Unit heads March 15, 2005

Unit Heads Meeting
March 15, 2005, 10:00 a.m.
Honors Hall
G. Weidemann
Joint meeting schedule - in future unit heads will be jointly co-chaired by the two AVP's. Meetings will alternate between Fayetteville and LR. Department heads will continue to meet monthly in Fayetteville.
Campaign update - As of March 15, the amount raised by the Division and College was $76,500,000 well above our goal of $69,350,000. A list of major gifts since June 30, 2004 was distributed.
United Way - As requested by campus administration, United Way contributions and awards by unit was distributed for use by each campus department or unit.
Budget and legislative update - potential for new revenue from the state is more optimistic than in recent years but any increase will not be determined until late in the session. The major concern resides in our federal appropriations where the President's budget proposes elimination of federal formula funds over two years. This would result in an 11% cut in our base budget for the AES. This potential loss will have to be factored in to our budget planning process.
College centennial - plans are moving forward on centennial events. The rollout event will take place at our scholarship luncheon followed with a reception after honors convocation on April 21.
Management plan - following the opportunity for input from all participants, we are now at the point where we will begin to pull together the final plan. At the planning event, we did not have the opportunity to revisit our college and station mission and vision statement. Proposed changes from the group will be incorporated into a revised vision and mission statement in the new plan.
R. Roeder
Research Inventive Grants (due Feb. 25). 35 proposals were submitted.
ABI Grants - due March 25
Variety Testing Program Review - April 27-28 in Little Rock
Department of Animal Science Program Review - May 22-26
Incinerator burn demonstration - March 31, 8:30 am, Savoy