Faculty Council Minutes -- January 2015

Faculty Council

Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences

January 16, 2015

APC Rosen Center Conference Room


Call to Order – Dr. Bluhm called the meeting to order at 2:30 PM

Approval of Agenda – Motion to approve agenda.  

Approval of November 21, 2014 Faculty Council Meeting Minutes –Motion was made to approve the minutes.  Motion was seconded and approved.


Administration Reports

Division of Agriculture - Associate Vice President – Research AAES, Dr. Clarence Watson

In regard to the grant writing workshop discussed at previous meetings, it has been set and the contract signed.  It will be held April 29th and 30th.  It will be offered on a space available basis – 50 -60 slots; half of these are for the Division and half for campus.  Please see the handout/application.  Location is to be determined.  It will be an overnight workshop and will probably be held off-campus.  Preference will be given to younger faculty.  This is a two-step process – after completing this first workshop, a follow-up workshop will be held for a smaller group of people that have specific proposals in mind.  The Experiment Station will pick up the cost, but it is available to Experiment Station, Bumpers College and Division faculty.  Budget – Legislative session just started.  Federal budget – there will be a battle over the President’s forthcoming budget due to proposed increases.  There was some discussion about NSF funding of grants.


Bumpers College – Dean and Associate Vice President for Agriculture, Dr. Mike Vayda – no report


Bumpers College – Associate Dean, Dr. Lona Robertson

We got some numbers regarding admits for Fall 2015.  Compared to this time last year, admits to Bumpers College are up 1.8%.  The most significant growth is among students with a composite ACT score of 27 – 29.  We are seeing fewer admits below 20 and are seeing some growth at 30 – 31 scores.   No information has been received regarding numbers by major.  In 2008, every degree program was asked to put together a student learning outcomes assessment plan.  Every department is going to be asked to provide a write-up on their assessment plan to the University late this Spring or early Summer.  They will want to know about measures of student learning.  The information will be used for campus reaccreditation. 



International Programs Update – Director, Dr. Leslie Edgar


We recently returned from China and had the opportunity to visit with the Northeastern Agricultural University in Harbin. We are looking to develop a student exchange, collaborative projects and faculty exchange.  We also traveled to the Northwest Ag and Forestry University and they are also looking to develop some of these same programs/exchanges.  We are working with AgEcon and Walton College on a collaborative minor where students are required to take courses in both colleges.  We have funding available from a small grant for FDSC for Hospitality with culinary as the focus.  International Programs scholarship applications are due February 15th.  Global Food Opportunities seminar will be February 26th from 12:30 – 1:30 at the Horticulture department. 



Honors Program Update - Dr. Curt Rom - no report


University Faculty Senate – Dr. Don Edgar, Chair

C.O.A.C.H. surveys were discussed – we are in the top 30% in our region against peer institutions in the areas of departmental engagement, nature of work, and leadership at the senior level.  Things that the University shows we need to work on is tenure clarity, tenure policies, and leadership at the departmental level.  Student Standards and Conduct also gave a report.  The number of alcohol violations has increased slightly, but seems to be relative to the increase in enrollment.  Provost Gaber talked about how intersession enrollment has increased.  She also made a point that rigor should be upheld in these intersessions as most of these are seminar-based classes.  She also addressed outcomes assessment as mentioned by Dr. Robertson earlier in the meeting.  The Science Building is being renamed Discovery Hall.  Due to continued confusion with the Science Engineering building and a 911 call gone awry due to that confusion, this change was initiated.  There on 32 degrees being offered through online education, 7,044 students and there are 362 courses being offered by Global Campus.  Please participate in the on-line survey regarding transportation and parking and encourage other faculty to do so.


Faculty Council Business – Dr. Burt Bluhm, Chair         

We need to hold an election for the Faculty Chair Elect position.   Please canvas your faculty to help secure the required 3 nominees.   There was discussion on how the Chair and Chair Elect responsibilities should possibly rotate among the departments to ensure that every department has some accountability.   It was mentioned that some departments shoulder most of the responsibilities.  The Personnel Document is to be revised in the near future.  It was mentioned that the document was revised, sent to the Provost, and seems to have stayed there without review.  Please be sure to bring forward any business that needs to be included on future agendas.   The place and dates have been secured for the remaining meetings this semester:  February 20, March 20 and April 17.  The Spring 2015 College Faculty Meeting is scheduled for May 1.


Standing Committee Reports:

Promotion & Tenure Committee – Dr. Bruce Dixon, Chair - no report


Awards Committee – Dr. Godwin-Charles Ogbeide, Chair

Dr. Ogbeide is traveling but provided a handout.  See Page 1 of reports attachment.


Scholarship Committee – Dr. Rick Rorie, Chair

See Page 2 of reports attachment.  The Scholarship Committee has met twice – the first was to work out what was considered to be a requirement on the application and the other was on how the application would be scored.  The College Scholarship is linked to the University application.  The University requires recommendations, essays, and resumes.  The committee has decided to not require it on the College application but departments can choose to utilize the information if they want.  Letters of reference will be sought but not required, resumes are required.  The Dean’s office offered to have some money for early awards for recruiting scholarships.  The new system would be scoring scholarships on-line and would be based on 100 point scores.  We have a rubric developed based on academics and activities.   There was much discussion about the University’s scholarship application process and that of the College. 



AFLS Curriculum Sub-committee –Dr. Mary Savin, Chair - no report


HESC Curriculum Sub-committee –Dr. Kathy Smith, Chair - no report


Old Business

See Pages 3 & 4 of reports attachment.  Three-year review policy and procedures update.  The latest iteration was circulated among the faculty and received some feedback.  The campus has articulated that they want more description and more formalization and uniformity of the process.  There are some important outcomes that are a result of these reviews currently.  The Dean requested that this be reviewed as he didn’t feel that all the departments and units were treating this similarly and as seriously as it was intended.  He did feel that there was enough peer colleague review.  From a faculty standpoint, this has been viewed as an opportunity for constructive feedback at a point when there is time to make any needed corrections to remain on the trajectory for tenure.   Some departments were using poor reviews at the three-year review stage to not reappoint tenure-track faculty.  Start-up packages have increased to a point where they may be audited in the sense of having earned back the value of the package.  We ended up adapting the College of Engineering’s document.  There was substantial discussion to define the three year period and the true purpose of the review.


New Business





Motion was made to adjourn.  Motion seconded and approved.  Meeting adjourned at 4:08 PM


Submitted by Carrie Whitmer