Faculty Council Minutes -- January 2014

January 17, 2014
Rosen Center Conference Room
Faculty present:
Michael Evans – HORT (Chair)
Yanbin Li – BAEG
Kris Brye -CSES
Burt Bluhm- PTSC
Walter Bottje – POSC
Ashley Dowling - ENTO
Andy Proctor – FDSC
Leigh Southward - HESC
Garry McDonald - HORT
Rick Rorie-ANSC
Dan Rainey-AEAB
Others Present:
Jessica Hulse- Administrative Specialist-Bumpers College Dean's Office
Administrators Present:
Dr. Clarence Watson- Associate Vice President for Agriculture Research and Director of the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station

Call to Order – Dr. Michael Evans, Chair, called the meeting to order at 2:30 p.m.

Approval of Agenda – Motion made, seconded and agenda approved.

Approval of Minutes – Motion made, seconded and approved the November 15, 2013 Faculty Council minutes.
Division of Agriculture – Associate Vice President, Dr. Clarence Watson
The budget deal in Washington was passed. This is a $1.1 trillion budget, passed in both the House and Senate. The president is to sign shortly. This is a huge victory for the College and Division. In the budget deal they restored the 7.6% cut that was cut due to sequestration last year in the formula funds and they added an additional 3% to all of our formula lines. There is a $40 million increase in the AFRI program this year. Senator Pryor was really the key to the 3% increase in the formula funds. Not everyone faired so well, even NIH took a cut this year. On the increase in AFRI, we have been told that they are planning on putting more money in the foundational program. This is more the single investigator/small project versus the large multimillion dollar CAP program. The goal is to put more money in the foundational programs, this should help faculty quite a bit. FRA's should be coming out sometime this year, still waiting on funding. More funding should be put in Animal Science, there are very positive signals from AFRI on that. The Farm Bill is still awaiting passage. Hopefully there will be a resolution on the Farm Bill by next month. The total amount of money for the Division should be about a $1 million increase split roughly 60/40 with more funding going towards the Extension side. Higher education didn't fair very well within Beebe's $5 billion budget. The Division was left flat.

Please click on the link to view Dr. Watson's report.

Please click on the link to view the APLU CGA Priorities for FY2014.
Bumpers College —Dean, Mike Vayda- No Report
Bumpers College —Associate Dean, Lona Robertson – No Report
Standing Committee Reports:

Honors Program – Dr. Curt Rom, Director

A point of emphasis for the Bumpers Honors Program this year will be to track our student progress more closely and to benchmark their program progress. We want the Bumpers Honors student engaged in the program, making progress and to graduate with the Honors distinction.

There are a few items to note from the fall 2014 semester. Of the students who were on Honors Academic probation after the spring 2013 semester, none improved their grades sufficiently to gain good standing. Four students were dismissed from the Bumpers Honors Program for two consecutive semesters of cGPA less than 3.5 after the spring 2013 and fall 2013 semesters. Twelve students (11% of the Honors Enrollment) have been placed on academic probation after having their cGPA drop below 3.50 for the fall 2013 semester. These student regain good standing when their cGPA is at or above 3.50. All students were written regarding their probation status. If a student was in your program area, you were copied on the correspondence. There are a total of 109 students currently enrolled in the Bumpers Honors Program. There potentially are 5-8 students scheduled to graduate in spring 2014. A number of juniors and seniors in the program have not completed the 9 hours of Honors Coursework. I have communicated this requirement to the students and their intention of completing the Honors Program.

Of the students who have completed Honors coursework beyond the Orientation, the average is 10.9 credit hours of Honors coursework (9 credit hours of Honors are required). There are 17 students (20%) with 13-20 hours of Honors coursework. There are 9 students (11%) with >20 hours of Honors coursework. This is a very good indication of engagement in Honors by Bumpers students.

The Bumpers Honors Student Board starts meeting today for student programming for the spring semester.

Scholarship Committee – Dr. Bruce Ahrendsen – No Report

Faculty Senate – Dr. Mary Savin, College Representative

There was a fairly short meeting held this week. The chair of faculty senate has been asked to review the plus/minus grading system. There will be more to come on that. The Faculty Senate is reviewing the grade appeal process. This was presented to the faculty senate in the fall and there were lots of questions and concerns on how the appeals were being addressed. The Senate will be discussing and voting on this issue next week. If there are concerns please contact one of your faculty senators.
Please click on the link to view the Faculty Senate report.
Graduate Council – Dr. Jackie Wiersma – No Report

International Programs – Dr. Leslie Edgar, Director

The program is moving forward and working towards student scholarship deadlines. Remember to remind students that international travel scholarships are due to the Dean's Office by February 3rd at 5pm. All international programs have selected their students. There may still be some seats available for the China tour. No students are going to Belgium this year, if you have a student that is interested please contact Julie Carrier. There is funding for every country. There are three specific international scholarships on the Bumpers College Website. There is money through the Honors College for international research as well. Nilda Burgos is looking for another student to go to Brazil, also exploring opportunities in Spain. Jeff Miller is looking for one more student to send to Rwanda or Scotland. The program has initiated some student surveys, to see what their needs are. Limitations are funding. We need to know what else is keeping them from wanting to study abroad. Also, we will be sending faculty surveys next week. We are trying to capture who has connections and collaborations in different countries in different institutions. We appreciate your help with the faculty surveys. Please send students to Leslie Edgar or Diana Bisbee if they are interested in an international travel opportunity. Typically students leave the week after graduation, some are three week programs and some are ten weeks.
Promotion and Tenure Committee – Dr. John Clark, Chair - No Report

Awards Committee – Dr. Kate Shoulders, Chair - No Report

AFLS Curriculum Sub-Committee – Dr. Mike Thomsen, Chair
The motion for test credit POSC 1012 was approved and seconded. The motion for elimination of the International Programs Minor was approved and seconded. Both motions have been passed.
Please click on the link to view the AFLS Curriculum Sub-Committee report.
Nomination Committee – Dr. Garry McDonald, Representative
There are now 3 nominees for the faculty council chair-elect, resulting in a runoff election. There must be 40% voting participation, the first time around there was 20% participation. Please encourage your colleagues to vote. We need to get this rectified so the person can be in place for the next meeting. Carmen has reported that we are not close to the quorum yet. There are four faculty senate positions that need to be voted on as well.
HESC Curriculum Sub-Committee – Dr. Kelly Way, Chair – No Report

Old Business – Dr. Michael Evans, Chair
New Business – Dr. Michael Evans, Chair
Announcements – Dr. Michael Evans, Chair
The intent is for agendas to be put together two weeks prior to faculty council meetings. If there is something that needs to be added to the agenda let Mike know. Faculty Council meetings will be held on February 21, March 21, April 18, and May 2nd (All Faculty Meeting). All meetings except for the May 2nd date will be held in the Rosen Center Conference Room. The All University meeting will be in Hembree Auditorium.
Motion made and seconded to adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

Submitted by Jessica Hulse