Department Heads Meeting -- April 10, 2007

Department Heads Meeting
April 10, 2007

Dean's Notes

Red Dot conversion
The conversion to Red Dot is proceeding and Ag Communications is now addressing conversions of department web sites beginning with Animal Sciences.

NCA visit
The NCA accreditation is taking place April 16-18. Department heads should be prepared to address any requests by review team members.

Award nominations for some college and Division awards remain low. Following discussion, there is no need for change at the college level other than perhaps provide more frequent reminders. Units would still like the option of forwarding more than one nominee for an award.

Retreat follow up
The dean's office will forward the various group priorities for further input by participants once the material is summarized. Priorities fell into the general areas of enhancing recruitment and retention, increasing student engagement and improving the curriculum. Department head consensus is to move forward on establishing a faculty mentoring program. The department heads will be charged by the dean to develop a mentoring program and submit written guidelines for their respective units by the end of the Fall '07 semester. Prior to the next department heads meeting, the units will solicit student input on freshman orientation. The dean's office will provide copies of the syllabus. A full discussion of the need to return to mandatory freshman orientation will be an agenda item for the May department heads meeting. A process for in class evaluation of teaching will be addressed by forming a task force to consider various models and to make recommendations for a process for consideration by the department heads and faculty.

Dr. Graham's Notes

Class Rotation
There has been renewed energy with the MS-AFLS program with the appointment of the chair, Dr. Randy Luttrell, selection of new committee members, the examination of the program guidelines and policies, and some departments approving the option to complete a thesis under this program. The college web site has been developed to support the forms, documentation and other important information for the program. The last critical piece to solidify the program is the rotation of classes.

Graham requested a list of eight courses (or 24 hours) for each area of concentration, which are animal science (includes poultry science); pest management (entomology, plant pathology, and weed group of CSES), agricultural and extension education, and plant sciences (CSES and HORT). Food Science and Poultry also collaborate on the food safety concentration. Courses in Agricultural economics, statistics are courses that could fit in all concentration areas.

I need the suggested rotation of courses listed on the five year sheet, by fall and spring and the format you would like to teach these courses. The format includes CIV, web based, hybrid or on-campus offering.

The instructors of these courses will be budgeted one semester in advance to develop the course if they would like to re-format the course, i.e. convert to web based course.

There is assistance from CTED. Web designers will work to develop the course; instructor takes course outlines, etc.

Study Abroad
Lots of changes being made that impact study abroad. The revised campus policy is included in the packet. Please become familiar with these policies, expectations of the faculty, student liability, and other important concerns. Trips should be coordinated with Ray Barclay; and student issues coordinated with study abroad office. The new SEC academic consortium is also trying to bring some coordination to study abroad. The existing office run by DeDe Long is being administratively moved to report to the new head of the School of Continuing Education. Julie Goldman of CTED is now the head of the SEC Academic Consortium office.

Career Development Job Fairs
Andy Matthews of Career Development office is now asked to work with AFLS regarding career development events. He visited recently to talk about a new initiative where a industry would be given a "day" on campus, perhaps to be called "Industry/Company Day" Graham asked for departmental feedback on the plan as follows: Andy would work with the company to set up the day of the visit. He would search the class schedule to determine courses being taught that semester that the company would be interested in visiting (this would be Andy's decision) Andy would call the instructors of these courses to arrange for a short talk in the chosen class; (10-15 minutes) to discuss how the topic of the hour is relevant to the company; the company representative would visit 3-4 classes during the day. Andy would arrange a luncheon for faculty, later there would be time set aside for visiting with students to talk about internships or jobs available. Andy wanted a database of students; and wanted 20-30 students to attend this recruiting event.

Department heads felt this was very labor intensive with too many interruptions into the classes. They also felt they would be trying to coordinate students too often and wondered how the campus would decide how large the company would need to be before they warranted their own day on campus. It would probably result in preferential treatment to larger companies. They preferred one day where all students would attend a central recruiting event.

Alumni Survey- Handout
Executive summary of the alumni survey was distributed. This was one of the measures we had in our assessment plan.

Reminder- the review team arrives on Sunday and will be on campus until Thursday. Please read the documents, be familiar where you have evidences, etc.

Orientation dates
Summer orientation will have a different format for this year, beginning with each session beginning at noon. The deans meeting will be held in mid-afternoon with advising that can occur after this meeting. The sessions will run back to back; ending at noon and beginning again at 1:00 p.m. We have more paired classes in math, speech and English for students to enroll. The downside of this schedule is that campus decided that they would set the limit of 25 on our session.

Pre-requisite enforcement will be in place for the fall semester. It is a good time to review the necessary skills of all classes.

Scheduling classes by the 80/20 rule. Handout. Departments need to pay closer attention to scheduling classes in order to comply with the policy.

Senior capstone- I need a quick response on graduating seniors for the U.S. News and World Report survey. (Survey attached) Please send a response back to me by the end of the week.

Transfer Orientation Day on April 27—The Dean's office must have the final copies of fall check sheets by this day.

Simmons Foods has 8 internships for this summer they are still trying to fill.