Faculty Council Minutes- December 2006

Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences
Wednesday, December 6, 2006
9:30 a.m.
Hembree Auditorium

1. Call to Order: Chairman, Dr. Don Johnson called the meeting to order at 9:30a.m. as he welcomed everyone to the Fall DBCAFLS Faculty Meeting.

2. Approval of Agenda: Motion to approve agenda was made and seconded. Motion passed.

3. Approval of Minutes of the Spring (May 5, 2006) Meeting of the College Faculty: George Wardlow motioned to approve the minutes. A second was made. Motion approved.

4. Report from College Administration:

A. State of the College, Dean Greg Weidemann
Remarks on the Web
Our College led all colleges as far as increase in campus enrollment and it seems that we will reach our 2010 goal for enrollment targets. Overall quality of student body continues to increase and last year 88% of our students returned to school in the fall. The college needs to focus attention on attaining the minority diversity goals. The new diversity plan is completed. Dean Weidemann provided a thank you to all members of this committee. The college has the highest freshman retention on campus but we need to continue to examine our efforts.
The Chancellor has set four short term goals for university: increase in diversity; increase in graduation rate; increase in graduate enrollment and increase in retention. The College will address these priorities for this year: diversity, graduation rates; management plan; honors program –
Development efforts will focus on classroom needs; unmet needs; and the infant development center.
With the retirement of Dr. Preston LaFerney, the dean will serve as the director of International Agriculture Programs with Dr. Ray Barclay reporting to him for study abroad.
Dr. Gisela Erf and Dr. Jean Muellenet were announced as having been selected as for a Professorship in Avian Immunology and Sensory Science, respectively, and Dr. Billy Hargis as a new Chair in Poultry Health.
This has been a tight budget year for college
The Dean provided recognition to faculty for years of distinguished service
B. Academic Programs update, Associate Dean Donna Graham
Report was provided.
Graham reported that there were fewer complaints by students and faculty this past semester. She also acknowledged the increase in enrollment growth and thanked the recruiting committee for its hard work.
Graham reported on the graduating senior survey for May of which 160 or the 179 who were present completed. About one third are planning to attend graduate or professional school. There was great variety in jobs and good starting salaries.
The implementation for ACT 1014 was completed. All departments have an eight, nine or ten semester plan developed with accompanying pre-requisites listed.
Initiatives completed as well as new initiates for the year were discussed.
Grades due December 15th by noon

5. Reports from Faculty Council and College Faculty Standing Committees

A. Faculty Council, Don Johnson
Dr. Johnson recognized all those who served on the committee and turned the meeting over to Dr. Fred Stephen, Representative of the Ad hoc Committee on Non-Tenure-Track Hiring Practice
B. Ad hoc Committee on Non-Tenure-Track Hiring Practice, Dr. Fred Stephen
Dr. Stephen gave an overview of the past years discussion on the Non-Tenure-Track Hiring Practice
Dr. Johnson read a response given to him by Dr. Shult
There was a motion made, seconded and passed to have another Faculty meeting in January regarding the issue of Non-Tenure-Track Hiring
A motion was made and seconded to reappoint the Ad hoc committee
C. Curriculum Committees
HESC Sub committee, Dr. Tim Killian, Chair
Handout was provided.
Dr. Killian, gave an overview of actions taken this semester
Principles of Tourism (HESC 2643) will be a new courses in Food, Human Nutrition, and Hospitality. HRMN majors in Concentration C will be required to complete Principles of Tourism (TRSC 2643). General electives will be reduced from 8- 8 hrs. to 5-15 hrs
Change in Course number: Food Service Purchasing (HESC 4613) and Course number changed from HESC 4613 to HESC 3603
Students in Human Development and Family Sciences will no longer be required to complete a 2-3 hour computer course, this will create an increase in 2-3 general electives that student will be required to complete.
Course Title and Description Changes in Apparel Studies include HESC 2023 from "Visual Merchandising" to "Visual Merchandising and Fashion Promotion"
Class format changed from 1 hour lecture/3 hours lab to 2 hours of lecture and 2 hours of lab
There were seven minor changes: HESC 2014 co-requisite removed and add HESC 2053 as a pre-requisite; HESC 3013 offered in the spring; HESC 3033 add pre-requisite of MATH 1203; HESC 4033 offered in fall; HESC 4043 change wording to read "and" instead of "or" for HESC 1013 pre-requisite; HESC 4053 remove 3033 as pre-requisite; and HESC 4903 offered in fall.

D. Agriculture Sub committee, Dr. Freddie Scott, Chair
Handout was provided.
Overview of actions taken during the spring semester
FDSC 6324 and ENSC 1001L are both new courses that have been added
Information and definition of Intensive Communication as well as list of courses have been identified
List of approved curriculum changes
List of minor changes
Approved curriculum changes
6. Special College Committee Reports:

A. Nominations and Elections Committee, Dr. Tom Costello
Tom Costello and Dick Oliver were nominated for Chair elect of Faculty Council for 2007
An e-mail ballot will be sent out
B. Honors Program, Dr. Duane Wolf
Handout was provided.
Overview of Spring 2006 Enrollment, College, AFLS Honors Program enrollment, Academic Year, AFLS honors Students Fall 2006 Enrollment Class Standing, AFLS Honors Students Fall 2006 Enrollment, Major, and Potential 2006-07 DBCAFLS Honors Program Graduates.
C. Promotion and Tenure Committee, Dr. George Wardlow
On December 1, the committee met to consider the nominations of 13 faculty members in the College. Six for promotion from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor, with tenure, five for promotion from Associate Professor to Full Professor, one Full Professor to University Professor and one tenure decision at the rank of Full Professor.
Recommendations will be summarized for each candidate and forwarded to the Dean, per related policy documents
The Committee received and considered the following motion from the membership. The Committee recognizes the value of tenure and endorses the practice of continuing tenure-track appointments for those in faculty ranks in teaching, research, and extension in the College and the Division of Agriculture. Motion passed by show of hands on a 12 to 0 vote.
The following recommendations were made: Substantive parts of each candidate's dossier made available in electronic form, at a secure location, to aid committee members in the review process; The College Faculty Service Review (FSR) form be made parallel to the campus Faculty Review Checklist in order to reduce duplication of effort by the candidates who must prepare both sets of documents.
7. Other Reports of Interest
A. Gamma Sigma Delta, Dr. Tom Yazwinski
Handout was provided.
Handout contains list of current officers, and Unit Representatives
Dues are now $20.00 for new member
Student presentations will be held at the end of February.
Nominate and formulate submissions for Awards of Merit – one in Research and one in Teaching
GSD funds cash awards for student presentations (with Dean's help)
GSD funds Lippert – Ellis, John White and GSD Scholarships (with Dean's help)
B. Graduate Council, Dr. Dave TeBeest
Michael Thompson gave a short overview of graduate decisions which are posted on the Graduate School web site. .
C. Faculty Senate/Campus Faculty, Dr. John Rupe
Dr. Rupe reported that it had been a quiet term. All minutes are posted on Faculty Senate web site.
D. Preliminary report of the Leadership Summit to Effect Change in Teaching and Learning, Dr. Curt Rom
Posted on the Web site
Report on National meeting with focus on the curricula in agriculture. There were 300 participants in attendance at the meeting.
The meeting was very stimulating. It is clear that we are doing some wonderful things in our AFLS curricula to meet the future needs of our state and the country, but there are some important ideas and actions to be considered. Some "talking points".
-Curricula should be redirected from being discipline oriented to training students at the discipline interfaces
-Soft skills are more important than technical skills and knowledge in the modern workplace.
-Curricula should be more flexible. This allows for flexibility for students, advising, and curricula revision.
-Curricula should address emerging and important issues facing the US such as food supply, safety and security, human health and nutrition, renewable fuels and sustainability.
-Curricula should incorporate more global aspects (study abroad specifically), and more discovery (UG research).

8. Old Business

9. New Business

10. Announcements (By Department)
Agricultural Experiment Station - None
Agri Econ. – Two faculty members have left the department. Dr. Cochran- new position, and Dr. Laferney - retired
Agri & Extension Education – Dr. Nolan Arthur retired in June and passed away in September.
Agri. Communication Services - None
Agri Stats Lab – Dr. Ron McNew retired. A special Statistics workshop will be offered if anyone interested
Animal Science - None
Bio & Agri Engineering- None
Crop Soil and Environmental Sciences- Dr. Don Scott passed away, They have two new faculty members: Dr. Jason Norsworthy and Dr. Andrew Sharpley
Entomology – None
Food Science- New Research Assistant Professor
Horticulture – None
HESC- Dr. Cindy Moore and Dr. Kelly Way - new Professors. Dr. Dorothy Leary, previous department head passed away
Plant Path – Dr. Riggs – retired, Dr. Gererich – retired, Dr. Yang- resigned to take a position at another University
Poultry – New faculty member Dr. Byung-Whi Kong
11. Passing of the Gavel to Dr. Charles Rosenkrans, 2007 Faculty Council Chair
Dr. Rosenkrans gave a big thanks to Don Johnson for a job well done as the Faculty Chair for the past year and to Dr. Weidemann for over 10 years of service at the Experiment Station. He wished Dr. Cochran good luck.
12. Adjourn:
The meeting was adjourned by Dr. Charles Rosenkrans, Chair 2007 at 11:40a.m.

Quetta Wardlow
Recording Secretary