Faculty Council Minutes- March 2006

March 17, 2006

2:00 p.m. Rosen Center Conference Room
Faculty Present: C. Rosenkrans, , H. Brown (ANSC), A. Proctor (FDSC), J. Webb (HESC), D. Karcher (HORT), F. Scott (AEED), T. Costello (BAEG), P Waldroup(POSC).
Others Attending:
D. Graham – Administration
A. McKenzie – (AEAB) for L. Parsch
Dr. Wolf – Ad Hoc Committee
P. Fenn – (PLPA) for G. Milus
1. Call to Order – C. Rosenkrans, Chair elect, called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m.
2. Agenda – F. Scott moved to approve the agenda. A. Proctor seconded. Motion was approved.
3. Approval of Minutes - The minutes of the February 2006 meeting of the Faculty Council were presented for approval. F. Scott made motion to approve the minutes. J. Webb seconded the motion. Motion was approved.
4. Reports
A. D. Graham – Administration
Requested no more changes so that 8 semester plans can be monitored to determine whether the class sequence will work.
ACT 1014 begins implementation this summer with orientation sessions in June. A new electronic form has been developed for students to sign if they wish to follow the 8-semester plan.. Advisors will have to log into the UAConnect system to activate this electronic form during the advising session.
The college has requested an exemption for six degree programs as each has a summer internship requirement. These programs will be presented as nine-semester plans in the catalog and on the college web-site.
Two new faculty positions have been approved for Dietetics and Hospitality. Both are 100%UAF.
FYI – The institutional research report of student semester credit hours is correct and SSCHs are being correctly assigned to each unit. There has been some concern of cross listed courses and interdisciplinary courses credit hours not being correctly calculated for the unit.
Expect slight increases in student fees this next year.
D. Graham answered questions regarding overhead charges on grants and the new evaluation instrument to be implemented soon.
B. Graduate Council Report – No report
C. Faculty Senate
C. Rosenkrans reported there was long discussion about notifying other departments regarding pre-requisities or courses outside your academic unit prior to adding courses in your curriculum. The motion was tabled.

5. Standing Committee Reports
A. Freddie Scott, Agriculture subcommittee
No curriculum changes but Animal Science added a special topic course.
F. Scott asked all the Faculty Council members to study all courses currently being used to satisfy the intensive communication course requirement and to determine a definition of a communication intensive course. There is much variability among departments which should be resolved to apply the same rules to all students.
All departments were asked to submit course substitutions at the time the student enrolls in the substitute course and not wait until the graduation semester to help with the backlog that can occur when students are being cleared for graduation.
B. Marjorie Fitch-Hilgenberg, Human Environmental Sciences Subcommittee – No report.
6. Old Business
A. Report from ad hoc Committee on meeting with Vice Pesident Shult
D. Wolf reported that he, D. Johnson, B. Dixon, C. Rosenkrans, and F. Stephen met with Dr. Shult, Dr. Weidemann, and Dr. Lyles on March 9th regarding the Non-Tenure Track Practice.
The group presented faculty opinions and feelings.
Dr. Shult did not change his mind, and would continue this hiring practice.
Dr. Shult will be happy to meet with individual departments.
Ad Hoc faculty group is developing a white paper and will make a recommendation for faculty consideration before the May faculty meeting.
The Ad Hoc group requests feedback from faculty.
7. New Business – No new business.
8. Inquiries from the Faculty - No inquiries.
9. Announcements
T. Costello asked that Council members to begin to consider nominations from the college for elections for Faculty Senate.
10. Meeting Adjourned – A. Proctor moved to adjourn. H. Brown seconded the motion.
The meeting was adjourned at 2:43.
Submitted by
Quetta Wardlow