Department Heads Meeting -- Nov. 13, 2007

Department Heads Meeting
November 13, 2007

Dean Weidemann's Notes

2010 goal update

The dean provided an overview of the Chancellor's annual retreat. The Chancellor reported that the university moved out of the third tier but that graduation rate and graduation rate performance continue to hold us back. Minority enrollment and PhD awards remain problematic. Increasing diversity remains the highest priority for campus. The focus is beginning to shift from undergraduate education to graduate education. Space remains as a critical problem. The campus is concerned about potential legislative changes to the funding formula.

Honors Day

The college will move our Honors Day event to the evening to allow better student, parent and faculty participation. We will continue to give the majority of our teaching and advising awards and all of our student awards. This year we would like to recognize our department student award winners as well. Announcement will go out soon with a January deadline after the semester begins.

Honors Program review

The college recently completed a review of our Honors Program. The review team will provide an exit report this week with a written report to follow. The review will give us a fresh perspective on potential needed changes to the program. The review team noted that our use of the Latin designations for graduating seniors was out of compliance with campus practice. The Faculty Council will propose changes to the college faculty at the December meeting.

FTE adjustment

Department heads are asked to provide proposals for reducing teaching FTE's slightly as a prelude to budget development for next year. Unit plans should be submitted prior to the holiday break.

Emergency management plan

The campus is developing an updated emergency management plan and will have a new alert system in place soon. The college will need to develop a plan as well that will be provided to campus as part of the overall plan.

Curriculum task force

The college has formed a curriculum task force chaired by Bruce Ahrendsen that will take a comprehensive look at our overall college curriculum in the ag. sciences.

Tele fee distribution

Please provide any revisions to department tele fee requests that may differ from that submitted as part of the budget process last year to Dr. Graham.

Please note: Handouts from this meeting are available upon request from Donna Graham at or Carmen Alessi at