Faculty Council Minutes- January 2005

January 21, 2005

2:30 p.m. Rosen Center Conference Room
Faculty Present: J. Turner, Chair, F. Scott (AEED), L. Parsch (AEAB), T. Yazwinski (ANSC), T. Costello (BAEG), M. Stewart (CSES), A. Proctor (FDSC), T. Killian (HESC), D. Karcher (HORT), G. Milus (PLPA), B. Wideman (POSC)
Others Attending:
D. Graham ­ Administration
J. Clark ­ Promotion & Tenure
B. Dixon ­ Graduate Council
J. Emmert - Agriculture Curriculum Subcommittee
T. Kring (ENTO)
1. Call to Order - J. Turner, Chair, called the meeting to order at 2:35 p.m.
2. Agenda - J. Turner asked for recommendations for revision of the agenda. None made. All were in favor.
3. Approval of Minutes - The minutes of November 2004 meeting of the Faculty Council were presented for approval. L. Parsch suggested changes to Old Business. All were in favor of approving the minutes as amended.
4. Reports
A. D. Graham ­ Administration
1. The new salary program has been released from Dr. Shult's Office. More information to follow.
2. College wide activities have been started by several subcommittees to celebrate the 100th year of the College. A "Kick-Off" event will be held in April followed by other events such as a Symposium Series and a Year-End Gala.
3. The College Recruiting Video CD "A World of Difference" is almost ready to be finalized. A few corrections still need to be made.
4. Alice Stephens, Coordinator of Advising and Retention has been with the Dean's Office for a short time. Council members are encouraged to stop by and introduce themselves to her.
B. B. Dixon, Graduate Council (handout)
1. The DBCAFLS proposal to rename the masters in general agriculture from Master of Science in General Agriculture to Master of Science in Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences was approved by the Council.
2. Michael Freeman informed the Council of an initiative on the part of his office to have medical insurance payments automatically deducted from paychecks for international students who are graduate assistants. Such students may opt out of such coverage if they are otherwise covered.
3. A proposal is likely to be made to change the minimum grade point for admission to the Graduate School from 2.7 on all undergraduate credit to 3.0 on the last 60 hours of undergraduate degree programs. This is an increase from the 2.7 on the whole undergraduate enrollment, but a decrease from the 3.25 on the last 60 hours which is currently in place.
4. Professor Koski brought to the council a discussion of enrollment options which will allow students to maintain access to University resources. This proposal comes jointly from the Graduate School and The University Libraries. This is for the Faculty Council's information only.
5. The discussion of raising the minimum enrollment of graduate assistants from 15 hours (6-3-6) to 21 hours (9-3-9) continues. Basically, the proposal has come from the central administration with the intention of raising revenues from grants. Part of the motivation is also that graduate assistants require faculty supervision. Requiring more enrollment hours more fairly accounts and compensates for this supervision. Dean Geren would like the Graduate Council to originate its own proposal as an alternative to the policy proposed by the administration. The concerns of the Bumpers College about the impact on Station funds have been registered with the Council.
C. J. Clark, Promotion and Tenure (Handout)
The Promotion and Tenure Committee in recent years has reviewed materials submitted by candidates for consideration of appointment to University and Distinguished Professor. These materials have varied from a complete to partial vita to a complete or near-complete Faculty Review Checklist. It is recommended that candidates to be considered for these appointments complete the faculty review checklist for Committee Review. This will allow more uniform document submission for the committee to review and provide for a more informed decision and recommendation in its actions.
It is recommended that the College Personnel Document be amended in the first sentence regarding this matter so that it reads:
"Each faculty member wishing to be considered for promotion and/or tenure or appointment to University or Distinguished Professor should submit materials according to the University's Faculty Review Checklist http://www.uark.edu/admin/vcacsey/vcaa/policies.html following the format exactly".
A second issue has arisen each year concerning University and Distinguished Professor considerations. Currently the P&T Committee votes and recommends the appointment (or not) of the candidates for appointment to these ranks. Some members of the P & T Committee feel that a separate committee, probably made up of current Distinguished Professors and University Professors would be better suited to evaluate these advanced appointment considerations. I polled the P & T Committee on January 20-21, 2005, and the majority felt that the system in place should remain as is. Several members felt that a separate committee should consider these ranks. This issue is brought to the Faculty Council as an item of information only at this time. However, a faculty member could initiate action to change the College By Laws to this effect if she/he so desired.
5. Standing Committee Reports
A. Agriculture subcommittee
New Courses Added
1. AGEC 2143 "Agribusiness Financial Records and Analysis"
Justification: The class is intended to fulfill the needs of students interested in being able to properly record business transactions and provide a starting point for financial statement analysis for agribusinesses. As such, the course would be suitable for undergraduate students within the department o Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness as well as undergraduate students in other departments where agribusiness content is sought.
2. AGEC 2403 "Quantitative Tools for Agribusiness"
Justification: This course supports broader departmental and college level objectives aimed at enhancing student retention and preparing students for careers in agriculture and related sectors of the economy. The proposed course is designed to provide sophomore level students with the quantitative background necessary to succeed in upper division AEAB coursework.
3. AGEC 3313 "Agribusiness Sales Management"
Justification: The purpose of this course is to equip students in the AGBS major and others in DBCAFLS selecting AGEC 3313 for a career involving sales or marketing in the agribusiness field. Graduates of DBCAFLS, particularly those from AGBS, often enter their professional lives with agribusiness engaged production, processing or marketing of agricultural inputs (agrichemicals, pharmaceuticals, equipment, packaging, commodities) and outputs (meat and poultry, grains, fruits and vegetables, horticultural and turf, etc.). This course is designed to further our ability to produce students who are competent and competitive in statewide, regional, national and international job markets who are we-prepared for potential graduate education in their respective fields.
4. AGEC 3523 "Environmental and Natural Resources Law"
Justification: The purpose of this course is to better prepare students for careers in Agricultural and Natural Resource Management with an understanding of the legal framework applicable to environmental and natural resources issues. Management of agriculture, the environmental and the natural resource base is increasingly influenced by laws, regulation and court proceedings.
Program Changes:
1. Entomology Minor
The proposed minor reduces overall requirements from 19 to 15 credit hours of course work with an ENTO alpha code. ENTO 3013 "Introduction to Entomology" and ENTO 4024 "Insect Diversity and Taxonomy" are required, and the remaining 8 ENTO credits can be earned from any other ENTO course. The Department of Entomology considers 15 hours of specified course work in Entomology to be a solid foundation for graduate work. This more flexible minor should be attractive to a wider range of agricultural and biology students interested in insects.
2. Agricultural Business Major
a. Agribusiness Management and Marketing Concentration
Replace Departmental Core and Departmental Specialization
Replace WCOB 1033 or STAT 4003/4001L with AGEC 2403 or WCOB 1033
b. Pre-Law Concentration
Replace Departmental Core and Departmental Specialization
Replace WCOB 1033 or STAT 4003/4001L with AGEC 2403
c. Agricultural Economics Concentration
Replace Departmental Core and Departmental Specialization
Replace MATH 1203, MATH 1213 or MATH 1285, MATH 2053, MATH 2554, MATH 2564 and STAT 4003/4001L with MATH 1203, MATH 2053, MATH 2043, WCOB 1033 or STAT 4003/4001L.
Council approved all changes. All were in favor.
6. Old Business
A. Bringing by-laws into agreement with the new P&T Document. It was discussed by the Council to get some feedback from departments before proceeding with making any changes. These changes are to be discussed at the next meeting.
B. L. Parsch - Change to the Grading System
The new grading system proposal has been passed through Graduate Council unanimously in December. The next step was to pass through the Faculty Senate. The Faculty Senate Chair requested the Academic Standards Committee of the University to review the proposal and make a report to the Senate. This was done at the January meeting and the committee unanimously passed the proposal and made the report to the Faculty Senate. It was then discussed in the Senate and was passed within the past week.
The next step is to send the proposal to the Chancellor and the Provost. J. Turner must now write a letter to Dr. Weidemann to submit to the Provost. This should be done immediately to be able to get into the Fall catalog.
7. New Business
A. Future Faculty Council Meeting
It was decided by the Council that future meeting will be held on the second Friday of each month at 1:30 p.m. unless other schedules are conflicting.
8. Inquiries from the Faculty - None
9. Meeting Adjourned -
The meeting was adjourned at 4:10 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Tracy Joslin, Recording Secretary