Department Heads Meeting -- Oct. 10, 2006

Department Heads Meeting
October 10, 2006

Dean's Notes

IAP Committee Report

Rob Wiedenmann presented an overview of the IAP committee report and recommendations. The dean will serve as the interim IAP director until a final decision is made on organizational structure. A standing committee will be named to serve as an advisory committee and to make recommendations to the dean on proposed partnerships.

Undergraduate Student Advisory Board

The college will create a student advisory board that will meet with the dean periodically. Departments who have not yet responded with nominees should do so as soon as possible.

Program Technician minimums

The Division administration will adjust minimum salaries for program techs and program associates so that entry level salaries are standard throughout the Division. The AES will raise the minimum salary to 28K to match that used in CES. This will be phased in beginning with the next fiscal year so that needs can be addressed in the budgeting process and to give units the opportunity to address soft-funded positions.

2010 progress report

The college has much to be proud of. In our latest benchmark measures, freshman retention, freshman enrollment, minority freshman enrollment, undergraduate enrollment, and graduate enrollment all increased. However, student quality was down slightly as was our graduation rate. Six year graduation rate in particular must be addressed and will require additional focus.

Chancellor's retreat overview

The chancellor remains committed to reaching our 2010 goals. Our relatively low six year graduation rate in comparison to our benchmark institutions continues to influence our national rankings. Priorities remain increasing diversity, improving graduation rate, increasing graduate enrollment and increasing overall enrollment. Capital funding, need-based scholarships,reducing the student/faculty ratio, faculty salaries and filling remaining chairs and professorships are additional priorities.

College Budget

All academic units received a 1.14% budget reduction due to lower than expected enrollment growth. The college will absorb this by delaying one or more faculty hires until the beginning of the next fiscal year.