Department heads Nov. 18, 2003

Department Heads Meeting
November 18, 2003
Participants: G. Weidemann, D. Graham, R. Roeder, K. Lusby,D. Hensley, S. Lim, D. Herring, F. Stephen, W. Bottje, R. Buescher, P. LaFerney(AEAB), L. Verma, J. Barrentine, M. Warnock.
G. Weidemann:
1. Building projects - Dean Weidemann asked for input from Department Heads regarding planning for future building projects. Space for teaching labs and classrooms is a critical need for the College. Three large projects are under consideration.
(A) Greenhouse complex at the Farm
(B) Renovation of area in basement of AFLS Building. Some of the potential uses for this space are a classroom, computer teaching lab, lab space and administrative support staff located in the Ag and Ag Annex Buildings. This is the last unused space in the College.
(C) Plant Science Building. Add on to existing building or
a stand-alone building. A major project such as this would
require bonding out. We are looking at the feasibility of the Division issuing bonds.
We have asked for estimates for completion of the renovation of the Animal Science wings in the AFLS Building. When the initial renovation was done, the equipment capacity to heat and cool the entire building was included. Due to lack of funds at the time, two wings were not connected to the heat and air. A dropped ceiling in the hallways will need to be installed to provide space for the duct work. PHPL is estimating the cost of this project. When this work is done, it would be feasible to look at replacing the windows in the remaining part of the building to match those in the front of the building and the atrium area. We are talking with campus about cost sharing the window project as it would be a cost savings to them in utility charges.
2. Promotion and Tenure Documents - More care needs to be shown in the organization and presentation of promotion and tenure documents. Correct forms need to be used, votes recorded and forms signed. A candidate can be disadvantaged by a packet that is poorly put together. Campus administration is critical of documents that are larger than necessary or poorly organized.
3. Bus Service - Dr. Verma has been providing leadership along with his faculty regarding bus service to the Farm. Service as the Tan Route will begin January 12 (handout). Stops will be made on each side of Garland. Dr. Verma and/or Vaughn Skinner will take a trial run on the proposed route to see if it will be adequate to get students to their classes. Please send your comments regarding the proposed bus route to Vaughn Skinner ( and Lalit Verma ( Dean Weidemann said that the shuttle will continue service through a semester to see that the bus will address the needs of the students and faculty commuting between campus and the Farm.
4. Salary Sheets - Patty asked Dr. Weidemann to share with Heads that salary sheets would be sent the week of November 24. We will need all the salary decisions made and turned in so that we will be ready the first of January in the event that we are able to have a salary program. It is my understanding that Campus will not have a salary program.
Patty and some of her staff are traveling to outlying stations this week to meet with staff and tour facilities. This will complete visits to all stations, an undertaking that began last spring.
5. Chairs and Professorships - With the Walton gift we have the potential of adding a number of chairs and professorships. We are starting to bring some of those on line. Policy needs to be established for salary increases for existing faculty who go into one of these positions. Any salary enhancement will come from the endowment funds. Dean Weidemann asked for suggestions for taking a fair and reasonable approach to this issue.
The discussion focused on setting a percentage of earnings from the endowment to be used for salary enhancement for the chair holder. Agreements would need to be crafted to pair the salary enhancement with the chair and not the individual.
D. Graham:
6. Call for Classes - The call for classes has been delayed but will be out soon. When it arrives you will have a full year of classes to schedule. Remember to keep budget sessions in mind for your particular unit. Dr. Graham said that she would send a suggested formula based upon classes taught, small enrollment and other factors and would ask that each department to decrease its teaching load.
In the new UAConnect system, dual credit courses will be listed as two separate courses, one undergraduate and one graduate with the same number. Since the office staff must input each of these sections, Dr. Graham has determined that all departments with both a graduate and undergraduate special problems classes will not need to have dual credit 400 level special problems. She requested that any department objecting to this elimination of 400 graduate special problems to notify her or otherwise these graduate sections would not be created.
7. Faculty Timetable Worksheet - Dr. Graham handed out diskettes containing the faculty work flow tabulations for both 12 and 9 month positions. The diskettes should be sent back to her when the tabulations sheets are completed.
8. Alumni Survey - Our College strategic plan calls for an alumni survey to be conducted. Dr. Graham discussed this project with the Survey Research Center and would like them to conduct the survey for the College. She asked that the Department Heads submit standard questions that they would like asked of their alums. The survey will cover the previous five years. There will be one survey for graduate and one for undergraduate programs.
9. New Academic Policy on Student Data - You will be receiving a new Academic Policy on the use of student and employee data. This policy is focused mainly on students who are doing research and want to use student or employee data. The policy states that the FERPA guidelines are to be followed and that research data is used only for research and then destroyed. There is a new application form on the Survey Research Center's web page. They are asking that the approval and the application be submitted together.
10. One-time request approvals - Dr. Graham said that the money has been allocated and notice of approvals will be sent to departments soon.
In an update on the carryover policy, Dr. Weidemann said that campus has finalized their policy. Colleges will be limited to 10% carryover next year. The amount will be ramped down to 5%. Patty and her staff will be working with the units to be sure that any excess funds are used by the end of the fiscal year.
Dr. Graham announced that construction on Plant Science 7 will begin soon. Please let her know if anyone is interested in the 36" tables that are in the lab.
R. Roeder:
11. Grants Workshop - Dr. Roeder announced a grantsmanship workshop . This workshop is part of the ongoing a goal for the Experiment Station to provide an atmosphere conducive to research excellence and one that allows our faculty to maximize their potential as scientists. This workshop is scheduled for February 24, 2004. It will be an all day workshop and will be geared to training on how to write competitive grants in the federal arena with special emphasis towards USDA. It will be suited to early and mid-career faculty. Tom Fretz, Executive Director for the Northeast Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Directors and Scott Angle who is Executive Associate Dean for the University of Maryland will be conducting the workshops. They have been doing these throughout the country and are experienced. There will be an enrollment cap of 75. Enrollment will be limited to our units and Extension unless registration doesn't meet the maximum enrollment. It would then be opened up to other colleges on campus.

The meeting adjourned at 11:20 /sc