Department heads September 18, 2002

Department Heads
Meeting September 18, 2002, 1:00 p.m.
Honors Hall
G. Weidemann, C. Geren, D. Graham, P. Siebenmorgen, F. Stephen, S. Lim,
K. Lusby, W. Bottje, R. Buescher, P. LaFerney, R. McNew, M. Powers,
D. Hensley, J. Barrentine, D. Herring, M. Warnock, M. Cochran, L. Verma
Dr. Geren
1. Graduate Fellowships - Two types of fellowships announced for
2002-2003: Doctoral Academy Fellowships (ability to fund 125-150 next year) and Distinguished Doctoral Fellowships (ability to fund 15-20 next year). Guidelines & Application form discussed.
Deadline for initial application October 15, 2002
Nominations will be accepted until February 5, 2003
Approval to fund fellowships February 15, 2003
Dr. Geren expressed a desire to see applications from each department. Individual faculty should submit materials to their Department Chair, who will forward the materials to the Dean, who will then forward the materials to the Graduate School.
2. Professorships - Guidelines for Endowed Faculty Positions were discussed. Funds have been designated for the following:
8 Endowed Graduate Research Faculty Chairs at $3 million each
20 Endowed Chairs at $1.5 million each
20 Endowed Distinguished Professorships at $500,000 each
Deadline for submissions -- November 15, 2002
Approval to invite potential nominees -- March 1, 2003
Dr. Weidemann
1. Fellowships and Professorships -- request that each department make a thoughtful case for the submissions and applications it brings forward. Review Provost's website The Integrated Scholar for ideas on putting materials together. Dean's Office would like to receive proposals during first week of November.
2. Revised P&T Guidelines --Faculty Review Checklists have some optional elements, but College needs to be uniform. The College at this point should continue on with what it has done in the past regarding promotion documents.
3. Career Ladder -- We continue to work through problems with the career ladder. Individuals are judged according to their job description, not their publications. Individuals are promoted on merit, not on a timeline.
Dr. Graham
Academic Update:
1. Graduate enrollment is up this year. Undergraduate enrollment declined less than 1%. Overall, there is a .4% increase in enrollment.
Online enrollment reports are posted and available for viewing for 90 days
Numbers in the census reports are provided in two different ways, "on campus-on schedule" and "on and off campus." Reports are also available showing every student and their degree program, with the ability to track students that have changed degree programs.
2. Retention and Recruitment Reports are due in the Dean's Office by October 1, 2002. The format for the report is contained in the Academic Policy Series.
3. Handout re: Enrollment data and low-enrolled classes. 539 sections in the College last year. This is high for the number of students enrolled. Review and begin thinking about your overall program curriculum.
Each department should check list of courses in the handout and adjust start times for any that are not a standard start time. Also check each course for the correct number of contact/credit hours.
4. Graduate School - please review minutes from last meeting, in particular:
changes in academic progress policy, dismissal policy, continuous enrollment, grievance policy, and reasonable accommodation policy for students with disabilities
5. Be aware of list of incomplete grades that need to be turned in. Some of these are holding up the graduation of students. It also affects financial aid, academic standing, etc. After twelve weeks, I's turn to F's automatically.
6. New College website. Each department should review it, let Dave Edmark or Karen Eskew know if any changes need to be made.

7. There will be training for faculty advisors who advise students enrolled in freshmen orientation classes.
8. New Faculty Orientation coming up in October.
9. Southern Region Teaching Symposium to take place October 6th-8th at the Radisson Hotel.
Patty Siebenmorgen
1. Hourly Pay Rate – Unit heads have final responsibility for making sure hourly pay rates are justifiable. Business Office reviews those to be sure all paperwork is there and may ask questions, but will not stop any request.
2. Visiting Positions – Any visiting professor should be given a letter stating the agreement between them and the University and the temporary time period that they will be visiting. Those should go through Dr. Weidemann. These visiting positions should not be turned into a permanent position until a formal search has been conducted. Do not leave visiting offer open-ended time-wise. Put the exact time in writing. Remember no positions are permanent positions.
Dr. Weidemann: Closing Comments:
Dr. Roeder has accepted the position of Association Dean/Associate Director and will begin work on October 21st.
Watch the timelines on the fellowships and professorships discussed earlier.
Mark Power
Indications are that there is language in the agreement with the Waltons that if the University doesn't raise an additional $300 million, though it would be unlikely, the Waltons could ask for their gift back.
The Agriculture College had a good year last year. The goal was $11 million and $11.7 million was raised. Overall, the campaign goal for Agri is $69 million. Currently $44 million has been raised.
Classroom renovations continue. PTSC 9 renovations are completed. There is a dedication scheduled for October 12th. The Agri Science & Technology Building dedication is scheduled for October 19th.
Funds have been secured to renovate two additional classrooms.
Meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.
Minutes submitted by J. Hammer Approved by G. Weidemann