Faculty Council Minutes -- April 2007

April 13, 2007 - 2:30 p.m.
Rosen Center Conference Room

Faculty Present: C. Rosenkrans, Chair, D. Karcher (HORT), J. Webb (HESC), D. Oliver (Chair-elect), T. Costello (BAEG), A. Proctor (FDSC), F. Stephen (ENTO), J. Miller (AGED), D. Rainey (AEAB), D. Wolf (CSES), G. Milus (PLPA), H. Brown (ANSC)

Others Present:
Dr. Greg Weidemann, Dean
Dr. Donna Graham, Associate Dean
Dr. Susan Takigiku (HESC)
Dr. Donn Johnson (ENTO)

1. Call to Order - C. Rosenkrans, chair, called meeting to order at 2:30 p.m.

2. Agenda - H. Brown moved to approve the agenda, G. Milus seconded. Motion passed.

3. Approval of Minutes - D. Karcher moved to approve the minutes, H. Brown seconded. Motion passed.

4. Reports -

A. Administration

1) Dr. Dean Weidemann
The budget has not been released from campus so the status of the college budget is unknown. Dr. Weidemann thanked all those that attended the management retreat. He stated that it was important that faculty and administration revisit our strategic management plan on an annual basis. The office staff is compiling the summaries and will get those out to all who attended as soon as we can. The college student advisory board members have been very diligent in their attendance and their input has been helpful to our office.

Dr. Rosenkrans thanked Dean Weidemann for allowing and engaging the Faculty Council in the management retreat.

2) Dr. Donna Graham
The accreditation review is underway for the university and the team has arrived. Faculty was asked to be aware of their presence as they will be asking for input. The summer orientation sessions have been changed this year where most sessions will be in June with back to back sessions. A survey is being conducted by the Survey Research Center to determine the reasons AFLS students are dropping out and not returning within at least three years. The Honors program is also being evaluated and will undergo a program review this fall.

B. Faculty Senate

Dr. Rosenkrans reported that the Provost asked that faculty pay close attention to the accreditation team. The Provost also reported that budget hearings are on going and hoped to be finished by March 26th. The Honors College Fellowship competition had 500 students apply, 140 were interviewed and 90 were awarded. The Athletic committee has asked Faculty Senate governance to be included in all "official party" activities.

C. Dr. Susan Takigiku

Dr. Takigiku presented two concerns for Faculty Council consideration: 1) Allowing students with remaining credit hours to participate in the May Commencement Ceremony. 2) The maximum number of hours allowed for Course Overloads. She felt these two policies were a hindrance to student progress in meeting degree requirements.

Dr. Graham offered to investigate these issues and bring data back to the Council. She will ask Alice Griffin to study how many students have participated in May graduation ceremonies and never finished their degree requirements and to study students who request overloads to determine if this is a deterrent in finishing degree requirements.

D. Agriculture Curriculum Report

Dr. Donn Johnson brought the following recommendations from the committee:
1) HORT 4603 Practical Landscape Design: Change from UG/Grad to UG only. The horticulture faculty felt there was not enough substance or content for a Graduate level course.
2) AGEC 5623 Econometrics II: Delete - lack of enrollment
3) ANSC 3491 Artificial Inseminate of Cattle and Swine: Delete – Course content and skills are offered commercially
4) ANSC 3691 Meats Judging: Delete - Lack of Enrollment
5) ENSC 2203 Soil Science: Delete the cross listed combination. The course will continue to be listed as CSES 2203
6) AGEC 5713 Food Safety Law: Add new course
7) FDSC 4011 Undergraduate Seminar: Delete
8) AFLS International Programs Minor: a) change list of "electives" adding AFLS 3313H Honors Global Issues and HESC 4653 Global Travel and Tourism Management, delete AGEC 401 Special Topics; b) Change "Free Electives" listing specific courses and adding 'Dept 401 Special Topics with Global Emphasis course.

Motion by D. Oliver and seconded by H. Brown that C. Rosenkrans electronically approve the curriculum changes. They were approved item by item.

The curriculum committee received a report from the UA-AFLS Team attending the National Leadership Summit for Higher Education in Agriculture: Drs. Luttrell, Warnock, Graham and Rom. The consensus of the committee was Associate Dean Graham should develop an institutional and state-wide summit to discuss issues affecting agriculture curricula in Arkansas and within the UA.

E. Ad-hoc Non-Tenure Track Hiring Practices Committee - Dr. Fred Stephen

Dr. Stephen updated the Council on the meetings and discussion of the ad-hoc committee. A report will be given at the May faculty meeting on the actions of the committee.

5. Old Business

A. Bylaws question related to faculty definition and operational procedures.

Comments and discussion of the by-laws change focused on the origin of the body of faculty governance in the college and the duties of the faculty members It was determined that the business of the Faculty Council related primarily to academic functions and for voting purposes faculty should be a resident of the Fayetteville Campus with a home office on this campus; that the faculty business related to faculty governance on the Fayetteville Campus. It was recognized that departmental units had faculty with different responsibilities and campus faculty wish to support fellow faculty across the state. Some faculty have strictly research responsibilities, some teaching and research, some extension responsibilities, and other faculty had alternating semesters with only research responsibilities followed by teaching/research responsibilities but the month to month business of faculty governance was basically related to residency.

Motion by D. Oliver and seconded by H. Brown that for voting purposes faculty should have Fayetteville residency with at least 50% appointment but voting privileges may also be granted to individuals not meeting these criteria through recommendation by the academic unit and petition the Faculty Council. Motion passed.

As chair, Dr. Rosenkrans appointed a committee to rewrite the motion: Tom Costello, Dick Oliver, Dan Rainey, and Jeff Miller.

It was also discussed and recommended that non-Fayetteville resident faculty should form their own governance for voting purposes.

6. New Business

A resolution was sent to Faculty Council without signatures for consideration for faculty vote. Motion by J. Miller and seconded by J. Webb that the resolution be shared with the faculty for feed back in the respective departments and determine the consensus on the resolution. A summary will be sent to C. Rosenkrans by April 27th so that we can determine if we will vote on this or return it to the originating parties. Motion passed.

The council wanted to make sure that Council members explain that this resolution was not connected with the Ad hoc committee report. These are two separate items.

7. Announcements

Faculty Senate will meet next Wednesday - April 18th. If faculty members have anything to be addressed, it should be forwarded as soon as possible to C. Rosenkrans

8. Meeting adjourned at 4:35 pm.

Respectively submitted,
Kathy England