Department heads Oct. 21, 2003

Department Heads Meeting
October 21, 2003 - 10:00 a.m.
Honors Hall
Participants: G. Weidemann, P. Siebenmorgen, D. Graham, R. Roeder, F. Stephen, P. LaFerney (AEAB), W. Kellogg (ANSC), W. Bottje, D. Herring, L. Verma, S. Lim, A. Proctor (FDSC), J. Barrentine, D. Hensley
G. J. Weidemann:
1. Travel Policy
Campus has established a new student travel policy that will impact units. Graduate students are exempt since they are considered employees. We still need to clarify status of students working on an hourly basis.
2. Carryover
Campus will begin limiting carryover to 8% next year and 5% in future years. This will impact how units hold college reserves. Patty will work with units to ensure funds are spent down.
3. Strategic Plan
The planning process will begin with a stakeholder listening session December 12. Other listening sessions will follow. The initial session will be with Division administration and facilitators. Units heads will assist with regional and special interest sessions.
4. Non-Tenure Track Promotions
All units have now decided on the committee structure they will use for consideration of non-tenure track promotions.
5. Career Ladder
Units should have unit committees set and review documents by the
deadline. Promotion materials should be forwarded to my office.
6. Awards
Changes to the current procedures made this year to allow faculty and staff nominations to be considered for three years. Alumni nominations will be considered for five years.
7. Program Review Schedule (attachment in PDF)
The program review schedule has been revised so that reviews take place every 10 years or whenever accreditations are scheduled. Notify Dean's Office if dates are incorrect.
8. Building Needs Assessment
Considering one or more modest building projects. Will develop a task
force or solicit input from unit heads to ensure that all needs are
9. Shuttle
Campus bus service has been added to the farm to include stops at Food Science and Altheimer Lab in a 30 minute route. We will phase out shuttle service once the bus service is deemed adequate.
10. December Holidays
Campus is allowing employees to work overtime in lieu of taking 2 annual leave days over the December holidays. We will consult with Dr. Shult regarding appropriate Division policy.
D. Graham:
11. UAConnect
Each academic college is to provide training for its own users. There will be multiple training sessions, one module at a time. The training sessions scheduled for October 20-24 are training for the registration process only. We are creating a list serve for our College and will sign up everyone. When someone asks a question, everyone on the list serve will be able to see the answer. The system security is very tight so some users of Safari may not have the same level of access in UAConnect. . I asked department heads to send me a list of names you want authorized to do overrides in each office. Some people sent names of secretary and accountant. Please rethink this as the authorized individuals will be able to give permission for instructor overrides, consent to blocked classes, prerequisite, co-requisite, etc.
12. Purdue Labels (class evaluations) - due October 31.
13. Request List - You all have the opportunity to send me your one-time expenditure request wish lists. Please get these in right away.
14. Requests for Information
A. Classes for January 3-week courses. We need to offer a variety of classes for the January classes to be offered as 3-week courses beginning the first day of classes. We need to offer a variety of classes. Need names of those willing to teach by Oct. 28.
B. Teaching Task Force. Need nominations of faculty for Teaching Task Force to study core classes, duplication of courses, honors program courses, and overall involvement of faculty. (2 nominees per department).
C. College Assessment Task Force. Need input from Department Heads as to those faculty they feel would be able to contribute to a group that will take a look at outcome indicators, skills and competencies of our graduates, and other assessment strategies that we currently have in our Plan.
D. Strategic Planning. Need names of individuals you feel would be good to serve in focus groups from the teaching/research component as well as graduate and undergraduate students.
R. Roeder:
15. Discussed notification to Department Heads via e-mail of internal grant programs with a request for them to distribute to the appropriate faculty. Dr. Weidemann mentioned that the calls should also be sent to the off-campus people.
16. On November 24 the Station is bringing to campus Dr. Bob Jondle. He
is an intellectual property lawyer from Denver. He will give a College wide seminar on managing IP. A seminar announcement will be sent soon. Dr. Weidemann suggested that CSES breeders and students in particular would want to attend. Dr. Jondle is the person who handles our out-sourced plant patent work. If there is a special need to meet with him, contact Dr. Roeder for assistance.
17. Enrollment. The official numbers show that our undergraduate program grew 11% and our graduate program grew 11%. We plan to meet with department heads and unit recruiters in a half-day session to talk about what is working and what needs improvement. We need to take advantage of the momentum we gained this year. Job well done!
Adjourned 12:00. /sc