Department Heads Meeting -- Aug. 29, 2006

Department Heads Meeting
August 29, 2006

GA stipends

Current minimum GA stipends are approximately 11K for MS students and 13K for PhD's which are among the lowest in the region. Most commonly these range from 13-15K for MS students and 15-17 for PhD's. Although we allow units to fund above that level, the reported rate has proved to be detrimental to recruiting in some departments. Following discussion, we will consider raising the minimum to 13 for MS and 15 for PhD's nest year. During the interim we will investigate options for combining tuition remission into the award and other measures to make the reported minimum more attractive.

NRC doctoral study

Many of the agricultural disciplines will now be included in the next NRC doctoral study that rates doctoral programs nationally. Animal Science, Poultry Science, Plant Science, Entomology and Food Science will be included from this campus. Selected faculty will receive surveys from NRC and should be urged to respond since their response may impact the program rating.

College Diversity Plan

The college diversity plan is now complete and posted and will be reviewed in detail at a future meeting. Department heads are responsible to ensure faculty participation in Our Campus training.

Inventory Policy

The campus has instituted a new inventory policy where units are now accountable for repaying the value of items lost from inventor. Because the experiment station is responsible for any audit comments, AES inventory does not fall under this policy but college items do.


Orientation numbers and early enrollment numbers suggest that undergraduate numbers will increase again this year although the increase may not be as high as next year. We will distribute official numbers when we receive them.