Unit heads Feb. 14, 2006

Unit Heads Meeting
February 14, 2005 – 10:00 a.m.
Honors Hall
G. Weidemann:
College budget
The dean's budget request to the campus administration was presented. New program funds will be limited for next year. Internal reallocations may be necessary to address priority needs.
Hatch funding
The president's budget has proposed to move 55% of Hatch funds and 59% of Mc-Stennis funds to competitive five year multi-state grants. Since most land grants use these funds for salary support, this will make budgeting of salaries very difficult. In contrast to last year, this proposal has a greater chance of passage. Animal Health funds and 406 accounts will be eliminated and funds transferred to NRI. Dr. Shult will work with other administrative heads and our delegation to oppose passage.
Grant approval
Current AES policy calls for grants to be submitted to the grants office three days prior to the due date. In future, we need to more closely adhere to this policy so that our office has an opportunity to see proposals prior to submission. Department heads should review proposals before signing to ensure quality and alert the grants office of any potential problems.
Assurance statements
We will work with the grants office to provide additional follow up on funded research to ensure that all research projects requiring biosafety, animal care and human subjects review and approval have the necessary approved research protocols prior to initiating the research. We will develop a training program for units to provide faculty and staff with a better understanding of federal requirements and campus policy.
Evaluation document
Following revision of the new Division evaluation instrument, the Division administration feels that this is nearing completion. Unit heads should share with faculty for input on suggested changes by March 15. The Division is considering a common evaluation period for the AES and CES. Currently, the AES uses a calendar year and CES the federal fiscal year. The consensus of the unit heads was for an evaluation period on a calendar year basis.
D. Graham:
• Undergraduate grants carryover
Reminder that faculty must send request to Dean's office if a student with an undergraduate research award needs to carry over funds into the next fiscal year.

• Classroom facility usage policy
There is a need to have a college wide form developed for requesting the use of classrooms and auditoriums. If the event is requested and approved for the weekend, custodial services must open the doors which costs about $20 per hour, if a faculty or staff member is not affiliated with the event. Form will be on college web page once developed.
• Summer Programs
The college is committed to have participation in the Gifted and Talented Program, so each department is asked to plan for a minimum of 1.5 days of programming. Names of the faculty who will assist in the program are to be sent to Ashley Harris within one week so planning can begin.
• FERPA violations
Reminder to check a student's records for an FERPA hold (UAConnect) before releasing any information. The Dean's office will provide examples of how the information can be shared in letters, what can be included or not included when the student information is released for advisor, honor lists, etc.

• PSRC restructuring
Ashley Harris will be participating on the committee as an ex officio member this year and Diana Bisbee will serve as Chair of the committee. Committee members will be asked to help develop an comprehensive plan for recruiting, which focuses on strengths, target areas, and interest areas.

• Web page redesign
Campus is implementing a plan for specific characteristics of college web pages to have the same format. Priya Kulkarni has been hired to migrate departmental information into a template that will be distributed to the departments.

• Accreditation data
Campus will begin the planning for the self-study for the next accreditation study. Work will be needed in student learning outcomes. More information will be distributed once plans are made at the campus level.

• Response
Discussion regarding responses or lack of responses to dean's office requests was initiated. Department heads were asked to provide a response, even if they did not have the information requested or to alert the office when they are deferring the request to another person.

• Announcements
USDA teaching awards nominations - due March 15
Ambassador application - due March 15
Encourage students to apply. Application is on the college web page.
A student panel will be created for undergraduate students to provide feedback to the Dean. A similar panel will likely be added for graduate students at a later time.
R. Roeder:
• A grantsmanship workshop for faculty will be held jointly with Oklahoma State and Texas A&M. The dates are October 17 and 18 in Dallas, Texas. There will be room for approximately 50 faculty to attend from each of the three participating organizations. More information will be available later this year, ie, web page for registration, etc.
• Commodity payments have been reduced or the funding is flat. The Corn and Grain Sorghum Board reduced awards 30%. Rice and Soy Board funding will likely be flat funding.
• Sun Grant Initiative. We (and others??) have received funding to put a grants program together. There will be an RFP