Faculty Council Minutes -- April 2015

Faculty Council

Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences

April 17, 2015

APC Rosen Center Conference Room


Call to Order – Dr. Bluhm called the meeting to order at 2:30 PM

Approval of Agenda – Agenda is approved as presented.

Approval of March 20, 2015 Faculty Council Meeting Minutes –Motion was made to approve the minutes as amended.  Motion was seconded and approved.


Administration Reports

Division of Agriculture - Associate Vice President – Research AAES, Nathan McKinney for Dr. Clarence Watson

The self-insured program is in dire straits.  There will be increases in premiums and reduction of benefits in the form of increased co-pays, deductibles, etc.  The Administrative side has already been adjusted and the employees will see changes July 1st.   Dr. Rorie spoke to the proposed changes with information from a meeting of the UA Benefits Committee with Richard Ray and Barbara Abercrombie from Human Resources.  The increases in premiums will be approximately 17% and another 6% will be made up through reduction of benefits. 

Higher Ed was flat-funded, but compared to other Universities in other states, flat funding is still good.  Some one-time funds may be available, but we will not know for several months.  We may be looking to fund some of the insurance rate increase.  Also, if the Division provides raises at the level of the campus, those, along with the insurance increases would absorb most or all of that one-time funding.

The grant writing workshop will be held April 29th and 30th.  Twenty of our scientists, primarily junior faculty, will be participating in the training. 

ABI/RFP proposals are due May 15th.


Bumpers College – Dean and Associate Vice President for Agriculture, Dr. Burt Bluhm for Dr. Vayda  - no report


Bumpers College – Associate Dean, Dr. Bluhm for Dr. Lona Robertson – no report


International Programs Update – Director, Dr. Leslie Edgar


See Pages 1 & 2 of reports.  Dr. Edgar sent a report. 


Honors Program Update - Dr. Curt Rom - no report


University Faculty Senate – Dr. Don Edgar, Chair

Dr. Edgar was not at the last meeting but had looked over the minutes and did not see anything he felt needed discussion. 

Graduate Faculty Council - Dr. Jacquelyn Wiersma – no report


Faculty Council Business – Dr. Burt Bluhm, Chair

From the Nominations Committee – we have a full slate of candidates for the Chair-Elect position, the Graduate Council position, and the Faculty Senate position.   Dr. Proctor discussed the problems in securing candidates for positions.  If we were to secure candidates further in advance, people might be more willing to run.  There was much discussion regarding the number of candidates that should be required in order to hold elections.  There was discussion of a financial incentive for Faculty Council Chair.  It was suggested that Dr. Bluhm discuss it with Dr. Vayda at their next meeting.  Kris Brye brought up the idea of there being an award for faculty who are well-rounded, and excel in the area of service.

Update on College Personnel Document Writing Committee:  We met with upper Administration and Legal Counsel and got more clarity on some of the issues.  Dr. Dixon will be chairing the committee, including Dr. Bluhm, Dr. Brye, Dr. John Clark, Dr. Mike Evans, and Dr. Meullenet.


Standing Committee Reports:

Promotion & Tenure Committee – Dr. Bruce Dixon, Chair – no report


Awards Committee – Dr. Godwin-Charles Ogbeide, Chair – no report


Scholarship Committee – Dr. Rick Rorie, Chair

See Pages 3 & 4 of reports.  We are seeing applications coming through.  The process is somewhat complicated but some of the glitches have been worked out; other parts are unduly complicated.  The scoring is somewhat convoluted.  It was suggested that someone ask Patti Sanders why the students aren’t aware of the two different applications that need to be completed.


AFLS Curriculum Sub-committee – Dr. Mary Savin, Chair – no report


HESC Curriculum Sub-committee –Dr. Kathy Smith, Chair

See Pages ??? of reports.  There are some program changes, course changes and some minor changes to prerequisites for informational purposes only on this report.  Motion was made to accept both program changes for Apparel and HDFS.  Motion was seconded and approved.


Old Business

See discussion under Faculty council Business - Nominations Committee above.  

New Business

HESC course approvals – see HESC Curriculum Sub-committee above.

Dr. Bluhm reported on behalf of Dr. Leslie Edgar on the University Calendar Committee.  They have a proposal in front of them that would allow for a shift of classes to Monday-Wednesday only from 2 – 3:15, then shifting down of class times to 3:30 – 4:45 and 5 – 6:15.  There is still the possibility of 3 hours classes on Friday.  It doesn’t preclude having MWF classes as usual; the goal is the reduce Friday classes being ditched.  Also discussing a MW schedule set up like a TR.


The Bumpers College Spring Faculty Meeting will be May 1st at 9:30 in Hembree Auditorium.  Please encourage your colleagues to attend.  Also, please e-mail your department P & T representative.


Motion was made to adjourn.  Motion seconded and approved.  Meeting adjourned at  3:38 p.m.


Submitted by Carrie Whitmer