Department Heads -- Nov. 13, 2008

Department Head's Meeting
November 13, 2008

In Attendance:

Lalit Verma, Interim Dean
Donna Graham, Associate Dean for Academics
Dick Oliver (CSES, Faculty Council Representative)
George Wardlow (AEED)
Steve Halbrook (AEAB)
Keith Lusby (ANSC)
Carl Griffis (BAEG)
Rob Wiedenmann (ENTO)
Ron Buescher (FDSC)
Mary Warnock (HESC)
David Hensley (HORT)
Rick Cartwright (PLPA)

Not in Attendance:
Robert Bacon (CSES)

Dr. Verma opened the meeting at 9:30 a.m. by introducing Dr. Oliver.

Faculty Council Update – D. Oliver

The AFLS Faculty Council has drafted an evaluation procedure for Department Heads as a way of having a uniform evaluation system, staying in touch and enhancing communication with faculty. This has been presented to Dr. Shult and the unit heads. The proposed evaluation form could be integrated with the administrator's evaluation form. The Council would like the Department Heads to review or modify their proposal so that there is a uniform system used in all units so that the faculty can see what's going on and what is planned in their departments. This is to be used as a reporting tool for goals set for the unit and accomplishments toward the goals that encompass academic, research and extension activities.

Discussion points:
• Purpose: There needs to be clarity on whether this process is for communication, for clarifying expectations, or for evaluation.
• Redundancy: Much of the suggested information for the form is already available in other venues such as the annual report posted on the website.
• Consistency: Recognizing that departments have some differences in focus, size and dispersal of staff, this provides general information that could be shared in the same format.
• Breadth of Information Provided: The proposed form suggests the kind of information to be included but does not mandate it. Summaries of accomplishments would be acceptable. Sensitive information would not be included.
• Consequences: If there are entries not included in some of the areas on the form, they could be viewed as a negative report by some.
The status of this proposal is that it is before Dr. Shult and the Unit Heads. Any comments or suggested changes should be sent (via e-mail) to Dr. Shult. The underlying purpose of communication with faculty is important and it is a good idea to inform faculty of priorities and accomplishments in a manner that works best until a decision is made on a uniform approach.

Dr. Verma:

At the National Association of State University and Land Grant Colleges (NASULGC) meeting, Dr. George Wardlow was recognized with a regional award for excellence in teaching. Also, effective April 1, 2009, NASULGC will change its name to the Association of Public and Land Grant Universities (APLU).

Notes from the Chancellor's Administrative Policy Council (CAPC) meeting on November 3:
- Resident tuition of undocumented students (about 19 this year). Clarified that this has not been made a policy at this time. Private funds will be used.
- Global Campus (branch in Rogers) dedication was announced and held a couple of weeks back. This is an indication that the administration is supportive of the distance education initiatives.
- Campus is working on accountability/productivity document that will go to the Department of Higher Education. Each of us should be reviewing our programs and looking at our productivity numbers in terms of graduates.
- Campus is preparing a preliminary plan for deferred maintenance and renovations to use some of the funds that were to be used to purchase Fayetteville High School, which is now off the table. They will present the plan to the Board of Trustees at their November 25 meeting. Our requests have been sent to the Chancellor including the needs for the Home Economics building, AG Annex and the AFLS building.
- Sustainability continues to be a priority initiative. The campus is exploring collaboration with Arizona State University to launch a major sustainability initiative.
- The Research and Sponsored Programs underwent a review by a team of experts from Texas A&M, Penn State and Georgia Tech. Their report will be provided to the administration soon.
- The RazorAlert system has been implemented. They are working on adding text-messaging and phone alerts to the system.
- The Campus might be presenting a new logo by spring 2009.
- Morris Udall Fellowship applications are open for nomination of students.
- A group of external experts will be visiting the University of Arkansas for a review of our diversity efforts in mid-January.
- Fulbright College core curriculum review process has started and will include the courses offered in the university core curriculum Dr. Bill Schwab of Fulbright College is chairing the review committee. It will be a deliberate process which may take a year or 18 months to complete and we will have an opportunity to comment. Each college will likely be asked to look at their core curriculum, in response to the accountability initiative for the Department of Higher Education. Each of the department heads should begin reviewing their programs, as some do at their annual retreats.
FFA Career Development Events, also known as FFA State Contest
Handout –2008 Spreadsheet of Events
With the various contests coordinated in our college, we need to make the opportunity more beneficial to the different departments. We are obligated to coordinate these contests and we need to share the workload. The departments need to consider assisting with these contests. For example: Can CSES help coordinate the Agronomy Contest? Can FDSC help with the Dairy Foods Contest? Can BAEG help with the Electrification Contest? Can HORT provide assistance with the Nursery Landscape part?

Some comments provided for consideration: Are the contests still relevant or should we be giving the state input to improve them? Do we have the resources to support the contests? What kind of help is needed for the different contests? How do we present these contests as college-wide events rather than just one department? How do we influence the number and level of interest of students coming to these contests? How do we better inform the teachers about our programs? What about other activities that occur throughout the year, such as regional teams? (The state would welcome a coaching clinic sponsored by the departments; however we cannot help them one month prior to the contest. There should be planning in advance.)

Those who provided leadership to the events last year include:
- Ag Comm – Jeff Miller
- Ag Mechanics/Ag Systems Technology Management – George Wardlow
- Agronomy – Lanny Rice, former HS Ag teacher in Prairie Grove did it last year. There are qualified folks on campus to host this contest.
- Dairy Foods – Freddie Scott with significant help from FDSC
- Food Science & Technology – Susan Cannon
- Electricity – Pete Drake, professor emeritus was hired last year for this contest.
- Farm Business Management – Michael Popp
- Horticulture – Mike Evans
- Land Evaluation – Kris Brye
- Livestock – Bryan Kutz
- Nursery and Landscape – Jon Lindstrom and Garry McDonald
- Poultry – Jason Emmert

• Need to follow up on the Equine contest, (if it will be added in 2009?).
• BAEG will help with the electricity contest.
• Discuss the agronomy contest with Dr. Bacon.
• FDSC will seek someone to help with the dairy foods contest.
Suggestion: Form a committee to review the logistics and ways to better promote our programs before the contests begin in April. Dr. Wardlow will follow up with department heads of units who can help.


Our concerns about the process used by the bookstore were shared with the Provost. Even though we have provided our lists correctly, some information was not being entered into the bookstore master spreadsheet. It was better this year, but still needs improvement. When the course lists are sent, please review them carefully and verify that you have already provided that information. Let Carmen know.

Suggestion: Prepare a spreadsheet with all the courses and the textbooks for each department on which faculty can indicate the information is correct and then consolidate the information into one college-wide spreadsheet for the bookstore.

Student Advisory Board and Student Organizations
Handout – Recommendations of Student Advisory Board
Dr. Verma meets periodically with the Student Advisory Board and the Ambassadors to learn about student issues. He is also setting up a meeting with representatives of the student organizations, some of which are dormant right now. The meeting focus will be on how we can better coordinate activities (recruiting, retention, or advising efforts) at the college level. Please share any suggestions or comments with Dr. Verma and Dr. Graham.

Note: We will be hiring Dru Glaze as a graduate assistant or in a part-time position to work with the ambassadors and to help Diana Bisbee with recruiting while Ashley Harris is on maternity leave.

Dr. Graham:

Schedule of Classes
Handout – Cover Letter, "Schedule of Classes" with enclosures
Marked up schedules of classes from summer 2009 and fall 2009 are due to the Dean's office on
January 6:
- Schedulers need to review the list for corrections, including classes taught in odd or even years.
- Because of the state law governing 8-semester plans, any courses that are supposed to be offered as a part of the 8-semester plan must appear on the schedule.
- Any classes that are not offered on a regular basis should have a designation of 'irregular.'
- Special topics need to be reflected in your budget request.
- Maximize the use of classroom space by matching the enrollment size to the room capacity.
- Look at courses that are offered in another department that might cause time conflicts for students.
- Honor the approved start/end times for classes.
- Identify your preferences for the fall semester for room assignments by December 12.
Share any issues over class scheduling with Dr. Graham. For example, if prerequisite courses (e.g., Chemistry and English) are closing before students who must have the courses can register.

Recruitment, Advising and Retention Report
Handouts (3) – Recruiting and Retention Expenses; Advising Time Percentages; Reported Advising Numbers
RAR Report is required by Campus policy. There are many items not in the report and are not being tracked. Each department needs to check on goals and objectives (measurable steps toward reaching the goal) in each of the categories in the report and relate expenses to them. Also, each department needs to go through expenditures and determine how they would be defended. There are probably some areas that could be cleaned up, for example having student trips under 'advising.' Staff time should also be reflected in the expenditures. Having an audit trail will help us.

- The goals were established by the faculty for the 2010 Survey, fifteen years ago.
- There will be an opportunity to update the numbers and timelines. Keep in mind that our growth in faculty has been a result of increasing our student numbers.
- Scholarships should be listed as a separate item in the report. (Aside: The guidelines for scholarships should be followed.)
- Consolidate categories where appropriate. (e.g., publications, materials, printing)
- We need consistency in the reports.
- Recruitment efforts are unclear.
- The college can prepare a template for the departments to use.
Teaching Time Tabulator
Handout - Percentages
There is some clean-up needed to better reflect the numbers of student advisees by semester. Multiple faculty members may be reporting the same student. A new form with instructions (with a watermark) will be circulated with all undergraduate items together and all graduate items together. The form will include the number of student teams advised and will change the number of advisees 'assigned' to the number of students advised. There is a nine-month tabulator as well as a 12-month tabulator. Please forward any suggestions for updating the form to Dr. Graham.

Tele-fee Distribution

Ready to award the funding. If requests need to be updated or submitted, please get them in by December 1.

Early Progress Grades
Handout – List of Courses
The Registrar's office supplied a list of courses that are to report early progress grades. If a department feels one of the courses should be removed from 'early progress grading ', mark the course to be removed and Dr. Graham will discuss it with the Registrar.

Course Evaluations

Course evaluation packets were distributed to department heads.

Award Nominations
Handout – Announcement for Student Awards
Please nominate outstanding students for these awards. The earliest deadline is for the Spitze Public Policy Legislative Intern Award with a deadline of January 12 in order to place the student at the appropriate time.

There were only four student proposals for undergraduate research, when last year there were ten to twelve.

Career Day

November 14 is Career Day in the Union Ballroom with a general session, and break-out sessions for departments, parents', and general Campus information. We have 168 students registered with approximately 70 parents coming.

Requests to Send Out Announcements

We have received several requests to broadcast information to faculty or students. Most of these requests will be sent over the Vision. The Dean's office should not become a "spam" distributor. We need to circulate these announcements in the proper venue.

Requests for Information

We have received requests for student data which are duplicates of information already shared. The Plan List (with census data) sent out in mid-September has most of the information requested. Two electronic copies were sent to the departments; one with grade-points removed and one with all information including double majors, minors and anything attached to the student. If the departments did not receive a Plan List, the Dean's office needs to be notified.

- Recent Award Winners – Besides the award for George Wardlow that Dr. Verma mentioned; the Undergraduate Research Journal recognized two of our students; Jeff Hattey, a graduate of Dale Bumpers College, received a national teaching award. This is a great way to recognize alumni.
- Dr. Max Meisch was recognized with the Imhoff Award by the UA Teaching Academy.
- Comment: An article that was first published in Discovery was later published in Inquiry. The question is the appropriateness of having an article published twice for undergraduates. Do we have any guidelines for publication? The publications address two separate audiences.
- FAEIS data is available to see how we compare with other Universities across the U.S. at all levels and what programs are being added or deleted. We are at the lower levels in enrollment. FAEIS data might be useful for program reviews.
- The deadline for USDA Challenge Grants has been moved up to January. Check on-line for the specific date.
- Three classes will be offered in January for the MS-AFLS program: (Resistance to Herbicides, Techniques of Technological Change, Food Biosecurity).
- John Goodwin's Memorial Service is Saturday, November 15 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the POSC Auditorium.
Dr. Wiedenmann:

International Agricultural Programs
Handout – Objectives of the Proposal
The committee has developed a proposal with a Memorandum of Agreement to bring academic components with an international perspective (teaching, research, and extension) under a common process. These are research, short term visits and study abroad – activities that do not involve funding. This form will indicate any international activity and trigger circulation of the Campus form for approval. Dr. Wiedenmann will send out the blank template with instructions.

Provide information on any that are ongoing activities to Dr. Wiedenmann so they can be grandfathered in.

Note: Study Abroad during the summer must go under the summer budget. These proposals need to be submitted well in advance with the limited funding available.

Dates to Remember:
November 14 – Promotion and Tenure Documents are due to the Dean's Office
November 14 – Faculty Council Meeting (2:30 p.m.)
December 9 – Unit Heads Meeting (10:00 a.m. in Little Rock)
December 10 – Fall Faculty Meeting (10:00 a.m.)
January 9 – Division and College Faculty Awards Luncheon (11:30 a.m. at Embassy Suites in Rogers)
January 12 – Spitze Public Policy Legislative Intern Award Nominations Due
February 2 – Student Awards Nominations Due
April 16 – College Honors and Awards Banquet (6:00 p.m.)
Department Announcements:
FDSC – Student made apple butter last Saturday. The apple butter must be labeled and will be available for purchase.

ENTO – The National Entomology meeting started this weekend with almost all students making presentations.

HESC – The National Council for Family Relations meeting was in Little Rock. Attendees were pleased and it gave national publicity for the college.

AEAB – Our Atlantis international program is moving through the University approval process

BAEG – Our student club is going to begin selling t-shirts as a fund-raising activity.

CSES – Three of our turf-grass graduate students placed in award competition for posters.

PLPA – Dr. Bennett from ARS, a candidate for Department Head, is coming for a second visit
from November 19 – 22.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:00 p.m