Department Heads Meeting -- Jan. 9, 2007

Department Heads Meeting
January 9, 2007
9:30am – Honors Hall

G. Weidemann

1. Meeting schedule

Department head meetings will continue to take place on the second Tuesday of every month during the academic year with unit heads meetings taking place quarterly. I will continue to chair the department heads meetings with Mark Cochran participating as desired. Mark and Ivory Lyles will co-chair the unit head meetings which will continue to rotate between Little Rock and Fayetteville.

2. Promotion and tenure

The dean has met with the provost to discuss candidates. The provost has indicated that units should continue to solicit letters from peer institutions. If other than a peer institution is used, the unit should provide a short justification for use of that institution. Department heads should ensure that the unit committees are fulfilling their obligations as per college and university policy.

3. Budget

The college budget needs will be presented to campus administration in February. Details have not yet been worked out on how we will handle station and college budget meetings.

4. Scholarship luncheon/Honors Day

There will be no scholarship luncheon this year as part of Honors Day. We are considering returning to a scholarship event next year in the Fall. The Honors Day event will include a luncheon and award event in the union ballroom. Next year the research and extension awards will be moved to Little Rock and the college will hold a separate evening event on campus during honors week.

5. College priorities

As communicated during the Fall faculty meeting the college will focus on retention, increasing student diversity, revisiting our vision and structure for the Honors Program, addressing the college portion of the management plan, finalizing a structure for our international program and beginning the process of examining our entire curriculum. During the Spring, we will hold two retreats - one to focus on retention and another the address the management plan.

6. Annual evaluations

Annual evaluation materials have been distributed but did not include the teaching time calculators. It will be imperative that all faculty with teaching appointments fill out this form since we are utilizing these for budget development purposes.

D. Graham

7. Assessment Plans/Benchmark Data
Departments were asked if they had special questions about the assessment plans and reminded they were due by January 29. Dave Hensley asked if the plans could be reviewed prior to final submission. D. Graham agreed to do this. She discussed the need to have a systematic collection of outcome measurement and suggested that the annual report was the best tool from year to year.

8. Requests for Financial Assistance. There have been a lot of faculty requests for assistance to aid events, student trips, and similar activities. It was requested that these requests be submitted during the budget presentations. If a request occurs outside of this submission, they will be returned to the department head.

9. Southeast Distance Education Alliance.

D. Graham shared information concerning regional efforts to form a distance education alliance. A USDA Challenge grant is being prepared to move forward to the next phase of organizing registrars, treasurers and other business affairs officers of the SEC to discuss plans to form an alliance similar to the Great Plains Alliance.

Faculty who are interested in developing web based classes will be directed to work with Continuing Education personnel. Future off-campus efforts will utilize web-based classes rather than CIV. One CIV line has been disconnected from AGRI 332 to save money but all equipment is still operable in the POSC distance education classroom.

10. TeleFee Distribution.

D. Graham distributed approval of expenditures for tele-fees for this academic year. The money will be transferred to a tele-fee account for departments to charge against for these purchases. All questions should be directed to Nanci Murray.

a. Transfer orientation is being held today. There are 35 students registered to attend in the college session.
b. Catalog revisions are due by January 26.
c. Low-Enrolled classes should be cancelled by Friday, January 12
d. The summer and fall call for classes are ready to be entered into the UAConnect schedule of classes. Please review for any changes to the schedule.
e. A one week extension was granted for nominees to the student and faculty awards.
f. A report on volunteer service to the department is needed. A handout was distributed to report the data.
g. The FSRs should also include the teaching time calculator.
h. Nominations were solicited for campus Baum and Alumni awards. A copy of the guidelines was distributed.