December 2012 (general faculty meeting)

Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences
December 7, 2012
10:00 am
Hembree Auditorium
1. Call to Order
Kris Brye, chair, called the meeting to order at 10:00 am.

2. Approval of Agenda
Motion to approve agenda was made and seconded. Motion passed by voice approval.
3. Approval of Minutes
Motion to approve May 4, 2012 Spring Faculty Meeting minutes was made and seconded. Motion passed by voice approval.
Please click on this link for the reports from the Fall Faculty Meeting.
College Faculty Meeting_Fall 2012.pdf

4. Special Report – Lt. Matt Mills of the UAPD – Emergency/Evacuation Plan
Lt. Mills discussed the need for a consistent emergency action plan. Campus is in the process of implementing the Building Emergency Action Plan (BEAP) for the University of Arkansas. Instructors must know how to respond as students will look to that instructor for a response. Emergency Guidelines printed on manila folders will be given to faculty and staff this spring. The University has a Web site page for emergency preparedness at UAPD will be meeting with building executives and deans to formulate an action plan to include in syllabi for instructors.

5. Bumpers College Administration Reports
A. Division of Agriculture – Clarence Watson, Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station and Associate Vice President – Research, No Report
B. Bumpers College – Mike Vayda, Dean
Dr. Vayda reviewed priorities from the action plan for 2012 and financial progress; discussed the valued added programs; progress in Development functions; Capital Campaign; progress in student recruiting and in enrollment and curriculum.
Please click on the College Faculty Meeting_Fall 2012.pdf and see slides 6-20 for
Dr. Vayda's report.
C. Bumpers College – Lona Robertson, Associate Dean
Dr. Robertson discussed Fall 2012 enrollment and enrollment results between 2007 and 2012; Undergraduate Yield Data; One Year Retention Rate for Bumpers College & UA; Majors by Academic Unit; and SSCH by Department.
Please click on the College Faculty Meeting_Fall 2012.pdf and see slides 21-28 for Dr. Robertson's report.

6. Faculty Council Report – Kris Brye, Chair
College Personnel Document - Revisions are completed and have been adopted by faculty this past spring, waiting for the provost to approve. College Faculty Bylaws - Review and current status to be discussed in Old Business. Development of operating procedures for some standing committees.
Recognized departmental representatives serving on Faculty Council
Dan Rainey – AEAB
Don Edgar – AEED
Rick Rorie – ANSC
Scott Osborn – BAEG
Thad Scott – CSES
Ashley Dowling – ENTO
Ron Buescher – FDSC
Kathy Smith – HESC
Garry McDonald – HORT
Burt Bluhm – PLPA
Park Waldroup/Keith Bramwell – POSC
Donn Johnson (Chair-Elect) - ENTO
Please click on the College Faculty Meeting_Fall 2012.pdf and see slides 29-31 for Dr. Byre's report.

7. Standing Committee Reports
A. International Programs Committee – Andy Proctor
Dr. Proctor reviewed the mission statement for Bumpers College International Programs; new faculty awards; awarding of faculty international education grants; provided a breakdown of the number of students studying abroad from Bumpers College during the 2012 calendar year and Fall 2012 Student International Seminars. The Bumpers College International Programs has a Web page and announced that February 1, 2013 is the deadline for College International Scholarships. Dr. Proctor mentioned that more Honors College Program students from Bumpers College should apply for study abroad.
Please click on the College Faculty Meeting_Fall 2012.pdf and see slides 32-38 for Dr. Proctor's report.

B. Honors Program Update – Curt Rom
Dr. Rom discussed enrollment in the Honors Program from Bumpers College (114 current student – have added 41 students since June 2012); study abroad grants, SURF and Honors College grants, achievements of students and receiving an Honors College Distinguished Faculty Award for Dr. Gisela Erf. The Honors Program offered three classes this fall and a new course funded by a donor (six students). Three courses will be offered in the spring of 2013. Dr. Rom announced the deadlines for the Bumpers Undergraduate Research Program, listed the names of the Honors Student Advisory Board and the names of faculty on the Honors Committee.
Please click on the College Faculty Meeting_Fall 2012.pdf and see slides 39-50 for Dr. Rom's report.
C. University Faculty Senate Report – Andy Pereira
Dr. Pereira discussed intersessions; the goal to become a top 50 institution; and the final exam week.
Please click on the College Faculty Meeting_Fall 2012.pdf and see slides 51-54 for Dr. Pereira's report.
The meeting minutes for each meeting may be found at
D. Graduate Council – Mike Richardson
Dr. Richardson discussed enrollment of doctoral students in their "graduation semester"; graduate students teaching "peers"; availability of the new plagiarism software; AFLS additions to graduate faculty; and graduate faculty classifications at the University of Arkansas.
Please click on the link for Dr. Richardson's report.
Graduate Council Report_Fall 2012.pdf
The meeting minutes for each meeting may be found at
E. Awards Committee – Lona Robertson
The Awards Committee met twice this semester. The first meeting was an orientation for new committee members as well as to organize and review the awards guidelines and the committee's operations. The second meeting was to review and make selection recommendations to Dr. Vayda regarding the faculty awards to be recognized at the Division of Agriculture Awards Luncheon on January 11, 2013. The committee also made recommendations for changes regarding the announcement of the student awards, which have been adopted. Applications are due on February 1, 2013.
F. Scholarship Committee – Lona Robertson
The Scholarship Committee met once this semester. The committee reviewed and evaluated the online scholarship application. The committee made recommendations which have been adopted. Scholarship applications are due February 1, 2013. There is great interest at the university level to have one scholarship application for the entire university for incoming and continuing students. Within the next year or so expect implementation of one scholarship application being completed per student, which will then be shared with the college and the respective department.
G. Agriculture Curriculum Sub-Committee Report –Nick Anthony, Chair
This semester has been very active for the Ag Curriculum Sub-Committee. Course changes associated with ACT 747 have all been made. The College had to reduce 4 credit hours, from 124 credit hours down to 120 credit hours. College requirements had to be reviewed for continued relevancy. The value of COMM 1313 was discussed and it was decided to move the course to the communications intensive list and change the requirement from 3 hours to 6 hours from the communications intensive list. The Sub-Committee elected to maintain 9 hours of broadening electives. The requirement to complete 39 hours of upper division courses decreased to 36. Seventeen program changes came through this past semester and all the program changes have been made for Bumper College, ahead of the 2014 deadline.
H. Human Environmental Sciences Sub-Curriculum Committee Report – Kelly Way
Dr. Way discussed HESC Curriculum changes for fall 2012; ACT 747 compliance; courses added from Great Plains IDEA; additions and deletions of courses as programs requested; and the reduction of required upper division hours for graduation from 39 hours to 36 hours.
Please click on the College Faculty Meeting_Fall 2012.pdf and see slides 58-61 for Dr. Way's report.

8. Old Business – Kris Brye
Dr. Brye reviewed the proposed revisions to the Bumpers College Faculty Bylaws. Ballots will be sent next week to voting faculty. The Faculty Council recommends adoption of the revised Bumpers College Faculty Bylaws.
Please click on the College Faculty Meeting_Fall 2012.pdf and see slides 62-68 for Dr. Brye's report.
9. New Business – Kris Brye
New Graduate Council representative
- Thad Scott (CSES)
Faculty Council Chair-Elect for 2013
– Mike Evans (HORT)
– Special thanks to Cindy Moore (HESC) and Lanier Nalley (AEAB)

10. Announcements by Department
AEAB - New hire: Ken Kovacs
AEED - New hire: Kate Shoulders
ANSC - New hire: Andrew Fidler
BAEG - New hires: Vicky Martin and Stacy Hudspeth
CSES - New hire, Lisa Wood and three retirements: John Matisse, Chuck West, and Duane Wolf
ENTO - None
FDSC - New hire: Kristen Gibson
HORT – Retirement: Brad Murphy
HESC - New hire: Mechelle Bailey. Mary Warnock will be retiring effective January 4, 2013
PLPA - None
POSC - New hire: Sami Didri
Meeting adjourned at 12:20 pm
Submitted by Carmen Alessi