Unit heads April 30, 2002

Unit Heads Meeting
April 30, 2002 9:00 a.m.
Honors Hall
Dr. Weidemann:
1. Budget Update
* 3% Salary Program approved

* Salary letters sent in mid-June

* Recommend Unit Heads budgeting approximately 90% of M&O allocations; possibility of recision next year

* Carrying more than feasible in salaries - over 80% of available funds now in salaries

* New funds allocated to College based on student semester credit hours (99-00 enrollment). Increase is one-time money

* Dean Weidemann and Ms. Siebenmorgen will meet with Unit Heads approximately one week prior to the start of classes to discuss budget.
2. Legislative Update
* Dr. Shult seeking to restore base funds. Will go forward with 3-4 initiatives

3. Career Ladder
* A number of appeals were submitted.
Promotion is not guaranteed guidelines must be met and satisfactorily documented
Dr. Hensley, Chair of the committee, will prepare a check sheet to specifically state what documentation is required.

4. Associate Director Search
Four finalists for Associate Director/Associate Dean position
Interviews will be scheduled early summer; on board by early fall
Candidates will interview in Fayetteville and Little Rock.

5. Land Sale
Board of Trustees approved sale of "Susie Wong" property, off Hwy 112 for use by Razorback Golf Team. Language will link to Turf Program.
Funds will go to endow 1.5 to 1.8 million dollars in scholarships for College.
Goal will be to "plug holes" in current scholarship portfolio
6. Recruitment and Retention
A follow-up to the recent workshop will be sent to Department Heads in form of e-mail requesting that departments consider possible changes at unit level and suggest changes at dean level. Will explore possibilities as unit by late summer/early fall

7. Meeting Format
Meetings will be held as follows:

* Quarterly meetings of Unit Heads

* More frequent meetings of Department Heads as needed for academic business

* Joint extension/station meetings of all middle management once a year

* Two meetings with Unit Heads and Section Leaders (location will alternate between Research and Extension Centers, Little Rock and Fayetteville

* Special called meetings
Dr. Graham:
8. Exit Interviews
New withdrawal procedure. Students must go through exit interview. Dr. Graham/Ms. Haden will interview all students who leave the College
9. Core Curriculum
Criteria for the general education core courses for all classes have been developed (handout). All courses submitted for consideration in the core must be reviewed.
10. Enhanced Learning Center
Enhanced Learning Center at Gregson Hall to be completed within year. Will provide centralized location for math and English tutoring, supplemental learning , computer lab, and counseling available. Funds from Rockefeller Foundation are being requested for start-up. Satellite locations are being considered in Colleges in the future.
11. Annual Report
College Annual Report is due July 15

12. Other
* Chuck Culver gave Farm Bill update.

* Mark Power gave Campaign and development update (handout)

* Dean Weidemann asked Unit Heads to consider persons to be recommended for honorary degrees. Need to recommend two by fall.