Faculty Council Minutes -- April 2014

April 18, 2014
Rosen Center Conference Room

Faculty present:
Michael Evans – HORT (Chair)
Laurie Apple- HESC (Chair-elect)
Burt Bluhm - PLPA
Don Edgar- AECT
Yanbin Li – BAEG
Andy Proctor – FDSC
Garry McDonald - HORT
Dan Rainey-AEAB
Rick Rorie – ANSC
Wayne Kuenzel- POSC
Others Present:
Jessica Hulse - Administrative Specialist-Bumpers College Dean's Office
Administrators Present:
Dr. Clarence Watson - Associate Vice President for Agriculture Research and Director of the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station, Dr. Michael Vayda, Dr. Lona Robertson

Call to Order – Dr. Michael Evans, Chair, called the meeting to order at 2:30 p.m.

Approval of Agenda – Motion made, seconded and agenda approved.

Approval of Minutes – Motion made, seconded and approved the April 18, 2014 Faculty Council minutes.

Administration Reports:
Division of Agriculture – Dr. Clarence Watson - Associate Vice President for Agriculture Research and Director of the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station
The budget planning cycle is in progress, we do know that the state budget for next year will be flat. Budget hearings will conclude next week for operational budget, support staff, and new faculty positions. When all of the hearings are concluded allocations will be made. At the state and federal level, the Division has started the ask process. Requests for increases will be made on both sides. The process of looking for a new Horticulture department head has in underway. Interviews will begin shortly. Interviews have been scheduled for the first and last week of May. Effective March 1, Mary Hightower was appointed Director of Communication Services for the Division. Mary's primary office is in Little Rock, but she will be in Fayetteville on a regular basis. Plant Pathology's ten year review is starting at the end of the month. The Soil Lab renovation is well underway. Completion is set for early 2015. The design phase of the Foundation Seed Facility in Stuttgart has begun. These two projects are expected to move along quickly. The projects are almost exclusively privately funded.
Bumpers College —Dean, Dr. Mike Vayda
The Dean's Executive Advisory Board will be meeting next week, April 23. The faculty response has been very good. The Director of Development search is moving forward and the position description has been finalized and approved by the Division of Advancement. We have received an award in Bumpers College from the bookstore for 100 percent compliance.
Bumpers College – Associate Dean, Dr. Lona Robertson
It is the time of year to get numbers out. Application and admission numbers are increasing. Application numbers are up. Credit is due to the PSRC for changes that have been made. Research has shown when students have a schedule that has been pre-loaded they are more likely to keep that schedule. Starting May 2, currently enrolled students in UAConnect will be suspended and new freshman schedules will be pre-populated with core classes. Hopefully this will serve the freshman class better. Numbers from Suzanne McCray will be submitted soon, hopefully there will be an update before the next faculty meeting. Student Affairs will be making sure that what is pre-loaded to the students' schedules does not conflict with major courses. If there are conflicts, schedules will be changed to accommodate courses. Every schedule will be checked before it is sent to the student. Alice and Lona have been approached by the University to establish a living and learning community in Bumpers College. The definition and goals for that community from the Missions of Communities is very simple. The college vision can be crafted to what is decided. There is a position for a Faculty in Residence to live in the resident halls. A new person will be brought on board to organize a gift for this. Lona will be working on hiring requests for two professional advisors to get started on this process.

Please click on the link to view the Application-Admit data as of March 31, 2014.

Please click on the link to view the Living and Learning Community Handout.
International Programs – Dr. Leslie Edgar
There are UNUM travel cards for those travelling abroad. UNUM needs to be notified within 30 days of travel. Travel assistance is offered with these cards, not benefits. Travelers can get the UNUM cards from Richard Ray. UNUM offers supplemental life and disability for university employees. There will be changes to employees insurance, with a new bid coming soon. The card is to be kept with you at all times. If a faculty member has a student abroad they must be registered with the Study Abroad office. The University cannot send students abroad for anything unless they are registered. Internships and student exchanges will also need to be registered through the Study Abroad office. Links for registration will be provided to faculty.The process for travelling abroad on research or through the Division is a little different. Most of the differences have to do with the approval process at the end. A graduate student must use the student processes that applies to them. There is a student link on the Study Abroad website. If you have questions please email Leslie Edgar.

The second Food Opportunities seminar is scheduled for April 24. The Food Science department will be hosting this event. Dr. Jose Carreia De Simas will be presenting at the seminar, beginning at 2 pm in Hembree Auditorium. The International Programs website has more information posted. Any seniors graduating in May that have practical agricultural experience in cotton or grains will have an opportunity to talk with a representative from Australia. Students will work in Australia for a salary of $60-80,000 a year. They will also be receiving housing and meals. The Australian representative is looking for 15 students on April 28 at 5:30 pm in AFLS Honors Hall. Donna K. Graham is organizing this meeting.

Over the last six months a formal International Programs office has been established in the Dean's Office, this is also Diana Bisbee's office. Please let the faculty know if students have questions this office is there to help. Faculty will need to work with the International Programs committee to restructure some processes. A survey within Bumpers College show that 66% of our students would like an international experience. This survey was given to a sample of classes to make sure all majors were represented. The top barriers listed on the survey were money, time and language. Most students prefer to travel in Europe and would like a 4-6 week experience in the summer. Faculty were also surveyed and 76% have been working internationally in some capacity. The IP committee is focused on $40,000 a year to fund international experiences for students. IP is working towards an endowment so that more experiences may be funded. The IP committee is looking for input so they may be head in the right direction. International Programs is also looking at hubs or areas of focus for students to have international opportunities. Please share any ideas with an IP committee member or Leslie Edgar. They are happy to receive feedback from departments.
Honors Program – Dr. Curt Rom – No Report
University Faculty Senate – Dr. Mary Savin – No Report
Graduate Council – Dr. Jacquelyn Wiersma- No Report
Faculty Council Business:
May 2 is the All Faculty Council meeting. Mike Evans will be sending out information to get ready for the meeting The focus for this year is to keep the meetings brief. Please try to keep oral reports on the shorter side and utilize the handouts.
Standing Committee Reports:
Promotion and Tenure Committee – Dr. John Clark - No Report
Nomination Committee - Dr. Laurie Apple
Ballots are out and results will be forthcoming. Please encourage everyone to please vote.
Awards Committee – Dr. Kate Shoulders– No Report

Scholarship Committee – Dr. Bruce Ahrendsen

Please click on the link to view the Scholarship Committee Meeting Minutes.

AFLS Curriculum Sub-Committee – Dr. Ashley Dowling
There has been a move to accept three curriculum additions and one change. A motion was seconded and approved. All four items were approved.

Please click on the link to view the AFLS Curriculum Sub-Committee report.

HESC Curriculum Sub-Committee – Dr. Kelly Way - No Report

Old Business – Dr. Michael Evans, Chair

Several issues have come up on the Three-year faculty review process. There were two points that had to be dealt with before the faculty council met today. Representatives were to go back to their departments and discuss their processes.

The following are the Three-year review processes by department:

HORT: There is a process for the first three years on mentoring. The policy was reviewed and it is felt that this covers everything. Currently faculty is not involved in the Three-year Review. The faculty are involved in mentoring.

BAEG: The department has been using mentoring.

POSC: The chair of the P&T committee will write a report and then give a report to the department head.

PLPA: There is mentorship and a faculty member that works with the person. Three year review is very individual.

FDSC: The Three-year review process goes through the P&T committee and then suggests changes after revisions are made, then this goes to the College. There is an optional mentoring program. The department has been encouraged to develop a mentoring structure.

ANSC: At this time, no faculty members have been in the department for less than three years. There is only an annual review by the department head.

AECT: There is inside and outside mentoring. A three year document is done but it does not go formally through the P&T committee. This document then goes on to the College.

AGECON- There is an annual review. The P&T chair expressed his concern as to whether it would continue once he leaves. There is nothing formal and no mentoring.

CSES: There is a Three- year review process. There are informal discussions between senior and junior faculty members so that new faculty stay involved.

Dr. Vayda's perspective: Over the last couple of years there were two incidents in other colleges and as a result the faculty members were given one more year to look for another job. The Provost has reviewed what is being done and asked the Deans to follow a consistent policy, including a letter to third year faculty. This is for the fall semester at the beginning of the fourth year. The Provost has asked us to conduct a faculty review near the end of the second year and to provide a letter to her by the end of April of the third year, as well as a statement that they are appointed to the third, fourth or terminal year of service. This is a formal reappointment letter. In some cases the faculty member was invited to meet with the department heads and in other cases was not. What do the faculty members want? There should be a recommendation in this important process. Does the faculty member know what they need to succeed?

Dr. Watson's perspective: A strong proponent of the third-year review. It gives enough time to make some corrections and is valuable for everyone. As Dr. Vayda has mentioned, faculty input is needed on this decision. Administration may not make an accurate decision. Whether a formal vote is taken is up to the Council. It is important to get faculty input. The main value is for a mentoring tool.

Dr. Robertson: The purpose of the letter was that it was better to terminate at the fourth year then deny at the P&T committee. It was a benefit to faculty to know where they stood.

Issues: Should faculty have input on the Three- year review process? Should an ad-hoc committee discuss this and bring feedback to the Council? Should faculty get a P& T document for those three years? The Council should seek out people that could give really good feedback in the College. Should this decision go to committee? Having a document that doesn't reinvent the wheel would be great. Faculty, department heads and administrators could sit down and have a conversation with a question and answer session. The Council needs to decide what the metrics will be for this process. Should the Council vote on this?

A motion was made to establish an-ad hoc committee at the Chair's discretion. Authorizing Mike Evans to study the Three- year review and bring that study back to the Council for recommendations. It would be good to have something to provide to faculty by next November or December. A report could also be given back to the council by the end of the summer.

Motion seconded and approved.
New Business – Dr. Michael Evans, Chair
May 2 is the All Faculty Council meeting in Hembree Auditorium at 10 am.
Motion made and seconded to adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 3:50 pm
Submitted by Jessica Hulse