Department Heads -- March 16, 2010

Department Heads Meeting Minutes
3:30 pm in AFLS Honors Hall
March 16, 2010

In Attendance:

Lalit Verma, Interim Dean
Donna Graham, Associate Dean for Academics
Kris Brye, for Robert Bacon (CSES)
Rick Bennett (PLPA)
Ed Gbur (AGST)
Carl Griffis (BAEG)
Steve Halbrook (AEAB)
David Hensley (HORT)
Michael Kidd (POSC)
Rick Rorie, for Keith Lusby (ANSC)
Jean-Francois Meullenet (FDSC)
George Wardlow (AEED)
Mary Warnock (HESC)
Fred Stephen, for Rob Wiedenmann (ENTO)

Dr. Lalit Verma

• Promotion and Tenure Deadlines – The promotion and tenure process will be moved up this year with the provost's deadline for deans to submit promotion and tenure packages changing from December 22 to December 10. Electronic copies will be accepted by the Provost's office for 2010. The College Committee's deadline will be November 15 and promotion and tenure nomination packets will be due to the dean's office by October 25. Preliminary discussions with department heads will be held the first week of August. Notification to department heads to initiate the promotion and tenure process will go out the first week in June.

• Early Promotion - For faculty being considered for early promotion (less than six years) they will be expected to have significantly higher or better contributions as compared to what is considered normal. There is no policy as to what defines normal for the unit.

• Terminal Degrees - Beginning in fall of 2010 each college will be responsible for maintaining official transcripts of terminal degrees of new hires. The dean's office will coordinate with the department heads to insure the official transcript is on file in the dean's office.

• Three-Year Review Process – Carmen Alessi will send an email to department heads requesting names of faculty with a percentage of college appointment who are eligible for their third year review. The Dean's office will follow up with Mark Cochran's office on requesting same information for non-tenure track faculty.

• Graduation Rates Task Force - is a campus wide committee with representation from all the colleges. They will make recommendations on how to improve the retention rate and six-year graduation rate. Their report is due May 15.

• Course Fees/Tele-Fees Requests – Today is the deadline to ask for any new or increased course fees. Please provide a justification for review before the request is forwarded to the provost's office. After discussion, it was decided to request the same increase for the College that the University requests in tuition increases.

• Commencement Expenses – All colleges are submitting a list of expenses for their commencement ceremonies. The Registrar's Office has a proposal to increase graduation fees to help cover cost of commencement ceremonies.

• Course Evaluations – April 2 is the deadline to submit course evaluations to the Dean's Office. Also, as a reminder, handwritten comments are only for the faculty member of record.

• Missing Textbooks – As the Dean's Office receives the weekly updates, we forward to each department head. It was suggested that the Bookstore create a master list of courses that never need textbooks.

• Grant Opportunity - Bridge Program – Please share with faculty.

• Interior Design – There has been no resolution regarding the relocation. They hope to use the second floor. Dr. Verma will ask for additional funds if $7500 is not sufficient.

• Clickers – Students have complained that there are too many different types of clickers. There is a need to make it more uniform.

• FFA Event – The College is hosting the State FFA Career Development Event on April 16 and Dr. Verma is asking each department to assist at this event. Approximately 1200 students are expected to attend this event.

• Student Printing Limits – There is excessive printing being done by the students across campus but is not an issue for Dale Bumpers College at this time.

Dr. Donna Graham

• Faculty Committees - distributed a list of standing and special committees. Some departments are using the same faculty over and over on all committees. Need more representation.

• Changes in Honors Program - The GPA requirements for the AFLS Honors Program have changed from 3.25 to 3.50, effective fall 2010. The committee voted to Approve Changes in the Source and Number of Honors credit hours required for the AFLS Program to increase from 6 hours of AFLS Honors courses or approved substitutions to 9 hours of any honors course credit from any source. This change was made because we cannot get AFLS faculty to teach our courses.

• Course Change Form - There are too many phone calls and emails being submitted from multiple sources to the front office. A form to change any component of a class must be submitted now with DH signature. This can be found on the "forms" page from our web site. {hand-out of form}

• Summer School Budgeting Procedures - Several changes made scheduling of summer school classes confusing this summer.
1.) Some roll-over classes were not checked on the existing schedule so classes were left in the schedule that really were not intended to be taught. This should be checked each time a summer schedule is submitted.
2.) Much confusion over the mini-grants from Global Campus. Over 20 grants were approved. Some units had submitted 6-8 courses to be taught in 2010 which seemed like an overload to me, plus the conditions of the grant were they had to have the distance education class prepared.
3) The campus summer school budget was very slow developing with a new process that depended on courses that would generate revenue.

In the future, submit the off-campus forms for all classes approved for DE and for all classes to be taught by Distance Education {handout of the Global Campus form}. Submit all on campus courses through the normal schedule of class forms. Only 9-month faculty can be added to summer school budget for on campus instruction, unless approved.

• Centralized Scheduling and Class Features - An effort to match the features of each class room to the features needed for a course has been on-going. This is leading to a centralized system of campus scheduling. We will have an administrative training on this at the end of the semester, but until faculty communicate with the administrative staff in the departments, it cannot be correct. Reasons that "I have to be in that room" will not work—more detail is needed to correctly identify the needs of the course.

• General Technology Needs - Solicitation was made for technology needs of the college for labs, classrooms, upgrades to rooms, etc.

• Recruitment Plan - With the resignation of Ashley Harris, it is a good opportunity to discuss the college recruitment plan. Some discussion over the contacts that were made by the admissions office and college and the request that departments set goals and have an active recruitment plan in place. Dr. Graham suggested that each department create a one-page fact sheet and send over to the Graduate School, as there is not much information regarding Dale Bumpers College at the Graduate School.

• Summer Orientation – All summer orientation sessions (14) will be in June. Please inform Dr. Graham's office those people who will be working orientation to advise students.

• Faculty Senate – The campus is considering implementing a fall break and implementing a background checks on all employees and all new hires.

• Plans for Upcoming Events - Events for the next two months were distributed and discussed.

Future Dates to Remember:


February 1– Student Awards Nomination Packets Due
February 2 – CSES luncheon for department heads
February 19 – Faculty Council Meeting, 2:30 pm
March 19 – Faculty Council Meeting, 2:30 pm
April 6-8 – Monsanto Mobile Technology Unit
April 16 – Faculty Council Meeting, 2:30 pm
April 22 – College Honors and Awards Banquet, 6:00 pm
April 30 – Spring Faculty Meeting, 10:00 am
May 8 – Commencement
June 22-25 - National Summit on Teaching and Learning at Penn State

Submitted by Carmen Alessi