Faculty Council Minutes- February 2006

February 17, 2006

2:00 p.m. Rosen Center Conference Room
Faculty Present: D. Johson, Chair, L. Parsch (AEAB), H. Brown (ANSC), M. Stewart (CSES), A. Proctor (FDSC), J. Webb (HESC), D. Karcher (HORT), G. Milus (PLPA), F. Scott (AEED), T. Costello (BAEG), F. Stephen (ENTO) P Waldroup(POSC).
Others Attending:
G. Weidemann – Administration
M. Fitch-Hilgenberg – Human Environmental Sciences Curriculum Subcommittee
Michael Thomsen – Graduate Council
1. Call to Order – D. Johnson, Chair, called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m.
2. Agenda – F. Stephen moved to approve the agenda. J. Webb seconded. Motion was approved.
3. Approval of Minutes - The minutes of the January 2006 meeting of the Faculty Council were presented for approval. D. Johnson acknowledged that L. Parsch had e-mailed a concern that the AGBS Minor was not reflected in the minutes and should be added. L. Parsch moved to approve the minutes as amended. H. Brown seconded the motion. Motion was approved.
4. Reports
A. Greg Weidemann – Administration
The campus budget has many demands in this next year so resources will be limited due to utility increases, debt payments and other commitments. The division and campus are both projected for increases depending on the K-12 lawsuit.
The federal administration's proposed budget has proposed a reduction in formula funds which would reduce the Experiment Station budget by $3M or about a 10% cut to the experiment station. This has been a continuing issue with the federal government budget in the past few years.
Budget hearings with the unit heads will begin in the next few weeks.
B. Michael Thomsen, Graduate Council Report
The Graduate Council requests that units double check the Add, Change, Delete Program Forms for accuracy before submitting them as many of those submitted cause delays or require correction.
C. Faculty Senate – No report
5. Standing Committee Reports
A. Freddie Scott, Agriculture subcommittee
Curt Rom has agreed to serve as secretary for upcoming year.
1. Agricultural and Extension Education
Type of Change: Program Change
Description of Change: Delete EXIE Area of Concentration, and Minor
Justification: Reasons for this deletion include 1.) No instructor to teach such courses and 2.) Irregular offerings and 3.) Reduced number of students enrolled in the concentration due to lack of faculty capacity. This recommendation was also suggested by the program review team in 2005.
2. Agricultural and Extension Education
Type of Change: Minor
Description of Change: Delete pre-requisites for AGME 1613, AGME 1611, AGME 3173, AGME 4203, AGME 4973, AGED 3133, AGED 3942, AGED 4143, and AGED 4243
Justification: AEED would like to drop several pre-requisites, including Algebra to make it easier to fulfill the 8-semester contract with students. All students still have to take Algebra as part of their curriculum.
B. Marjorie Fitch-Hilgenberg, Human Environmental Sciences Subcommittee
1. Human Development, Family Sciences and Rural Sociology
Type of Change: Minor
Description of Change: Move HESC 4463, Administration and Evaluation of Child Development, from the Spring to the Fall semester
Justification: Reduce scheduling conflicts for students and faculty
2. Apparel Studies
Type of Change: Minor
Description of change: Replacing HESC 3013 with HESC 1013 for HESC 3033
Justification: Students must have had the Apparel Studies basic course HESC 1013 to be able to take any further Apparel Studies courses. These two courses can be taken at the same time, therefore reducing the semesters it takes to complete the merchandising classes from 3 semesters to 2 semesters.
Type of Change: Minor
Description of change: Add HESC 3013 for HESC 4023
Justification: Currently HESC 3033 is a prerequisite for HESC 4023. By removing HESC 3013 as a prerequisite for HESC 3033 it makes it necessary to add it to HESC 4023.
Type of Change: Minor
Description of change: Add HESC 3013 as prerequisite for HESC 4073. New pre-requisites will be HESC 3013, 3003, 3033 and consent of instructor.
Justification: The addition of HESC 3013 for HESC 4073 is due to the deletion of HESC 3013 as a prerequisite for HESC 3033. The addition of 3003 and consent of instructor assures the student has had the proper courses to be able to take an internship in either merchandising or design and that their paperwork is completed prior to conducting the internship.
3. Interior Design
Type of Change: Minor
Description of Change: Approval of Special Topics courses relative to new curriculum.
Justification: With new elective hours in the ID program, faculty want to offer special topics courses as electives for ID students as well as those in allied disciplines. These courses are intended to address emerging issues within the discipline or to address specific interests expressed by students. Topics include but are not limited to: Advanced Lighting Design, Historic Preservation, House/Home, Advanced CADD, Sustainable Design, Special Topics in History, Culture and Design, Healthcare Design. We (IDES) will have draft syllabi for the above mentioned topics. Approving these courses at this time will allow them to be scheduled more easily as the need/interest arises. We also hope that some of these courses might well serve as the foundation for graduate classes or evolve into a regularly offered course.
6. Old Business
A. Update from ad hoc Committee on Non-Tenure-Track Hiring Practice
F. Stephen reported that the committee has met to discuss the policy on the Non-Tenure-Track Hiring practice. A draft white paper on tenure was distributed which summarized the ideas and logic of what they understood the Vice President said regarding tenure as well as the committee's own feelings and ideas. The committee is looking for ideas, trying to get a big picture. This will not be sent back to faculty for editing and small comments.
Much discussion was made regarding wording. It was decided that any wording change suggestions would be given to F. Stephen.
Mac Stewart brought up discussion on expanding the focus to include Extension Specialists. No decision was made on this.
The departmental vote on Tenure Track hiring practice was 11 favoring, 131 opposing, and 9 abstaining.
7. New Business
A. Resolution Concerning Non-Tenure-Track Hiring Practice
Be it resolved, the DBCAFLS Faculty Council opposes the practice of hiring non-tenure-track professorial rank Agriculture and Human Environmental Science faculty at the Fayetteville Campus.
M. Stewart made a motion, to strike the last phrase of the resolution. P. Waldroup seconded. Motion failed.
The vote on the resolution passed with a 12-0 vote.
D. Johnson passed around a letter to be sent to the Vice President. The letter was discussed and it was decided to add that there were 9 abstentions of vote and change the wording to read "request to meet." instead of "pleased to meet." An e-mail will be sent to Dr. Shult and a copies sent to Dean Weidemann, the Provost. Chair of Campus Council, and Faculty Senate.
8. Inquiries from the Faculty - None
9. Announcements
The Interim Department Chair for Crop Soil and Environmental Sciences is Robert Bacon.
10. Meeting Adjourned – M. Stewart made motion to adjourn. T. Costello seconded the motion.
The meeting was adjourned at 3:11 p.m.
Quetta Wardlow