Faculty Council Minutes -- December 2008

Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences
Wednesday, December 10, 2008
10:00 am
Hembree Auditorium

1.  Call to Order – Dick Oliver, chair, called the meeting to order at 10:00 am.

2.  Approval of Agenda – Motion to approve agenda was made and seconded.  Motion passed.

3.  Approval of Minutes - Motion to approve Spring, 2008 minutes was made and seconded.  Motion passed.  

4.  Bumpers College Administrative Reports

A.  State of the College - Interim Dean Lalit Verma

Fall 2008 Enrollment:
Undergraduate: 1385 (3.2%)
M.S.-191 (-0.5%); Ph.D.99 (-18%); 
Total graduate: 290 (-7%)
Total: 1675 (1.2%)
Interdisciplinary programs: 38 (37 are Ph.D. students)
Promotion and Tenure (P&T) and Off Campus Duty Assignment (OCDA) Process:
All jointly appointed faculty are being reviewed by both the Interim Dean and Director of the Agriculture Experiment Station.  There were two OCDA applications and 13 P&T candidates.
Update on Department Heads:
Food Science: Dr. Jean Francois Meullenet (Interim Head as of December 1, 2008); search committee to be named very soon.
Plant Pathology: Offer letter, tenure-track 
Poultry Science: Search on, tenure-track
Faculty Hiring since May 2008:
Dr. Steve Halbrook – Tenured, started July 2008
Tyson Food Policy Economics Chair: Dr. Rudy Nayga - Tenured, starting in January 2009.
Plant Pathology Head – Requesting tenure, possible start March 2009
Animal Well-being Chair – Search ongoing, tenure-track
Plant Molecular Genetics Chair – Search on hold, tenure-track
Poultry Science Director/Head – Tenure-tack
Ohlendorff Professorship at NREC – Ag. Economist – Non-tenure track (75% Extension, 25% Research)
Other Items:
•    Faculty Council’s request to Dr. Shult for Department Head Evaluation by faculty: Comments from department and unit heads are being solicited.  
•    Provost Sharon Gaber to start May 1, 2009
•    Paperless UA Catalog for 2009-10
•    Budget Outlook somber and general posture will be conservative. More of the formula funds will move to competitive grants.
•    UA United Way Campaign: short about $5000, employees can contribute until mid-January 
ADHE Program Viability Evaluation:
Academic Productivity and Accountability Analysis
6 B.S., 4 M.S., 2 Ph.D.
3-year rolling average
ADHE Program Viability Timeline:
March 15: ADHE sends list of programs to campus with CIP & degree     codes, 3-year average, enrollment, etc.
April 1: Institutions verify the program list for program viability review.
April 24: ADHE provides updates on existing program review process.
May 1: Institutions submit 7-10 year schedule for review of existing programs. Institutions submit list of cognate/embedded programs and justifications. 
Accountability and Review:
Accountability- some programs are in distress. Enrollment has been too low for too many years; not enough critical mass to meet the productivity benchmarks.  ADHE will require us to justify their existence. 

Curriculum Review- plan to organize a retreat for overall curriculum review in the spring semester.  This will tie to the assessment report that is required at the conclusion of next semester; study of the university core; accountability benchmarks, etc. 
Scholarship Luncheon:
Scholarship Lunch on October 24, 2008:
307 attendees: 176 students, 56 faculty & staff, and 75 donors.
Career Day on November 14, 2008:
190 prospective students and 74 additional guests including their parents and some teachers attended the Bumpers College event sponsored by the College Prospective Student Relations Committee (PSRC).
Sessions with instructors and advisors in various majors, sessions on financial aid, scholarships, student life and housing. Campus tour, visits with current students and alumni. 

College recruiting, scholarships, and development teams coordinated these very successful events.
Student Recruiting:
•    Improved coordination between College & UA
•    Coordination and collaboration between College and departmental efforts (e.g. FFA events)
•    Role of College Ambassadors 
•    Regional Recruiting Events - This is a new idea trying to target some regions in the state.  Plan to hold eight recruiting events in NW district as a collaborative effort with Cooperative Extension Service in the spring.  
•    Some recruiting efforts are being planned for Texas
Student Retention and Advising:
•    Student Advisory Committee
•    Retention – Coordination of Student Club activities
•    8 Semester Degree Completion Program (Academic Policy Series 1500.00): need to be very careful and deliberate when advising these students as it could lead to court challenges. Alice Griffin is the resource person and has the 9-step guideline to follow.
•    Mentoring
•    Role of College Ambassadors
Chancellor’s Executive Retreat – Issues:
•    Enrollment
•    Access & Economics
•    Institutional Brand Identity
•    Student Services
•    Teaching, Learning and Research
•    Institutional Diversity
•    Accountability & Assessment
•    Sustainability
•    Facilities
•    Alumni
•    Faculty & Staff
Executive Retreat – Follow-up:
•    Introduction of Provost-elect:  Dr. Sharon Gaber 
•    Accountability Performance Measures
•    Vision Statement
UA Deferred Critical Maintenance List:
Total of 16 Buildings, which include three of our college’s buildings:      HESC, AFLS, and Agriculture
B.  Academic Programs - Associate Dean Donna Graham

Distance Education:
Using web based courses for viability in graduate degree programs. Lends itself to programs with practitioners/professionals. 
Ag* IDEA: 
This is a national movement for land-grant universities to join together as one consortium.  Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend the general information session at 8:30 a.m. Friday, Dec 12, AGRI 115.  Graduate coordinators & department heads have a follow-up session at 1:00 p.m. 
Bio-based Products and Bio-energy Graduate Certificate:
UA has been invited to join this consortium – lead institution is Kansas State University
An interest group is being formed for a graduate program - Lead institution is Texas Tech.  
Dr. Mike Evans has a grant approved with two other universities to share courses via the web and is funded by a USDA Challenge Grant.
Development Activities:
•    This fiscal year: 
–    raised over $1 million in cash and outright gifts for student and program support 
–    have pledges and planned gift commitments totaling over $1.9 million 
•    Scholarship endowment of $14.2 million (6/30/08)
•    This academic year: awarded 497 college and departmental scholarships for a total of $662,394
•    Some additional awards are to be given in the spring semester 
C.    Division of Agriculture - Associate Vice President for Experiment Station Mark Cochran

Key Farm Bill Provisions:
Under Secretary for Research, Education, and Economics strengthened: becomes “Chief Scientist” for USDA and required to develop an annual USDA science “Roadmap.” Enhanced staff to coordinate research, extension, and education among agencies. 
(Roadmap effort underway to establish priorities)

National Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA) created: CSREES becomes NIFA with elevated stature and visibility. Existing CSREES programs and authorities maintained and reauthorized. NIFA Director to be esteemed scientist and appointed by the President for a six-year term.
Agriculture and Food Research Initiative: 
Combines authorities from National Research Initiative (NRI) and Initiative for Future Agriculture and Food Systems (IFAFS). Increased authorization for appropriation from $500 to $700 million/year. Guidelines include 60 percent for basic research and 40 percent for applied research and 30 percent of grants to go to projects that integrate research with extension and/or education. 
Multiple interpretations on how to implement:    
Appropriations still to be determined, each house currently targeting about $200 million.
Indirect Cost rate increased from 19 percent to 22 percent

New mandatory research funding authorized:     
Organics: $78 million; Specialty crops: $230 million; Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program: $75 million; Biomass R&D: $118 million. (Additional $190 million/year in new “discretionary” spending subject to the annual congressional appropriations process for these four programs.)
Research, extension, education, and international programs are reauthorized.

Enhanced authorities and programs: to reflect NASULGC priorities.

Capacity building programs authorized:     
Non-land-grant colleges of agriculture and Hispanic serving institutions authorized to receive appropriated funds to increase their “capacity” to provide education and other programs to undergraduates.
There is continued pressure to convert formula funds to competitive grants.

Division of Agriculture Awards Luncheon on January 9, 2009 at 11:30 am at the John Q. Hammons Convention Center in Rogers. RSVP on-line by December 12
Reminder from Dr. Graham regarding grades:
1.    Remember to turn in grades.  
2.    Double check all classes, especially those with special problems. 

 5.    Faculty Council Report – Dick Oliver, Chair

Council Members:  Laurie Apple-HESC, Hayden Brown-ANSC, Sreekala Bajwa-BAEG, Jean-Francois Meullenet-FDSC, Jeff Miller-AEED, Gene Milus-PLPA, Brad Murphy-HORT, Daniel Rainey-AEAB, Mike Richardson-Chair-HORT, Fred Stephen-ENTO, Park Waldroup-POSC, Duane Wolf-CSES

Encourage faculty to consider running for:    
–    Chair – Elect 
–    Departmental representative
–    University committees
Go beyond job description so that the excellence of the College will continue 

–    New Interim Dean – Lalit R. Verma
–    Division update added – Assoc. Vice President, Mark Cochran
–    Hiring practices survey
–    Vice – President signatures on promotion and tenure documents and off campus assignments
–    Improvement of Department Heads evaluation process (handout)  

6.  Standing Committee Reports

1.    Agriculture Curriculum – Donn Johnson
Review Curriculum Change Procedure:
Department curriculum committee representative is to work with the appropriate person in their department office to submit curriculum/course changes online and alert the Agriculture Curriculum Committee chair of these changes.
Added Courses:
•    AGED 3243 Ag. Reporting and feature writing     (UG credit only) - catalog description reads: … at least six hours of upper division courses; and prerequisite reads “Junior Standing”
•    AGED 4343 Communication Campaigns in Ag. (UG and G credit)
•    AGED 4443 Methods of technological change     (UG & G credit)  
•    PLPA 4304 Applied Plant Disease Management 
Added Minor:
Minor in Agricultural Communications (ACOM).  The minor is supported by the Journalism Dept. and replaces an Ag. Journalism minor previously administered jointly by AEED and Journalism
Added AGEC Master Thesis Track Concentration:
AEAB received a grant from the Department of Education to develop a double MS degree program (called Atlantis) with a consortium of universities in the European Union (E.U.).  Students who participate receive an MS in AGEC from UA, and an MS in Rural Development from the E.U.  The new MS track allows this program to be implemented.
Updated Check Sheets in AEED:
Updated separate check sheets for AGED, ASTM, and ACOM concentrations in AEED and eliminated the requirement for Chem 2613 and Chem 2611L for ASTM and ACOM concentration areas.
Changed Food Science UG Program:
•    Food Science Concentration requires student to complete both FDSC 4203 Quality Evaluation and Control with lab component and FDSC 4413 Sensory Evaluation of Food with lab component instead of choosing between two courses 
•    Food Technology Concentration will add FDSC 4304 Food Chemistry to the Food Science Core
Changed Course Numbers/Descriptions:
•    Changed ANSC 4263 to ANSC 4262 Swine Production
•    Changed POSC 3382 to POSC 3381 Poultry judging/selection
•    Changed course description for ENTO 4133 
Advanced Applied Entomology (Even years, Sp).... Self-learning modules are available. Current content of the course is taught in a distance delivery format (CIV and Blackboard presently, Eluminate in the future).

Inactivated/Deleted Courses:
•    POSC5752L Advanced poultry diseases laboratory
•    HORT463V Horticulture internship
•    HORT464V Turf management internship
•    HORT465V Horticulture merchandizing internship 
•    HORT 462V HLTS Internship is available for all students in the current degree plan of Horticulture, Landscape and Turf Sciences
Ongoing Discussion for College:
–    Review the English requirements that the College currently enforces with respect to ENGL 1013 and 1023 and the issue of “testing out” of these courses. 
–    In DBCAFLS, we require that even though a student “tests out” of ENGL 1013 or 1023, they are nevertheless required to take an “alternative” English or communication course.  Other colleges give the student a wide-open elective to replace these English courses. 
–    Committee suggested that the addition of “Sustainable” to an existing course title for crop/livestock/poultry production or pest and disease management courses will be considered a “major change” requiring: 
–    Course content change = new syllabus that introduces the goals of sustainable     production including environmental, economic, and social effects
–    AFLS curriculum committee is appointing a task force to study the relevance and need for a new program or Minor in Sustainable Agriculture and to list courses that would support the Minor
Question:  What is the justification for not changing the English requirement?  This does not make much sense from the student’s standpoint if they test out of it in high school.

Answer:  The student needs some kind of writing or communication course.  This would be best discussed through each department’s curriculum committee.

Motion:  Remove the requirement that even though a student “tests out” of ENGL 1013 or 1023, they are nevertheless required to take an “alternative” English or communication course.

Vote:  29 for and 40 against. Motion failed.  Referred back to the Agriculture Curriculum and HESC Curriculum Committees.

2.     Human Environmental Sciences – Laurie Apple 

Apparel Studies – Changes to Courses:
HESC 4063 – drop contact hours 6 to 4
HESC 4071 – course offering fall to spring semesters
HESC 5003 – change of course title and description
HESC 5033 – change of course title and description
HESC 5023 and 5043 – addition of graduate level course
Apparel Studies 
•    AGED 4243 – publication production in AGRI in the Mathematics University core
•    Reduce elective hours from 12 to 9
•    HESC 4901 and 4912 – allow for pre-trip course and physical trip course
•    HESC 4903 – allow for pre-trip course and physical trip course
Food, Human Nutrition and Hospitality
•    HESC 3203 – added a co-requisite to catalog copy and correct number of contact hours
•    HESC 2111L – remove prerequisites from course description
•    HESC 4251 – change course description
•    HESC 5264 and 5273 – added “Audit” option to the course
Human Development, Family Science, Rural Sociology
•    HESC 2413 – change course description to include web-based delivery sections offered
Interior Design
•    HESC 2815 – change course description to reflect that overnight travel may be required
•    HESC 1034 – remove “Interior Design majors only” from course description
•    HESC 1031 – remove co-requisite (HESC 1501 or non-majors may register by consent only) to enable non-majors to explore interior design as possible major
Public Policy
•    Letter of Notification for the Policy Studies in Aging Program concentration at the graduate level
•    Letter of Notification for Graduate Certificate Program: The new program would address the deficiencies of effectiveness in teaching undergraduate, advising, committee work, conducting research and writing proposals by providing a formal means for graduate student to obtain skills needed to pursue careers as college and universities professors.
•    Letter of Intent for Professional Science Master in Sustainability Analysis 
•    Curriculum committee could not vote on due to errors in copy
Promotion and Tenure – Bruce Dixon
•    The Committee met on December 5
    13 Candidates - 11 for promotion to Professor, 1 to University Professor and 1 to Associate Professor
•    Deadlines must be met - amendments to files OK
•    All files had Executive Summaries
•    Too much boilerplate! Use URLs and no more
•    Directors and VP for Agriculture now recommending signatories

 7.  Special College Committee and Interest Reports

A.  College Honors Program – Duane Wolf 
    Number of students enrolled – 90 students
    Distribution by class has the majority represented by juniors and senior 
    Number of students enrolled by department – chart
    Listed potential 2008-09 DBCAFLS Honors Program Graduates
    Listed students who have contributed articles to Discovery
    Listed AFLS Honors Course Offerings
    Listed Honors Faculty Committee
New Initiatives This Semester
1.    Distributed an electronic version of a newsletter for students
2.    Contacted eligible students to consider AFLS Honors Program
3.    Prepared and will distribute Honors Mentor Handbook
4.    Increased GPA requirement from 3.25 to 3.5
5.    Ad hoc committee considering course revisions
B.  University Faculty Senate Report – Nann Miller
•    Code of Student Life: passed on to Committee on Committees to populate review council 
•    The Academic Grievance Procedures for Graduate Students and the Grievance Policy and Procedures for Graduate Assistants: small changes approved in reporting 
•    Research Misconduct Policy: passed
•    Typical curriculum approvals and misc. reports

 C.  Graduate Council – Mike Thomsen
Graduate Faculty Approvals
•    Fifteen changes to graduate faculty status
    Eleven new members from Bumpers College
    Four upgrades in status
•    Faculty status groups
Group I and I-T
Supervise Doctoral and MFA Students
Groups II and II-T 
Supervise MS students; membership on doctoral, MFA, or MS committees
Groups III and III-T
Teach graduate courses 
Graduate Council Actions of Interest
•    Formed Academic Appeals Committee of the Graduate Council. 
–    Is an academic standards-type subcommittee of the Graduate Council.
–    Considers student petitions for changes to academic records, exceptions to graduate school admissions requirements, and so forth.
–    Hears graduate student grievances.
•    Approved modifications to graduate school policies for the US-EU Atlantis double degree program for MS in AGEC.  
–    English proficiency requirements
–    Transfer of credits towards UA graduate degrees
–    International transfer credit
D.  College Nominations and Elections – Dick Oliver
Newly Elected Faculty Senate Representatives
•    Bruce Ahrendsen
•    Curt Rom
•    Mary Savin
Only 47 percent of faculty voted!  PLEASE VOTE!

D. Oliver asked for nominations for Chair-elect of Faculty Council.  Nominations included Hayden Brown, Nilda Burgos and Dan Rainey with a deadline of January 16, 2009.

8.    Old Business – Dick Oliver

No confidence issue for Vice-President Milo Shult motion from the May, 2008 Faculty Spring meeting was postponed indefinitely.  The issue was mentioned but the Faculty Council felt that it is too early to determine if the hiring procedures have been significantly changed to hiring only tenure-track faculty at Fayetteville as stated in DBCAFLS Faculty Statement that was passed on May 2, 2008.  

9.  New Business

Gamma Sigma Delta – Bruce Dixon
Student Oral and Poster Competition
    Submissions due by February 6 to Andy McKenzie
    Actual Competition – Feb 25
Undergrads, Masters and Doctoral
Submit Nominations for Awards by February 6
Submit Nominations for new members
Awards Presentation March 24 at 3:30 pm
Dues due in January, 2009!  $20

10.    Announcements (by department)

Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness - New hires, Steve Halbrook,  Rudy Nayga, and Archie Flanders
Agricultural and Extension Education – New hire, Don Edgar
Agricultural Communication – None
Biological and Agricultural Engineering – Carl Griffis named Interim Head, 6-year accreditation review with the preliminary report being favorable
Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences - None
Entomology - None
Food Science – Ron Buescher stepped down as department head and Jean-Francois Meullenet named as interim department head.
Human Environmental Sciences – New hire, Leigh Southward
Horticulture - None
Plant Pathology – Department Head Sung Lim has retired and are in the process of hiring a new department head, Rick Cartwright is serving as interim department head
Poultry Science – Walter Bottje stepped down as department head, Keith Lusby is serving as interim department head
A $20 gift certificate was shared by Leigh Southward and Don Edgar as faculty members who have been employed the shortest period of time (August 18, 2008) and were in attendance today.

11.  Passing of the Gavel

Meeting adjourned at 12:00 pm

Submitted by Carmen Alessi
January 16, 2009