Unit heads - Oct. 18, 2005

Unit Head Meetings
October 18, 2005 - 10:00 a.m.
Honors Hall
G. Weidemann
Non-classified Support Personnel Promotion
Reminder that the time line for promotion should mirror the faculty promotion calendar. Promotion materials should already have been submitted by candidates for consideration by the unit committees. Materials from the unit committees should be forwarded to Sandi Caster or Dave Hensley.

Diversity plan
The campus is developing an action plan that builds upon the recommendations from the diversity task force. Colleges will be asked to develop or update their diversity plans. Our last plan was developed in 1998 and is overdue for renewal. Based on discussion, we will create a task force of faculty and department heads to develop a draft plan for consideration.
College benchmarks
The college progress report and supporting materials were distributed. The college is making excellent progress in nearly all areas but is still well behind the pace in diversity and graduate enrollment. Discussion followed on possible reasons behind the drop in MS enrollment.
The College and Division will go back to a January 15 deadline for awards. We will hold firm on deadlines. Modest changes have been made in the award criteria for the team award. Funds will be distributed proportionally among team members for teams of greater than five individuals and individual contributions to the team by each member will require documentation.
Management plan
We have received the formatted draft of the management plan from Ag. Communications. After final review, it will be distributed as well as posted on the web. We will begin to address goals and objectives identified in the plan.
Campaign Convocation
The Campaign Convocation will be held on October 28 followed by a picnic lunch to bring the Campaign for the 21st Century to a close.
Centennial events
The final centennial symposium will be held on December 2. Invited speakers are Dan Dooley who will give a stakeholder perspective and John Owens, Dean at the University of Nebraska. The centennial gala will be held December 3 and more than 500 individuals have signed up to attend. Call the Dean's Office for more information.