December 2011 (general faculty meeting)

Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences
December 9, 2011
10:00 am
Hembree Auditorium
1. Call to Order
Jeff Miller, chair, called the meeting to order at 10:00 am.
2. Approval of Agenda
Motion to approve agenda was made and seconded. Motion passed by voice approval.
3. Approval of Minutes
Motion to approve May 6, 2011 Spring Faculty Meeting minutes was made and seconded. Motion passed by voice approval.
4. Bumpers College Administration Reports
A. State of the College – Mike Vayda, Dean
Please click on link for Dr. Vayda's report.
B. Associate Dean – Lona Robertson
Drs. Robertson and Miller presented 10-year Faculty Service Awards to Sreekala Bajwa, Kris Brye, Pengyin Chen, Casandra Cox, Mike Evans, Fiona Goggin, Tim Killian, Jin Woo-Kim, Marty Matlock, Jeff Miller, Nathan Slaton, Vibha Srivastava, Allen Szalanski; 20-year Faculty Service Awards to William Bailey, Jean Turner, Charles Rosenkrans; 30-year Faculty Service Awards to Wayne Kellogg; and 40-year Faculty Service Award to Donna Graham.
Please click the link to see the slides Dr. Robertson used in her report.
The Awards Committee met twice during the fall semester. Selections were made for the John W. White Outstanding Teaching Award, Jack G. Justus for Teaching Excellence Award, and the Alumni Society Outstanding Advising Award. The Committee also reviewed the criteria for the student awards and made some revisions. Nominations for student awards are due February 8, 2012.
The Scholarship Committee has not met in full this semester. The Committee did review the scholarship application and made some revisions. Applications are due February 1, 2012. A sub-committee is working on policies and procedures to present to the entire Scholarship Committee. The Committee is also considering revisions to the land grant scholarships in response to a donor who is open to receiving new direction on land grant scholarship.

C. Division of Agriculture – Rick Roeder, Interim Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station and Interim Associate Vice President - Research – No Report
5. Faculty Council Report – Jeff Miller, Chair
Key Actions
• Continued review of Faculty By-laws
– Established Bylaw Revision Sub-Committee
• D. Johnson, D. Rainey, K. Brye, and R. Buescher (chair)
• Committee reviewed entire document and began introducing changes to FC in October (to be continued)
• Bylaws changes were preempted by discussions about College Personnel Document changes
• Track-changes document has been distributed to all faculty council reps for discussion in department
• Brye will continue bylaws change effort
• College faculty must vote on final document
• Established a sub-committee of the Scholarship Committee to examine scholarship procedures
– Discussions have focused on developing consistent policies and procedures for evaluating applications and awarding scholarships
– Recommendations will be presented to and voted upon by Faculty Council
• Examined College Personnel Document Proposed Changes
– Background: Ad Hoc Committee Initiated by Drs. Cochran and Vayda
• Wanted to streamline Division promotion process and match timeline with College P&T process
• Needed to adapt to campus changes in P&T timeline and policies
– Cochran and Vayda appointed a committee and asked for a college faculty council representative (Brye)
– Proposed changes came to Faculty Council via Dean Vayda
– 22 changes varying in degrees of significance
– Lack of a "track-changes" document slowed the process (back on track—thanks to M. Matlock)
– Process for faculty review is in place (see New Business)
Recognized departmental representatives serving on Faculty Council
Dan Rainey – AEAB
Kris Brye– AEED – Chair Elect
Don Edgar – AEED
Hayden Brown – ANSC
Scott Osborn– BAEG
Thad Scott– CSES
Donn Johnson – ENTO
Ron Buescher– FDSC
Brad Murphy– HORT
Ken Korth – PLPA
Park Waldroup – POSC
Cindy Moore – HESC

6. Standing Committee Reports
A. Agriculture Curriculum Sub-Committee Report – Leslie Edgar
Please click on link for Dr. Edgar's report.
Nick Anthony will serve as chair during the 2012 calendar year and Mike Thomsen will serve as secretary.
Dr. Edgar extended special thanks to Jody Davis for her work on behalf of the Ag Curriculum Sub-Committee.
B. Human Environmental Sciences Sub-Curriculum Committee Report – Kelly Way
Please click on link for Dr. Way's report. There is one correction HESC 3213 (page 2) – Incorrect course title of Communications in Nutrition and Counseling. The correct course title is Communications in Nutrition and Dietetics.
C. Promotion and Tenure Committee – Bruce Dixon
The College Promotion and Tenure Committee (COPT) met on November 15 to review 8 candidates. The Committee has become more familiar with the electronic system (SharePoint). Throughout the process the Committee has become more aware of the Committee's relationship with the provost and the campus. What is the view of the campus regarding standards and criteria for promotion and tenure and how does it relate to Bumpers College faculty? Tenure is granted by the University campus. (Fayetteville) The expectation is that it flows through the provost, chancellor, and through the Board of Trustees. Expectations are that 40 percent of a faculty's effort should be directed towards formal course instruction, graduate mentorship, advising; 40 percent directed towards scholarly activity and 20 percent directed towards service work. Scholarship is expected of all.
It was questioned that if the campus funds faculty in the College for teaching only they are sending teaching component only and not sending the research component, short changing the faculty. By campus standards the provost has not funded workload assignments, which historically did not have an appropriate emphasis and expectation on scholarship.
Dr. Vayda confirmed that the provost has purview to convert a non-tenure track to a tenure track line if it is a Fayetteville line, not a Division line.
D. University Faculty Senate Report – John Rupe
This semester has been fairly quiet. The Faculty Senate has approved course changes, new courses, new programs, etc. Their Financial Advisory Committee reported that faculty hires are up 27 percent and 14-17 new positions were added each year for the past three years. Overall salaries are rising. As compared to benchmark or similar institutions we are doing well with assistant professor level but not so well with professor level. On average across campus women are earning 5 to 10 percent less than men. The Faculty Senate did pass revisions to Research and Scholarly Misconduct Policy, and just passed new policies regarding promotion for clinical instructors and research faculty in tenure-track positions. Next semester the Faculty Senate will re-examine faculty senate procedures and committees with a purpose of trying to increase efficiency.
E. Graduate Council – Mike Richardson
Please click on link for Dr. Richardson's report.
The new approvals this semester on the graduate faculty from Bumpers College include Irene Hanning of POSC – Level II-T, Kellye Pfalzgraf of ANSC, Level II-T, and Elizabeth Huddleston of HESC, Level III-T.
The meeting minutes for each meeting may be found at
F. Honors Program Update – Curt Rom
123 Current Students (approx. 7.8%)
a. One of the largest freshman classes (24)
b. 24% in HESC
– Study Abroad Grants:
• 4 submitted, 4 funded; total of $15,500
– Surf Grants
• 17 submitted, 3 funded; remainder under review for Honors College funding
– Graduates
• Lindsay Andrews (Drs. M. Ivey/C. Moore)
• Bryant Baker (Dr. T. Scott)
• Samantha Jones (Dr. C. Rom)
• Joseph O'Neill (Dr. A. Dowling)
FALL 2011
– AFLS 1101H Orientation: 25 students (Dr. Wolf)
– AFLS 3131H Leadership: 14 students (Prof. Cox)
– AFLS 4431H Ethics: 12 students (Dr. Anthony)
– AFLS 3412 Prop. Dev.: 10 students (Dr. Anthony)
– AFLS 3512 Lab Rotations.; 3 students (Dr. Erf)

– New Honors College Course Development
• Crandall, Moore, Baldwin, Thomsen, Nayga. "Childhood Obesity: Context and Prevention
– Distinguished Honors Faculty Award: Dr. Jennie Popp
– Distinguished Honors Leadership Award: Dr. Duane Wolf
Student Advisory Board
Andrew Dugan
Breanna Nyitrai
Caitlin Thorn
Christina Crowder
Dallas Greenbury
Jennifer Newcome
Jordan A. Miller
Katie McGehee
Michael Norton
Olivia Merritt
Stuart Estes
Toryn Jones
Honors Committee
Jennie Popp AEAB
Don Johnson AEED
Charles Rosenkrans ANSC
Duane Wolf CSES
Donn Johnson ENTO
Navam Hettiarachchy, FDSC
Cindy Moore HESC
William Bailey HESC
Leigh Southward HESC
Ken Korth PLPA
Nick Anthony POSC
Curt Rom, HORT
• Bumpers Honors Courses and Curricula
• Bumpers UG Research Program
• Defining Honors Projects
• Academic Integrity Policy
• Promotion and Recruitment
• Program Completion and Benchmarks
G. International Programs Committee – Andy Proctor
IPC developed a mission statement: Provide structured international experiences that enhance the marketability of students for career and academic opportunities.
Fall 2011:
Bumpers International Programs Committee
Efforts to expand sustainable international opportunities
Bumpers International Programs Committee activity
Proctor (Chair), AEAB Thomsen, AEED Miller, ANSC Rosenkrans, BAEG Bajwa, CSES Savin, ENTO Goggin, FDSC Howard, HESC Apple & Harrington, HORT Evans, POSC Tellez Isaias, PLPA Correll
Global Minor sub-committee (M. Savin chair):
recommended tracks for minor
Awards sub-committee (M. Evans, chair):
Streamlined student travel abroad scholarship/awards submission process - February 1, 2012 is deadline
Faculty Small Grant Proposals for study abroad program committee
(L. Apple, chair):
10 proposals submitted, results will be announced shortly
Working with Honors Program and Dr. Rom
Web site development (Robertson, Bisbee)
In progress:
Students study abroad information, guidance & applications forms
Faculty guidance for developing program and finding key personnel
Cross link with Bumpers honors, Honors College, study abroad office & grad school
Strategic international partner development
China, Dr. Li & Dr. Kidd: Zhejiang University, Hangzhou
South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou
Qingdao Agricultural University
Faculty Group Visit: January 2012
Belgium, Dr. Proctor: University of Gent
Faculty Group Visit: September 2011/January 2012
Panama, Dr. Robertson: Universidad Especializada de las Americas
Universidad Santa Maria la Antigua
Visit November 2011/March 2012
Scotland, Dr. Proctor, Dr. Miller: Scottish Agricultural College, Edinburgh
Royal Botanical Garden, Edinburgh
Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
Visit August 2011/ Faculty Group March 2012

France, Dr. Meullenet, Dr. Harrington: Institut Polytechnique LaSalle Beauvais
Visit September 2011

H. Gamma Sigma Delta – Jason Apple
Gamma Sigma Delta (GSD) awarded two $800 scholarships. The annual presentation competition included 32 students (oral presentations) and 15 posters. GSD received one of two chapter enhancement grants and was awarded as one of the top 10 percent of (GSD) chapters in the United States. Volunteers are needed for judging opportunities.
7. Old Business – Jeff Miller, None
Last spring's tabled motions on scholarship and awards committee structures will be addressed as a part of the bylaws change discussion.
8. New Business – Jeff Miller
Personnel Document Review Process
• FC Reps will receive track-changes document and a list of major changes
• FC Reps should initiate a discussion w/departmental faculty before Jan. 27
• FC will hold a special meeting Jan. 27 to discuss changes and finalize document for faculty approval
• A document outlining agreed-upon changes will be distributed to faculty
• Electronic faculty vote will be held to approve/disapprove new document
• Approval must be complete by March 1 for new rules to apply in 2012 P&T process

8. Announcements by Department
AEAB – Collaboration with White Commercial to set up innovative on-campus instruction with private sector involvement.
AEED – Freddie Scott will be retiring as of February 10, 2012.
ANSC - None
BAEG – New hires: Meghan Hughes in the front office and Chris Henry is a new faculty member located in Stuttgart. Sreekala Bajwa has accepted the position of Department Head at North Dakota State and will be leaving in February, 2012.
CSES – The Soil Judging Team was awarded first and second place. This is their third consecutive national contest.
ENTO – John Burnhart of Stuttgart is retiring at the end of the year. The Debate team beat Georgia. Fred Stephen was named a Fellow of the Fellow Society, only one of ten who was accepted.
FDSC – Jamie Baum was hired as of November 1, 2011 and Andy Proctor was named a Fellow of the American Society.
HORT – None
HESC – Two new hires: Lance Cheramie and Beth Huddleston
PLPA – None
POSC – Two new positions coming up. T. Lionel Barton was inducted into the Agriculture Hall of Fame.
9. Announcement of Chair-elect
A run-off will be conducted in the near future. Carmen Alessi will send out a ballot.

10. Passing of the Gavel to Dr. Kristofor Brye
Meeting adjourned at 11:47 am
Submitted by Carmen Alessi