Department heads May 9, 2006

Unit Head Meetings
May 9, 2006
G. Weidemann
GA stipends
The current GA stipends are well below many competing institutions and other colleges on campus. Consensus on the department heads was that the time has come to increase the base stipend. Department heads will provide comparison data for their peers in the region within the next few weeks and our office will summarize. The issue will be addressed in a special called meeting of the department heads.
Departments are urged to give added attention to submitting nominees for the various faculty and staff awards particularly the Spitze, Justus and staff awards.
Grant signoff
The new policy on grant submission deadlines was distributed. Beginning July 1, all grants must be submitted five days in advance of the due date to allow review by the AES and to provide necessary time for preparation for electronic submission. Workshops will be scheduled for this summer to provide training on the electronic submission process that will now be required for all federal grants.
College budget
Campus administration has communicated budgets to the colleges. The 2% reallocation dollars were returned to the college along with salary dollars for the new positions committed to last year. No new funds were received. Therefore, this will be a particularly tight budget year in the college.