Faculty Council Minutes- January 2006

January 20, 2006

2:00 p.m. Rosen Center Conference Room
Faculty Present: D. Johnson, Chair, C. Rosenkrans, Chair-Elect, L. Parsch (AEAB), H. Brown (ANSC), M. Stewart (CSES), A. Proctor (FDSC), J. Webb (HESC), D. Karcher (HORT), G. Milus (PLPA), P. Waldrop (POSC), F. Scott (AEED), T. Costello (BAEG), F. Stephen (ENTO).
Others Attending:
G. Weidemann – Administration
D. Graham – Administration
M. Fitch-Hilgenberg – Human Environmental Sciences Curriculum Subcommittee
D. Tebeest – Graduate Council
1. Call to Order – D. Johnson, Chair, called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m.
2. Agenda – T. Costello added an agenda item for new business regarding the election of faculty members to Faculty Senate, Faculty Council and Chair Elect of Faculty Council. H. Brown moved to approve the agenda as amended. L. Parsch seconded. Motion was approved.
3. Approval of Minutes - The minutes of the November 2005 meeting of the Faculty Council were presented for approval. M. Stewart suggested two changes under R. Roeder's report. Delta Foundation should be changed to Delta Branch Station. L. Parsch suggested clarification under Old Business. The special meeting on November 4 was held with Dr. Weidemann, not Dr. Shult. L. Parsch moved to approve the minutes as amended. H. Brown seconded the motion. Motion was approved.
4. Reports
A1. G. Weidemann – Administration
1. Report
The deadline for awards has passed and committees are going to be set up. The Provost letters for Promotion and Tenure went out today. The process went smoothly this year. Everyone was pleased with the recognition the college received during the Centennial year. Budget hearings will begin in mid-February to set the budget for next year. We are in our second year of biennium so the budget allocation is already known. G. Weidemann felt the budgeting process is a little uncertain due to the special session regarding the public school lawsuit outcome.
A2. D. Graham – Administration
1. Report
The position of scholarship administrator has been advertised and interviews are in process. It is the goal to have the positions filled by the end of January.
The web-based Food Safety and Quality program, which consists of two certificates and a concentration area in the Master of Science in AFLS (non-thesis) degree has its first students this semester.
The Dean's Office is very busy due to the beginning of the semester trying to comply with ACT 1014, curriculum changes, and new catalog formatting requirements.
2. D. Tebeest, Graduate Council Report
Nominations for the Distinguished Doctoral Fellowships are due by February 1st while the nominations for distinguished academic fellows have no time deadline. Nominations or details regarding the requirements should be directed to the department heads.
The GRE scores of all disciplines were distributed at the Graduate Council meeting. Overall, graduate students average 4.2 on this test.
WCOB proposed a change to modify the format and requirements for the Master of Business Administration degree which includes an increase in the required hours from 38 to 48.
The M.Ed program in Physical Education was presented to be reactivated and was approved without objection.
The Graduate Council was asked to eliminate the alternative TSE test for spoken English for teaching assistants.
C. Faculty Senate – No report
5. Standing Committee Reports
A. F. Scott, Agriculture subcommittee (see handout)
Curt Rom has agreed to serve as secretary of the agricultural curriculum committee. The committee will meet on the first Friday of each month.
Course Changes:
AGEC 4303 – Agribusiness Entrepreneurship (Change course title, content and pre-requisites)
AGEC 5133 – Agricultural and Environmental Resource Economics (Changed from AGEC 4413 – Economics of Environmental Management)
Agricultural Business minor. Classes no longer offered were deleted from the minor. Additional courses were added to the list of "controlled electives" to allow for grater flexibility and to allow for pre-requisites for certain course. Courses from the Walton college of Business (WCOB) were deleted from the list of controlled electives. Students desiring to use courses from WCOB for the minor can petition the department.
PLPA 5303, Advanced Plant Pathology: Host-Pathogen Interactions. To reflect the change in one of the instructors for the class, the course title changed and the course content altered. Pre-requisites for the class were clarified.
Program Changes:
AGECMS – change in requirements. Added ECON 5233; Elective hours reduced to 9 from 12; ECON 5233 became pre-requisite for ECON 5533.
F. Scott moved to approve the changes. L. Parsch seconded the motion. Motion was approved.
B. M. Fitch-Hilgenberg, Human Environmental Sciences subcommittee (see handout)
1. Course Change – Concentration: All
Delete HESC 4303, Professional Development in Human Environmental Sciences. Objectives are being met in other courses.
2. Program Change – Concentration: All
Delete HESC 4303, Professional Development in Human Environmental Sciences, from the curriculum and add 3 hours of general electives. HESC 4303 will no longer be offered.
3. Program Change – Concentration: GFNU and DIET
Delete WCOB 1120 from GFNU and DIET curricula. The course is not essential to the students.
4. Course Change – Concentration: Hospitality & Restaurant Management
Course pre-requisite, Delete University Chemistry Lab, CHEM 1101L as a pre-requisite for HESC 2112/2111L, Foods1/Foods1 Lab. CHEM 1101L is not required of all students.
L. Parsch moved to approve the changes. A. Proctor seconded the motion. Motion was approved.
6. Old Business
A. December Ballot Results – Tom Costello
T. Costello reported that he received three nominees for chair elect after faculty meeting in December. Sara Seabolt handled the correspondence for the election. The results were:
C. Rosenkrans was elected as Chair Elect for Faculty Council.
The Computer Committee and Teaching & Advising Excellence Committee were eliminated.
The by-laws amendment was approved.
B. Report /Discussion of December 7 Faculty Meeting with Dr. Shult
Faculty Council members felt that there was still a gap between positions of faculty and the Vice President after the meeting with Dr. Shult. Some faculty felt his explanation was not clear. Others felt that this policy was being widely discussed even with international colleagues. Other members questioned whether the organizational structure needed exploration since the Division was responsible for most of the salary, yet Dr. Shult had no input into promotion decisions. Others expressed concern that units were at a severe disadvantage in hiring in non-tenure positions. G. Weidemann explained that Dr. Shult was willing to meet with a representative group of faculty. After additional discussion, it was decided that the same ad hoc group that developed the questions be reconvened to develop continuing faculty concerns and ask to meet with Dr. Shult.
F. Stephen moved to approve. H. Brown seconded the motion. Motion was approved.
7. New Business
A. Further Action on Non-Tenure Hiring Practice
D. Johnson asked the Faculty Council of the time line for the ad hoc committee work. It was decided that the group would invite faculty input, determine a strategy or plan of action and give a report at the next Faculty Council meeting in February. Council members were asked to invite colleagues to contribute concerns or serve on the committee if so desired.
Dr. Weidemann indicated that he has been asked by Dr. Shult to be included in the meeting discussion when it is scheduled.
B. Faculty Elections
T. Costello discussed procedure for college election and the difficulty of obtaining three faculty members to be on the ballot for each position. He suggested that the by-laws be changed so that a slate of officers could be prepared for each election. No action was taken and will be deferred to the next meeting.
8. Inquiries from the Faculty - None
9. Announcements
Alice Stephens has married and her new name is Alice Griffin.
L. Parsch expressed his appreciation to D. Graham on the Centennial Gala. Graham expressed gratitude to the various committees that functioned throughout the year.
10. Meeting Adjourned – M. Stewart made motion to adjourn. L. Parsch seconded the motion.
The meeting was adjourned at 2:58 p.m.
Respectively submitted.
Quetta Wardlow