Department Heads Meeting -- Aug. 14, 2007

Department Heads Meeting
August 14, 2007

Dean Weidemann's Notes

Teaching appointments

In order to make necessary adjustments to the college budget due to the change in organizational structure, we will need to reduce our budgeted FTE faculty appointments by approximately two FTE's. This reduction in budgeted faculty time will finalize the budget separation of the college and experiment station and provide the necessary funds to increase the number of allocated TA's from the current 10 back to the 15 we normally allocate. Department heads are asked to work with their respective faculties to identify about 0.25 of budgeted faculty time that can be eliminated from their budgets in the next budget year. We will work collectively with the unit leadership to make necessary adjustments that will have the least impact on our academic programs. The dean's office will provide updated information on budgeted faculty appointments to each of the units.

Honors Program

The college will conduct a review of our college Honors Program this fall as a starting point for consideration of appropriate changes in the program. The Honors College report on improving the thesis experience for students and faculty was distributed to the deans. Beginning this fall, faculty will receive $1000 for each student they mentor up to a maximum of four students. The Honors Directors will work with Suzanne McCray to develop a common timetable and guidelines for student theses.


This year we will use electronic submission of promotion materials for use by the college committee. Units will submit the original and an electronic version of the complete document. Carmen will copy all documents to jump drives for each committee member. External letters should be limited to a maximum of five. Letters should come from peer institutions and reviewer cv's should be limited to an abbreviated (1-2 page) document.

Management Plan

All participants have had an opportunity to provide input on the highest priorities among the issues identified in the retreat in the spring. We will address the highest priority items during the course of the year and follow up on our progress next spring.

Legislative changes

Act 175 establishes adoption dates for textbooks and course materials. Faculty will need to be advised of these dates which are now set by state law.


Units are asked to work with Dean Graham on providing requested information on careers for development of a college careers CD that will be used for recruiting purposes and in revision of the careers class for the two year institutions.


November 15 is the deadline for submission of OCDA requests. Requested OCDAs cannot begin prior to approval by the Board at their spring meeting.

Dr. Graham's Notes

New Employees

Laura Gamble will begin as the Scholarship Administrator on August 22.
Jennifer Pierce has been hired to replace Jennifer Willroth.

Class Scheduling

Room scheduling continues to be problematic with increased demand for technology classrooms, class size balance, and computer software. New guidelines to be implemented included: 1) All space will be scheduled through the Dean's office which means you may not have a class scheduled in your immediate office area. 2) Software needs and enrollment sizes will be the first priority for class scheduling, 3) All requests to change rooms should be in writing and copied to the department head, 4) An inventory of course needs (specialized software, microscopes, etc) should be developed and submitted with the schedule of classes.


Overall, the college was flat in enrollment numbers for freshman this summer. Some departments need to increase recruiting efforts as freshman classes will not make enrollment minimums. There is an increase in out of state students, especially from Texas. The web page plays an important role in recruiting these students.

January Classes

I need the suggested list of courses by mid-September.

Assessment Plans

The revised assessment plans with an attachment of course inventory matched to learning outcomes is due October 1. Each unit will be required to report on their new assessment plans in November.

The graduating senior survey was not as successful as last year. Some changes have been made to the questions to match more closely to the national FAEIS survey. Departments are asked to develop some baseline data for jobs and starting salaries.

Low Enrollment

There is a trend developing in certain courses that are consistently taught as low enrolled courses. This is becoming especially true for graduate courses. Departments are asked to develop strategies for course rotations, common content, shared classes, etc. to develop efficiency if instruction.

Distance Education Workshop

There were 19 faculty who participated in the distance education workshop to learn how to use new technologies for on-line courses. Small teaching grants will be available. Each faculty member interested should submit a short description of courses planned for distance education, projected date and target audience and a description of how he/she would use the grant.

A handout was distributed for recruiting and retention activities for the fall.