:30 p.m.

2. Approval of Agenda - G. Milus moved to approve agenda, H. Brown seconded. Motion passed.

3. Approval of Minutes - H. Brown moved to approve the February 9th, 2007 minutes, F. Stephen seconded. Motion passed.

4. Reports -

A. Administration - Dr. Weidemann

The Student Advisory Board has been formed and will meet at least quarterly during academic year. This board is made up of representatives of all of the college undergraduate programs. We are seeking input on issues dealing with items such as recruitment and retention.

The budget has been presented to the chancellor and staff. We have challenges to overcome, however, Dr. Weidemann thinks we will get the help needed.

On the college management plan, a half day retreat is being planned. The faculty council, department heads and departmental representatives will be invited to attend.
At the department head meeting next week we will be discussing assessment plans that were developed for each department. These plans were developed for the learning outcomes for each degree program required for acceditation. The Higher Learning review team will visit campus in April. The review team members may visit campus in April. The review team members may visit the departments, faculty or students.

B. Faculty Senate - No major issues to report per Dr. Rosenkrans

C. HESC Curriculum Committee - No report

D. Agriculture Curriculum Committee - No report due to e-mail problems.

E. Ad-hoc Non-tenure Track Hiring Practice Committee - F. Stephen reported the following:

On March 2nd, 2007 the committee (Dixon, Johnson, Rosenkrans and Stephen- Wolf absent) and Director Cochran met from 10:45 until noon in Honors Hall. After general discussion of the meeting's mission, it was decided to focus on cornerstones 1 & 3.

Cornerstone 1 - There was a general concurrence that the Division should be represented on the Nomination for Promotion (Academic Policy Series, form 140510C) and the Nomination for Tenure (Academic Policy Series, form 140510D) signature forms. The proposal was that those administrators for branches of the Division supporting some positive percentage of the candidates's salary during the promotion/tenure year should provide an explicit recommendation. This would be facilitated by adding a signature line for the Director of the Experiment Station and a similar line for the Director of Extension at item D. In addition, the Vice-President for Agriculture should have a signature line at line G. These lines would be on both forms.

The committee further recommended that in cases where the candidate had no teaching appointment, recommendations by the Dean, Provost and Chancellor would not be part of the process. Similarly, if a candidate had no research (or extension) appointment, the Director of the Experiment Station (or Extension) would not make a recommendation. If the candidate had neither research nor extension appointments, the Vice-President for Agriculture would not make a recommendation.

Cornerstone 3 - The committee then addressed the issue of what tenure is. The focus of the discussion was on how Tenure Rights in Board Policy should be modified to apply to Division personnel not located at the Fayetteville campus.

The general tenor of discussion was that there is only one tenure system, and that is with the University of Arkansas. The committee saw no reason to define two tenures or parallel tenures. Moreover, it was recognized that only the President awards the tenure and the others involved in the evaluation process simply make recommendations. The committee then focused on the geographical location of the tenure. The thinking was that the Board definition of tenure rights was an appropriate vehicle that needed to be modified by an additional sentence at the end of the current definition. The proposed sentence is: Faculty not associated with a particular campus (UAF, UAMS, UAM, UALR, UAPB, UAFS) have tenure rights confined to their designated, primary duty station at the time of tenure award.

5. Old Business -

A. By Laws question related to "faculty" definition -

Motion by D. Oliver that we continue to use the old faculty e-mail list with the new faculty added with those faculty who are deceased removed.

B. By Laws question related to experiment station representation

(The current by-laws lists the ex-officio membership as the Associate Vice President-Reseach)

It was decided to invite Dr. Mark Cochran to the Faculty Council Meetings with no by law change at this time.

6. New Business -

The Department Heads would like to meet with the ad-hoc non-tenure track hiring practice committee. The council left it up to the committee to decide whether to meet with them or not.

7. Announcements -

HESC faculty would like to address issues that they are concerned about at the next Faculty Council Meeting.

Members were requested to go back to their departments and discuss the voting faculty issue and get their input.

8. Meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

Respectively submitted,
Kathy England