Faculty Council Minutes-April 2004

APRIL 9, 2004
2:30 p.m. Rosen Center Conference Room

Faculty Present: J. Rupe, Chair, J. Turner (HESC), A. Szalanski (ENTO), R. Gergerich (PLPA), T. Killian (HESC), F. Scott (AEED), T. Costello (BAEG), B. Dixon for L. Parsch (AEAB), T. Yazwinski (ANSC), A. Proctor (FDSC), D. Donoghue (POSC), M. Stewart (CSES)
Others Attending:
G. Weidemann -- Dean
D. Graham -- Associate Dean
B. Dixon -- Graduate Council
J. Emmert -- Agriculture Curriculum Committee
P. Whan -- HESC Curriculum Committee
Absent: Mike Richardson (HORT)

1. Call to Order -- J. Rupe, Chair, called the meeting to order at 2:30 p.m.

2. Agenda -- J. Rupe asked for recommendations for revision of the agenda. T. Costello added a report from the Nomination Committee to the agenda. R. Gergerich made a motion to accept the agenda as presented. B. Dixon seconded the motion and the motion passed.

3. Approval of Minutes -- The minutes of March 12, 2004 meeting of the Faculty Council were presented for approval. Changes were made to the last meeting's attendance. B. Dixon moved to accept the minutes. R. Gergerich seconded, and the motion passed as amended.

4. Reports

A. Administration - G. Weidemann -- Reported the likelihood of health insurance rates going up. There is no official word as yet as to what that level might be.

B. Graduate Council - B. Dixon (Handout)

1. Travel Policy -- A travel policy for graduate students has been adopted. It is the same policy for undergraduates. This is a policy for graduate students who are not on appointment and who are doing official university business. This newly adopted policy, along with the undergraduate policy, were the attempts of the Council to have a uniform policy throughout the campus.

2. Curriculum -- Two proposals for the School of Human Environmental Sciences were approved and will be presented to the Faculty Senate.
a. HESCMS: Reinstate the Clothing and Textiles concentration in the M.S. degree.
b. HESCMS: Change the name of the concentration from Clothing and Textiles to Apparel Studies.

3. Honor Code -- An Honor Code was considered by the Council and passed. Basically, all students who have been accepted to the University will sign a document stating that they will not receive inappropriate assistance on the work they do for their degree. There was concern from the Council regarding plagiarism problems and the code is an attempt to deal with this.
Discussion ensued regarding the new dual enrollment policy. B. Dixon made clarification regarding the new policy.

C. Faculty Senate -- J. Rupe

1. The Faculty Senate will be meeting next in the Reynolds Auditorium and Chancellor White will be in attendance. He will be discussing budget issues, faculty salaries, etc. Attendance was encouraged.

2. The ballot is out for faculty governance officers and committees. It was reported by T. Costello that three faculty senators that will be retiring and e-mails will be going out in the near future requesting nominations for the election of new governance.

5. Standing Committee Reports

A. Agriculture Curriculum Subcommittee -- J. Emmert (handout)

1. New Program
CSES -- New minor in Wildlife Habitat (CSES-M)

2. New Course
HORT 4921 "Golf Course Operations" This course is being developed in specific response to comments from employers who are hiring HORT graduates.

3. Course Deletions

AGME 4963 "Soil and Water Conservation Technology"
AGME 4960L "Soil and Water Conservation Technology Laboratory"
AGME 4983 "Agricultural Meteorology"
AGME 5014 "Experiment Station Operations I"
AGME 5010L "Experimentation Station Operations I Laboratory"

T. Costello moved to pass program changes. F. Scott seconded. Motion passed.

B. Human Environmental Sciences Curriculum Subcommittee -- P. Whan (handout)

1. Change in Option Title
Change name of General Foods & Nutrition to General Human Nutrition

2. Minor Changes
HESC 2623 Hospitality Law
HESC 2123 Catering Management
HESC 3123 Diet & Nutrition Pract: Tool
HESC 4243 Community Nutrition
HESC 4903 Recent Advances in Manufacturing and Merchandising

3. Major Changes
HESC 4613 Food Service Purchasing
HESC 4623 Selection and Layout of Food Service Equipment
HESC 4063 Advanced Apparel Production

4. Additions
HESC 2633 Introduction to Hotel Operations
HESC 3633 Front Office Management
HESC 4633 Advanced Hotel Operations

T. Killian moved to pass program changes. B. Dixon seconded. Motion passed.

6. Old Business

1. Personnel Document -- B. Dixon suggested some rewording of section 2C regarding the election of the College Promotion and Tenure Committee. He suggested putting the first two sentences into four sentences to correct some ambiguity. It was decided to make a final vote on the Personnel Document at the Faculty Meeting on April 30. Ballots will be handed out at that meeting.
2. Election of Faculty Council Members -- B. Dixon clarified that the election of the faculty representative in each department can only be voted on, as is currently stated, by tenured faculty members.

7. New Business - None

8. Inquiries from the Faculty -- None

9. Meeting Adjourned

J. Rupe adjourned the meeting was adjourned at 3:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Tracy Joslin, Recording Secretary