December 2009 (general faculty meeting)

Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences
December 9, 2009
10:00 am
Hembree Auditorium

1. Call to Order – Mike Richardson, chair, called the meeting to order at 10:00 am.

2. Approval of Agenda – Motion to approve agenda was made and seconded. Motion passed by voice approval.

3. Approval of Minutes - Motion to approve May 1, 2009 Spring Faculty Meeting minutes was made and seconded. Motion passed by voice approval.

4. Bumpers College Administrative Reports
A. State of the College - Lalit Verma, Interim Dean
Fall 2009 Enrollment
Undergraduate: 1455, up 4.9 percent
Graduate: 264, down 8.6 percent
Total: 1772, up 5.8 percent
AFLS: 8.9% of UA enrollment, goal is 10%

Update on Department Heads and Faculty
• POSC department head candidate Michael T. Kidd is on campus for a second round of interviews.
• Steve Halbrook is chairing the Search Committee for the Food Science Department Head.

Fall '09 Progress Report
• Provost Gaber has allocated one tenure-track faculty line for HES based on recent enrollment growth. Plans are to add in subsequent years based on growth.
• Interior Design's move to Architecture: space in Ag. Annex and Vol Walker is being explored.
• A campus committee on six-year graduation rate has been appointed by the Provost.
• Sustainability initiative: minor & graduate certificate
• Off-campus Duty Assignment requests now require a recommendation from a unit committee also.
• 40-station computer lab in AFLS
• Dean's Student Advisory Board: 4 student senators, a few club officers, and a few ambassadors.
• Articulation agreements with CC – Act 182
• Proposal to add a College "Young Outstanding Alum" Award.
• 2010 College Commencement in Randal Tyson Indoor Track Center
• Faculty Council recommendation on "Unit Head's Communication" with faculty prior to Head's assessment by faculty included in Unit Heads Expectations.
• Productivity & benchmarking meetings with department heads held jointly.
• Faculty task-forces on Time-Tabulator, Distance Education, and Program Efficiency & Viability.

Progress in Distance Education
• Bio-based Products and Bio-energy Graduate Certificate
• UA is partner in USDA grant – lead institution is Kansas State University
• Horticulture
• Dr. Mike Evans has a grant approved with 3 other universities to share courses via the web and is funded by a USDA Challenge Grant.
• Ag* IDEA: land-grant universities to join together as one consortium to offer graduate and undergraduate programs.
• Four programs implemented and 12 in planning stages
• Several proposals submitted by faculty to the Global Campus

Budget Outlook
• Budget Outlook somber and general posture will be very conservative.
• UA is faring much better than several sister universities.
• Greater dependence on grants/external funds
• Program Efficiency & Viability is critical

UA Deferred Critical Maintenance
• Agriculture

Strategic Plan
• needs updating

ADHE Program Viability Evaluation
• Academic Productivity and Accountability Analysis
1) 6 B.S., 4 M.S., 2 Ph.D. - 3-year rolling average
2) Not Viable - 6 programs
3) On the Watch List - 7 programs

Academic Programs Follow-up Retreat - November 20, 2009
• Time-Tabulator Report
• Distance Education Report
• Program Efficiency and Viability
• Productivity Analysis and Reporting
• Budget Constraints
• Need for being relevant with our programs

Time-Tabulator Committee's Report (Report on college web-site)
(Robert Bacon, Jason Apple, Bruce Dixon, Dave Hensley, Casey Owens- Hanning. Navam Hettiarachchy, Leigh Southward, George Wardlow, Rob Wiedenmann)
1. A common instrument for use by all departments
2. One departmental instrument to develop faculty POW and distribution of effort.
3. Sharing of thesis graduate student mentoring: reduced by 50%.

Distance Education Committee's Report (Report on college web-site)
(Mike Evans, Kris Brye, Dave Kreider, Terry Kirkpatrick, John Marcy, Jeff Miller, Steve Seideman, Kelly Way)
Seven recommendations
• Create a permanent DE Committee
• Common shared vision
• Revenue sharing
• Incentives
Program Viability and Productivity Report (Report on college web-site)
(Curt Rom, Rick Bennett, Tom Costello, Don Edgar, Nancy Jack, J.F. Meullenet, Mike Richardson, Mary Savin, Mike Thomsen, Mary Warnock)
Two Models for BSA Degree Programs
A. Discipline Model – Potential programs
Plant, Pest, and Production Sciences
Animal and Avian Sciences
Agriculture Business and Economics
Education, Communications and Agricultural Technologies
Food Sciences and Nutrition
Environmental, Soil, and Water Sciences

B. Interdisciplinary/Cross-Disciplinary Model
Sustainable and Environmental Resource Management
Production and Operation Technologies
Food and Nutrition Sciences
Education and Leadership Development
Business and Operation Management
Global AFLS
Science and Innovation
• Faculty Awards Lunch at 11:30 AM on January 8, at Little Rock Embassy Suites
• Spitze Public Policy Legislative Intern Award nomination packets due on January 11, 2010
• Student award nomination packets due on February 1, 2010
• Remember to submit grades on time
1. Double check all classes, especially those with special problems
B. Division of Agriculture – Milo Shult, Vice President
Dr. Shult discussed how changes at the federal and state levels will impact the University of Arkansas. Dr. Shult discussed the history and process of how we got to where we are and where we think we are going. Dr. Shult discussed the Division of Agriculture's unrestricted budget. The Federal amount accounts for 13 percent and the state amount accounts for 77 percent of the unrestricted budget.
5. Faculty Council Report – Mike Richardson, Chair
• Recognized departmental representatives serving on Faculty Council: Laurie Apple-HESC (chair-elect), Hayden Brown-ANSC, Sreekala Bajwa-BAEG, Kristofor Brye-CSES, Latha Devareddy-FDSC, Ken Korth-PLPA, Jeff Miller-AEED, Brad Murphy-HORT, Daniel Rainey-AEAB, Mike Richardson-HORT (chair), Fred Stephen-ENTO, Park Waldroup-POSC.

• Faculty Council developed a more formal petition process for voting membership in the college faculty.
Voting membership in the college faculty
Need to maintain an accurate voting membership list for quorum issues (40%). Sub-committee working on this issue: Kris Brye (CSES), chair,
Dan Rainey (AEAB) and Hayden Brown (ANSC)
• Bylaws currently states the following:
Membership in the Faculty of the Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food, and Life Sciences, hereafter identified as the College Faculty, shall be those individuals who hold academic rank (tenured or non-tenured) within an academic unit in the College, who are located on the Fayetteville campus and who hold half-time or greater appointments (i.e., the total of teaching, research and extension appointments must be at least 50%). Academic rank is defined by UA board Policy 405.1. Voting privileges may also be granted to individuals not meeting these criteria (including off-campus Extension and Experiment Station Faculty) through recommendation by the academic unit and a successful petition to the Faculty Council.

Have developed a petition that would be submitted by the petitioner and academic unit and maintained on file by FC chair.
Petition would have a defined time period (suggested to be 5 yrs).
Voting faculty master list would show when petitions were granted membership so master list can be updated more easily.
Faculty can re-petition as many times as they desire.

Petitions will be submitted each December to unit heads to request if any off-campus faculty would like to petition to become voting members.
• Unit head's evaluation document
o A draft document, similar to an FSR, was developed by Faculty Council in 2008. This document would be completed annually by the unit head. The unit heads did not like the document that was submitted but the administration did confirm that the unit heads will complete a document that summarizes their activities. The documents will be given to each department head's respective faculty each year prior to the faculty completing the surveys. The administration does use the surveys to evaluate unit heads. The goal of the document is to provide faculty members with better information from which to evaluate the unit head.
• Chair-Elect
Jeff Miller is Chair-elect for 2010
• College Promotion and Tenure Committee
Recommendations have been forwarded to Interim Dean Verma
6. Standing Committee Reports
A. Agriculture Curriculum Committee Report – Nick Anthony
Dr. Anthony provided handouts of 1) the Agriculture Curriculum Committee approved changes for 2009, 2) Changes to English Comp and 3) ACT 182.
B. Human Environmental Sciences Curriculum Committee Report – Laurie Apple
Dr. Apple provided a handout of the Human Environmental Sciences Committee approved changes for 2009.
C. University Faculty Senate Report – Nancy Miller
Dr. Miller provided a handout of fall semester 2009 highlights from University Faculty Senate.
D. Graduate Council – Mike Richardson
• Dean Geren has announced his retirement in summer 2010. The Provost intends to make this into two positions: (1) Dean of the Graduate School, (2) Chief Research Officer.

• The AAUP released recommendations on policies for graduate students. In particular, the report addressed the grievance policy for graduate students. Together, the UA Graduate Student Policies with the Office of Affirmative Action address nearly all of the issues brought forth by the AAUP. A subcommittee of the Graduate Council is considering the reporting requirements of the annual graduate student review.

• The Academic Appeals subcommittee of the Graduate Council heard eight appeals this fall, approving six appeals and denying two appeals.

• There were 10 graduate faculty additions or upgrades from AFLS since May: 3 G1, 1 G2, and 6 G2T.
E. Honors Program Update – Duane Wolf
Dr. Wolf provided a handout regarding the AFLS Honors Program. Dr. Wolf discussed Honors Program enrollment for the fall semester and Honors Program students' fall 2009 enrollment by department. The number of students participating in the AFLS Honors Program remains consistent with approximately 100 students in the program. There are 11 potential 2009-2010 Honors Program graduates. There were 26 students in the Honors Orientation and all participated in the Honors Program. Seven students had publications in the fall issue of Discovery. There are at least three SURF recipients from the AFLS Honors Program. Ken Korth and Nann Miller were new Honors Faculty Committee members for 2009-2010.

There was a motion made and approved to increase the university grade point requirement to participate in the AFLS Honors Program from the current 3.25 to 3.50. The change will become effective when it appears in the 2010-2011 catalog and will apply to admission requests received after that date.
F. Gamma Sigma Delta – Andrew McKenzie
• Annual Spring Awards Initiation Ceremony - March 31 in the Home Economics Building.
• Student oral and poster competition – February 24
• Please submit nominations for faculty awards: research, teaching and extension
• Pay your dues
• Nominate new members
7. New Business – Mike Richardson
Merin Macechko, Associate Director of Annual Programs of University Development discussed faculty and staff giving programs. She also mentioned that the Staff Senate Scholarship needs $9,000 to reach the endowment level of $25,000.
8. Announcements by Department
AGST AGST 4023 will be only offered in the fall, not in the spring beginning in 2010-2011.
AEED Casandra Cox received the University Teaching Award. Don M. Johnson received the Imhoff Award
HESC New faculty hire: Shannon Carpenter. Faculty retirement: Marjorie Fitch-Hilgenberg as of January 8, 2010.
PLPA New department head – A. Rick Bennett

Dr. Mary Warnock asked that the minutes read as such on behalf of Marjorie Fitch-Hilgenberg.

"The faculty, staff and students of the School of Human Environmental Sciences appreciate your dedication to your teaching efforts and preparing your students in a didactic program and for the particular administration of that program, for the advising of 50 plus students every year for the last 10 years, for your research efforts leading into publications and for the many service activities, thank you very much."
9. Passing the gavel – Laurie Apple – Chair, 2010

Meeting adjourned at 11:53 am

Submitted by Carmen Alessi
April 23, 2010