Faculty Council Minutes -- April 2011

April 15, 2011
Rosen Center Conference Room
Faculty present
Kristofor Brye - CSES (Chair-elect)
Ron Buescher – FDSC
Don Edgar – AEED
Donn Johnson - ENTO
Dave Kreider – ANSC
Jeff Miller – AEED (Chair)
Cindy Moore - HESC
Brad Murphy – HORT
Dan Rainey - AEAB
Thad Scott – CSES
Others Present
Mary Savin – University Faculty Senate
Leslie Edgar – Ag Curriculum Sub-Committee
Kelly Way – HESC Curriculum Sub-Committee
Administrators present:
Michael E. Vayda – Dean and Associate Vice President for Agriculture-Academic Programs
Lona Robertson – Associate Dean
Call to Order – Jeff Miller, chair, called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m.
Approval of Agenda – Motion made and seconded to approve the agenda. Motion adopted by voice approval.
Approval of Minutes – Motion made and seconded to approve the March 18, 2011, Faculty Council minutes. Motion adopted by voice approval.
Administration Reports
Bumpers College - Dean Mike Vayda
There are some reductions under USDA budget in fiscal 2011. It includes a modest decrease to the Extension budget.
The reception and luncheon on April 14 for Senator Dale Bumpers on the 15th anniversary of the naming of the college was well attended. Dr. Vayda suggested the possibility of bringing in a national speaker and hosting this event more often.
The university has started the initial phases for development and fundraising as it gears up for a new capital campaign. The college will initiate a search for an Apparel Studies instructor. Dietitian tenure track position request is being finalized. The departments' budget hearings will be held within the next two weeks. Construction phase will be starting in June on the Jean Tyson Child Development Center.
The College has been coordinating with Andy Proctor and the International Programs Committee to charge the committee to develop an identity and to establish short and long term goals. Any students who need assistance regarding study abroad please direct them to Andy Proctor.
Upcoming events: Honors and Awards Banquet on April 21; Agri Park Bar-B-Que for faculty and staff on May 6; and Commencement on May 14 at 6:30 pm.
Promotion and Tenure dates changes; May 1 – deadline for chairperson to inform who is to be considered for promotion and/or tenure; May 5 – deadline to request for promotion and/or tenure; May 10 – begin external reviewer process. The intent of these changes is to set up external reviewers prior to getting P&T documents together. August 10 – deadline to submit dossier electronically. All of these deadlines are included in Academic Policy Series 1405.101.
Bumpers College – Associate Dean Lona Robertson
Dr. Robertson mentioned that 1200-1500 FFA students are on campus today. Enrollment for the fall is expected to include 4400 new freshmen, which is a 13 percent increase for Bumpers College. The Dean's Office is studying how a 13 percent increase in students will affect Bumpers College. The projected total student enrollment for fall is 23,400. Rooms 028 and 005 will become university classrooms and will be equipped with the latest instructional technology. Bumpers College will ask for priority use of these two classrooms.
AGME 2903 will be offered as an online class this summer. Nine-month faculty have been provided a list of the courses they are teaching, projected pay for those faculty and minimum number of students to be enrolled in these classes to reach a breakeven point. The provost has agreed to a revenue sharing plan of 75/25. Global campus has 60/40 already in place. Salary of the faculty is paid from the 60 percent. The college is looking for entrepreneurial incentives from the departments. The departments will receive the largest share of this revenue.
The Scholarship Committee met on March 31. The second graduate student scholarship was rescinded as there can only be one graduate school scholarship. Regarding awarding scholarships to BAEG students, there was much discussion but no decision. The philosophy of awarding scholarships should be discussed at the department level and the Committee level. There was discussion regarding scholarship stacking and if there should there be a dollar limit on the amount students should receive in scholarship funding from the university and the college combined and will need to set some guidelines and limits in the near future. Written policies and procedures will be provided by the Committee to improve organization. It was decided that verification of majors is needed for those students applying for scholarships. The Committee feels that the evaluation system is objective, approved the deadline, appreciates the extra effort required for those applying for the land grant scholarships, and they may request a 200 word essay to be submitted with scholarship applications.
Standing Committee Reports
University Faculty Senate – Mary Savin
The April 13, 2011 minutes are at: http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/facsen2010to2011/minutes041311.htm
Dean Searches – Law School and Graduate School are ongoing. Robin Roberts has been hired as dean for Fulbright College. Jim Rankin reviewed the Huron Report. This presentation discussed how we distribute F & A on campus. 21 recommendations were given to us in the Huron Report. Ro DiBrezzo attended the CAPS retreat and presented a priority list of needs for faculty. Dr. DiBrezzo was encouraged by the emphasis on communication. The Executive Committee has recommended to the Provost that we remove the Student Complaint Procedure. There are new deadlines regarding promotion and tenure. Also, related to P&T, a motion was made, and passed to strike "with the department committee seeking suggestions from department chair/head for reviewers". Motion amended to state "(the department committee may seek suggestions from the department chair/head for reviewers)".

The drop deadline has been extended to the 13th week from the 10th week to allow for more feedback before students make a decision to drop a class.
There were revisions to the Student conduct policy and procedure.
P&T Committee reviewed clinical faculty, previously no guidelines - now have.
Resolution passed supporting campus Fringe Benefit Committee the ability to request exceptions to the preferred drug formulary.
The next Faculty Senate meeting is May 11.
Ag Curriculum Sub-Committee – Leslie Edgar
Dr. Edgar provided handouts. The Ag Curriculum Sub-Committee voted on March action items. Motion made and seconded to approve AEED's MS degree program change. Motion adopted by voice approval. All items were brought forth from the April minutes for voting, which include AEED M.S. program request for degree to be available online or through distance delivery, AECT program change, ACOM minor change, PUBP PHD program - GRE requirement, and PUBP PHD program change. Motion made and seconded to approve the changes. Motion adopted by voice approval.

HESC Curriculum Sub-Committee – Cindy Moore
The HESC Curriculum Sub-Committee met on April 8, 2011. Revision of Committee Handbook was completed and will be presented to Faculty Council on 3-15-11. New Business included a vote on PUBP Program Change, which passed. Kelly Way was reelected as Curriculum Chair for the 2011-2012 academic year.

Graduate Council Report – No report

Old Business – Jeff Miller
Review of Faculty Council By-Laws and responsibilities and College Faculty Standing Committees. HESC has updated their handbook. Administration believes that a faculty member should chair the Scholarship Committee. This would require a by-laws change and the process would include bringing the request before the full voting faculty and would require a two-thirds vote at the spring faculty meeting. All other committees are chaired by faculty. The Scholarship Committee will elect a chair each year and the chair will serve as a voting member. There was a motion and second to bring forth to the voting faculty at the May 6 spring faculty meeting. The Awards Committee will elect a chair each year and the chair will serve as a voting member. Strike the phrase "dean's office". There was a motion and second to bring forth to the voting faculty at the May 6 spring faculty meeting.
College Core Questions for Course Evaluations. No discussion.
Faculty Senators. Voting has been finalized with Curt Rom and Mary Savin being elected as senators.
New Business – Jeff Miller
There is no Faculty Council meeting in May. The Spring Faculty Meeting will be on May 6 at 10:00 am in the Hembree Auditorium in the AFLS Building.
Motion made and seconded to adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 5:18 pm.
Submitted by
Carmen Alessi