Unit heads Jan. 18, 2005

Unit Heads Meeting
January 18, 2005 - 10:00 A.M.
Honors Hall
Participants: G. Weidemann, R. Roeder, D. Graham, P. Siebenmorgen, R. McNew, L. Verma, S. Lim, W. Bottje, J. Barrentine, K. Bryant, D. Kluender, K. Lusby, F. Scott (representing AEED), M. Phillips, M. Cochran, D. Hensley, F. Bourland, C. Deren, R. Buescher, M. Warnock, F. Stephen
G. Weidemann
Budget update
The current Legislative session is more promising but the expectation is that limited new funds will be available. DHE request is for 8% increase for the Division but little expectation that this will occur. The prediction is that the legislature will endorse the formula funding proposal which is a considerable improvement over the current process. We now are more confident that B1 funds from last session will go into our base therefore we are comfortable with doing a 3% salary program for all non classified employees February 1. This will be a merit-based program with a range of 0-6%. Unit Head recommendations are due by Wednesday January 26 to the business office with copy to the dean.
Budget hearings are scheduled for March. No recommended changes in forms or process other than suggestion to give option to submit as spreadsheet. Patty will send out the forms both ways.
Management Plan
Co-chairs have until Friday, January 21 to submit revised group reports. We will circulate to everyone for comment and then begin to work with a writing team to craft the final draft. A suggestion was made to have working groups consider suggestions and revise as needed. Dean will consider the suggested change to the process.
College Centennial
This is the year of the College centennial, 1905-2005. A planning committee is developing plans for events throughout the year. Events will include a kick off announcement, speaker series, and gala event. Sub-committees will be formed with faculty, department head, staff and students to handle each event. Specific logo and displays are under development. Departments with centennial events should keep dean's office notified so that we do not conflict.
Annual reviews
Policy on unit head expectations, feedback surveys and self assessment will be used as basis for administrator evaluation discussions. Written assessment on goals and accomplishments should focus on personal accomplishments in administrative role. We looked at moving to a full electronic system last year but encountered problems that we were not able to overcome. We will investigate further development but may need to use current process one more year. A suggestion was made to incorporate CES into current process. Dean will address with Dr. Lyles.
Promotion and Tenure
The process went smoothly this year. The provost gives feedback to the dean each year. This year, Dr. Smith stressed that candidates should use US peer institutions for letters and use foreign universities and federal labs to complement. Do not use second tier institutions. In general, use full professors. Provost is more willing to consider early promotions if warranted. Faculty Council will be asked by college committee to address format requirements for university and distinguished professor. There should be a new university policy in place for next year for university and distinguished professor.
Communication is common criticism at all levels. The dean urges unit heads to use college and AES office as the first point of contact before addressing with campus. We are usually able to address at our level before bringing it forward to campus. Dean will continue to conduct periodic one-on-one discussions with unit heads and attend at least one scheduled unit meeting with faculty. Also will meet with faculty groups and students. A suggestion was made to meet with staff periodically and unit heads asked to arrange as they desire. We will continue to post meeting minutes from Department Head and Unit Head meetings on the College and AES homepages.
Diversity Training
Diversity is the Chancellor's highest priority. Our entire administrative group is scheduled for training. Department heads should schedule separately if they cannot attend. Affirmative Action reports were distributed. Please note any corrections needed. Sexual harassment training is going well. Recommendations for further training include FERPA training, hiring process, and will be addressed as time permits.
Walton gift
Campus will address possible changes to Walton gift including changes in chairs and professorships, fellowships, others. Suggested change to writing /verbal requirement scores for fellowships. Dean will address with campus administration.
Meeting format
The consensus is that the meeting format and frequency is about right. Unit heads quarterly, department heads about monthly.
R. Roeder
AES has reacquired the 500 acre Newport station and will establish 80 acres of research plots. Other possible uses for include leasing for soybean production or cattle grazing.
AES has entered into a cooperative research agreement with JuddHill Foundation and ASU to allow Division of Agriculture scientists to conduct cotton research on the Judd Hill Plantation.
Reminder, Impact Statements were due to Howell Medders on Monday.
AES will send out the RFP on Research Incentive Grant program this week.
AES would like input on the future direction of this program.
The meeting was adjourned at 12:20 pm.