December 2010 (general faculty meeting)

Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences
December 8, 2010
10:00 am
Hembree Auditorium
1. Call to Order
Laurie Apple, chair, called the meeting to order at 10:00 am.
2. Approval of Agenda
Motion to approve agenda was made and seconded. Motion passed by voice approval.
3. Approval of Minutes
Motion to approve April 30, 2010 Spring Faculty Meeting minutes was made and seconded. Motion passed by voice approval.
4. Bumpers College Administration Reports
A. State of the College – Mike Vayda, Dean
New Faces
• Michael T. Kidd was named Director of Poultry Center of Excellence and Department Head in January, 2010.
• Jean-Francois Meullenet was named Head of Food Science and Director of the Institute of Food Science & Engineering effective May 1, 2010.
• Glenda Revelle was hired as Associate Professor in HESC effective August 16, 2010.
• Jennifer Henk was hired as Assistant Professor in HESC effective August 16, 2010.
• Jacquelyn Wiersma was hired as Assistant Professor in HESC effective August 1, 2010.
• Richard Esten Mason was hired as Assistant Professor in CSES effective October 6, 2010.
• Scott Osborn was welcomed back to the faculty.
• Andy Pereira was hired as Professor in CSES effective January 3, 2011.
• Blake Bard – Director of Development for Bumpers College, effective December 15, 2010
• Animal Well-Being Center Director – in the closing stages of search
• Food Science Sensory Evaluation Analysis and Consumer Awareness – Search is ongoing.
• AEAB instructor – will be added for an interim period.
• ANSC department head – Search is ongoing.

Fall 2010 Enrollment
Total: 1,793
Undergraduate: 1,477
Graduate: 316
Bumpers College has experienced 4 to 5 percent growth over the past few years, and the Fall 2010 Enrollment numbers are on the same pace to match this growth.
Bumpers College Enrollment Growth 2006 - 2010
• Human Environmental Sciences (HES)
658 enrolled (30% increase)
17,305 SSCH (28% increase)
• Ag Econ & Agribusiness (AEAB)
186 enrolled (22% increase)
4,094 SSCH (58% increase)
• Crop, Soil & Environmental Sciences (CSES)
166 enrolled (30% increase)
2,696 SSCH (24% increase)
• Food Science (FDSC)
91 students (31% increase)
1,328 SSCH (42% increase)
• Ag Extension & Education (AEED)
105 enrolled (34% increase)
2,270 SSCH (6% increase)
• Animal Science (ANSC)
211 enrolled (28% increase)
1,328 SSCH (14% increase)
• DBCAFLS total:
1,793 students (21% increase)
35,601 SSCH (22% increase)
• Total campus-funded faculty FTE = 48.58
• SSCH Student-to-Faculty Ratio = 24.4-to-1
• Division of Ag FTEs accountable for state needs & priorities for research and extension
• HES and AEED have scholarship expectations associated with campus-funded FTEs
Budget Situation
• Tight Budgets
- uncertainty at State budget level
- economic projections modest
- much brighter than most states
• Chancellor Gearhart's Initiative
- 2% raise has been approved
• Provost Gaber's Efforts
- faculty lines for enrollment growth
Welcome Assistance for FY 2012
• 1.0 FTE for HES
Food, Human Nutrition, Hospitality
• 0.5 FTE for AEAB
Sustainable, Marketing & Natural Resource Economics
(Co-investment by the Division of Agriculture)
Budget Hearing Process
• Campus Budget
Fall Hearings
- SSCH delivered
- Student numbers
- Quality & Reputation of Program
- Research productivity
• Division Budget
Spring Schedule
- State needs in research & extension
Curricular Items
• Sustainability Minor passed
• ACCEPtS program approved
• Ag*Idea Program Developed
- BioEnergy & Sustainable Technologies
- Ag*Idea member institution
- Opportunity for other faculty-driven initiatives
- Opens "menu" of regularly-offered courses for
AFLS Ag Masters program
Strategic Planning

• Departmental Introspection
• Purpose:
- Recognize and articulate what we do very well and value
- Prioritize aspirations & enhancements desired for the next decade
- Refine our recruiting strategy
- Define our facility needs
- What we need net-new resources for
- Development efforts (upcoming campaign)
- basis for future Budget requests
- Workloads
• Action Plan with specific objectives, January Department Heads retreat
Great News!
Child Development Study Center
• $2.5 million lead gift announced, Tyson Family
• Integration of Infant Development Center and Child Study Center
• $8.5 million facility envisioned
• Intended to serve 144 children of University & community
• Expansion of Undergraduate & Research Programs
Notable Recognition!
• Food Science Department
• Ranked within top 5 nationally
• by National Academy of Sciences
• Dr. Charles Ogbeide was presented the McCool Breakthrough Award
• for innovative service learning, from the Hotel, Restaurant & Institutional Education Council
• Dr. Harrison Pittman – won the Excellence in Agricultural Law Award of the American Agricultural Law Association
• Dr. Donald M. Johnson – John Imhoff Award for teaching excellence
• Dr. Jeremy Powell presented the 2010 Outstanding Advising Award by the National Academic Advising Association
• Dr. Rob Wiedenmann was elected President of the Entomological Society of America
• Dr. Chuck West was elected as Fellow in Crop Science Society of America
• Dr. Kris Brye & his students earned an invitation to the National Soil Judging Contest in April 2011 based on their regional competition showing
• Dr. Kathy Smith's student Ms. Morgan Wood won the Retail Merchandising Competition in Chicago on November 12
• Three of Dr. Mike Richardson's students won awards in the Turf division of the Crop Society of America's International mtg on November 5
• Dr. Navam Hettiarachchy's students took 1st place in the nationwide
Danisco Knowledge Award contest
B. Division of Agriculture – Mark Cochran, Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station and Associate Vice President - Research
Personnel Changes
• Milo Shult – 18 years as vice president, retiring
• Dick Kluender – Dean and Director of Forest Program at UAM, retiring
• Keith Lusby – Department head of Animal Science, retiring
• Chris Deren – Stepping down as director for the Rice Research and Extension Center, returning to faculty
• Phil Tappe – Will serve as interim dean and director for the Forest Research Center
• Chuck Wilson – Serving as interim director for the Rice Research and Extension Center
• An offer has been extended for the Director of the Animal Well Being Center.
• Searches are ongoing for Animal Science department head, Water and Irrigation Engineer Position in Biological and Agricultural Engineering with interviews beginning in January, 2011 and Food Science Sensory position.
Salary Adjustments
A merit based raise has been approved for non-classified employees retroactive to July 1, 2010 with supplemental checks being received on December 15, 2010.
Community Service
A pedestrian bridge will be built in the next year over Garland Avenue at Agri Park to extend the city's trail system.
Grant Facilitation
Nathan McKinney will assist on a part-time basis on grants with continued focus on AFRIs. Karen McFadden has been hired to assist Nathan in the tech licensing office. Dr. Cochran has had small faculty group meetings, one being to discuss grant facilitation. A suggestion was made to create a template for departmental accountants to use to give feedback to the PIs in terms of balances and to standardize the information. There was discussion on how to better coordinate grants coming through the extension side versus grants coming through the research side.
Grant Activity
Grant workshop in Tulsa included approximately 75 attendees from the Division of Agriculture and UA employees and OSU had approximately 30 attendees. The feedback was very positive. Each attendee was invited to self-nominate for participation in Phase II. Funds are not available for all 75 to attend but will be screened to accept 15 for Phase II. The company will work directly with PIs for particular RFPs and grant applications. Early indication from AFRI is encouraging. Award notices are coming through with enough detail to project that we will greatly exceed the amount of money received from the old NRI program that AFRI replaced. Acceptance rates range from 34 percent to 22 percent.
State and Federal Funding
State level funding is moving into a new era with a bi-partisan general assembly. The governor's budget includes a 1 percent increase. Higher education budgets are being scrutinized by our legislators.
Federal funding still does not have a budget. Three approaches to the 2011 budget include a continuing resolution for the short-term. The last one expired on December 3 and provided a two-week extension to December 18. They may do another short term continuing resolution and force the incoming congress to decide about this year's budget. Another approach is to do a continuing resolution on a yearlong basis or maybe do an omnibus spending by taking the 13 different appropriation packages and put into an omnibus and do a legitimate budget. There is some uncertainty as to the process of debt retirement. One approach is that they would select a year and reduce spending back to that year; possibly 2007 or 2008 would be one of those benchmarks. If 2008 is chosen, there would be a loss of funds of approximately $300 million that land grant universities normally receive from USDA. A second approach is that they would target a dollar amount that would have to come out of each of the budgets and would have discretion on these cuts. The budget cuts are not likely to be uniform, with up to 80 percent coming from the USDA budgets such as food stamps, nutrition, and other programs not directly related to the research and extension activities that we enjoy through the USDA partnership. Debt reduction and positioning for the presidential election will be the major focus in 2012.
Strategic Planning
Dr. Cochran has received positive comments. Five cornerstones include agriculture production and processing, environment climate and energy, safe and nutritious food, families and youth, and economic and community growth.
5. Faculty Council Report – Laurie Apple, Chair
Recognized departmental representatives serving on Faculty Council
• Dan Rainey – AEAB
• Jeff Miller – AEED – Chair Elect
• Don Edgar – AEED
• Hayden Brown – ANSC
• Sreekala Bajwa – BAEG
• Kris Brye – CSES
• Donn Johnson – ENTO
• Latha Devareddy – FDSC
• Aaron Patton – HORT
• Dave TeBeest/Ken Korth – PLPA
• Park Waldroup – POSC
• Cindy Moore – HESC
Introduce for discussion: Rotation of College Promotion and Tenure Committee
AFLS Promotion and Tenure Committee 2010-2011
• Bruce Dixon – AEAB
• Don M. Johnson – AEED
• Charles Rosenkranz – ANSC
• Carl Griffis – BAEG
• Dick Oliver – CSES
• Tim Kring – ENTO
• Luke Howard – FDSC
• Jean Turner – HESC
• John Clark, Chair – HORT
• Craig Rothrock – PLPA
• Wayne Kuenzel – POSC
• Karen Moldenhauer – Off-Campus
Currently the committee is elected each year. A suggestion was made by Dr. Vayda to elect the committee for two-year or three-year terms. The P&T Committee is working on a response. Dr. John R. Clark asked that anyone who has suggestions to please email him. Any changes would require a change to the By-laws.

6. Standing Committee Reports
A. Agriculture Curriculum Sub-Committee Report – David Kreider
A summary of all minor and major curriculum changes for the past year may be found at this link.
Dr. Kreider covered course changes that have been approved by the Faculty Council. Several are represented in the Ag*IDEA program. AGEC 5723 and 5733, CSES 4303, 5313, 5323. The Ag*Idea program is a consortium and a graduate certificate program. The college's participation is in BioEnergy Sustainability Technology Program. (BEST)
Courses that were added: AGED 2143 – intro to Ag Communications.
Program Changes: HORT - Turf Management Minor; CSES - Environmental Soil and Water Science Major, and Crop Biotechnology Minor; FDSC - Food Science - FDCU concentration addition, Food & Culinary Science.
English comp change: Students are no longer required to take English Composition. In response the Ag Sub-Curriculum committee's action included allowing any student enrolled this semester or prior in Advanced Composition could substitute that as a communication intensive class.
Dr. Kreider requested that program changes be submitted earlier due to committee review and catalog timelines.
B. Human Environmental Sciences Sub-Curriculum Committee Report – Kelly Way
Major Changes for fall 2010:
APST: Graduate version of HESC 4023 & HESC 4063 change of contact hours from 4 to 6 hrs per week
DIET: PEAC/DEAC: delete from plan of study (2hrs), HESC 1201: course title change/major change, HEC 2203 & FDSC 2503: addition of courses to DIET requirements, HESC 4264/4260L: new course number (4263 proposed), delete lab-change course from 4 credit hours to 3 credit hours, HESC 4623: delete from program requirements
HDFS: Removal of HESC 4472/4472L from list of required courses, addition of statistics and research & methods elective requirement, reduce general electives requirements from 30-36 hrs to 28-34 hrs, HESC 4463, course title change, HESC 5403 & 5433, course title change and course description, HESC 2433, course description, RSOC 5603, addition of course, Community & Natural Resources
HRMN: Restructuring of hours to include: 61 hrs of HRMN Requirements (50 hrs) plus additional required courses (11hrs), reducing electives from 29-39 hrs to 18-27hrs. , HESC 3633, WCOB 1012, AGME 2903, 3 hrs of additional professional coursework, and 6 hrs additional business courses added to plan of study, HESC 3633, course name change
C. University Faculty Senate Report – Bruce Ahrendsen
Please go to this link for report summary.
Bumpers College representatives to the Faculty Senate are Gene Milus, Mary Savin, Bruce Ahrendsen, Nilda Burgos, Tom Costello and Doug Karcher.
The Faculty Senate held meetings on Wednesday, September 15, October 13, and November 10 and will hold its last meeting of the semester on December 8, 2010 at 3:30 pm in ENGR 209. The agenda and minutes for each meeting may be found at
Summaries of each Faculty Senate meeting were presented to the Bumpers College Faculty Council.
D. Graduate Council – Mike Richardson
Please go to this link for report summary. The meeting minutes for each meeting may be found at
E. Honors Program Update – Duane Wolf
Please go to this link for this report summary,
F. Gamma Sigma Delta – Mary Savin
The Bumpers College chapter of Gamma Sigma Delta was awarded the gold Award by the International Office, the highest level of awards. Andrew McKenzie has stepped down as president. Newly elected officers include Ken Coffey as treasurer, Jason Norsworthy as secretary, Jason Apple as vice president, and Mary Savin as president. Dr. Savin asked that everyone pay their dues in January, 2011 as they go to fund three $800 scholarships. Deadline for faculty award nominations is February 11, 2011. Student competition is scheduled for February 22 in the Union. Judges for the student competition are needed.
The awards and initiation ceremony will be on March 29 at 3:30 pm in Hembree Auditorium.
7. New Business – Laurie Apple, None
8. Announcements by Department
AEAB – None
AEED – None
ANSC - None
BAEG – Will Nash, new administrative assistant
CSES – Trent Roberts, new faculty member as of July, 2010. Rick Norman recognized as a Fellow by the American Society for Agronomy and Soil Society of America and Larry Purcell recognized as a Fellow by the American Society for Agronomy and Crops Sciences Society of America.
ENTO - None
FDSC – Latha Devareddy is leaving
HORT – Aaron Patton left in June for Purdue University
HESC – Child Study Center project is moving forward
PLPA – None
POSC – None
Dr. Wolf noted that Andrew McKenzie was selected as one of six people on campus to join the Teaching Academy.

9. Announcement of Chair-Elect – Laurie Apple
Kristofor R. Brye - CSES
10. Passing of the Gavel to Dr. Jefferson Miller – Laurie Apple
Meeting adjourned at 11:50 am
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