Department Heads -- January 27, 2010

Department Heads Meeting
1:30 pm in AFLS Honors Hall
January 27, 2010

In Attendance:

Lalit Verma, Interim Dean
Mark Cochran, Associate Vice President-Research
Donna Graham, Associate Dean for Academics
Robert Bacon (CSES)
Rick Bennett (PLPA)
Ed Gbur (AGST)
Carl Griffis (BAEG)
Steve Halbrook (AEAB)
David Hensley (HORT)
Keith Lusby (ANSC)
Jean-Francois Meullenet (FDSC)
George Wardlow (AEED)
Mary Warnock (HESC)
Rob Wiedenmann (ENTO)

Dr. Lalit Verma

Three new committees
1) Time Tabulator Committee – Robert Bacon, Chair
Many faculty are confused on how to use the time tabulators.

ACTION Drs. Cochran and Verma asked each department head to review the completed time tabulators for accuracy before forwarding them to the associate vice presidents.

2) Distance Education Committee –Mike Evans, Chair
This committee has asked to be appointed as a standing committee.

ACTION The department heads approved that the Distance Ed Committee would have an advisory role only, but no veto power.

There was discussion on how best to motivate faculty to teach distance ed classes. The department heads suggested allowing faculty who teach distance education classes to choose to receive additional salary or to receive additional support for their programs.

ACTION Jean-Francois Meullenet will review the Distance Ed Committee's survey and edit to provide a common set of questions for each department head to use in reviewing with their respective faculty to learn of the motivational strategies that faculty find appropriate for motivation.

3) Program Viability and Task Force Committee – Curt Rom, Chair
This committee has asked for more time and to have more discussion and input from a broader spectrum of faculty.

ACTION The department heads requested to table this request until a dean is hired and in place.
Productivity Matrix
Dr. Verma will review the most recent data on student credit hours and number of students to determine the FTE, M&O and TA allocation of each department. He would like to see the gap close between the budgeted teaching FTE and actual time expended.
Department Heads Training
Please provide feedback to provost's office regarding topics for future department heads training.

Department heads communication with faculty regarding annual evaluations
Dr. Verma reminded each department head to communicate appropriately with his/her faculty prior to those faculty providing an evaluation of their department head.

Budget cut of $69,447 or 0.9 percent
ACTION The budget cut will come at the college level from salary savings of unfilled positions.

ACTION Dr. Verma will calculate each department's M&O that would have to be returned and send that information to each department head if the projected cut is needed in the next budget cycle.

Sustainability Minor and Certificate
The chair is Steve Boss. The Bumpers College rep is Marty Matlock (BAEG). (Jennie Popp (AEAB) will work with Marty on this).

Hiring Request Form
For any position that includes any college funds, a Hiring Request Form must be completed and submitted by the dean's office for approval by the provost.

Discovery Editor Selection
ACTION Mary Savin (CSES) has been recommended and approved for a two-year term as editor of Discovery magazine. A chair elect was suggested for consideration.

Department Alumni Awards for spring function
Monty Henderson has been named the college's Outstanding Alumnus for 2010 and will attend both the Honors and Awards Banquet on April 22 and Commencement on May 8.

ACTION Carmen Alessi will send an email to each department head requesting the most current outstanding alum selection as to be invited to the Honors and Awards Banquet on April 22.

Each department should consider selecting their department's outstanding alumni in the fall. The college is considering adding a "Young Outstanding Alumnus" award.
Dr. Donna Graham
Strategic Planning Process
Donna Graham and Rick Bennett have been asked to serve on the Division of Agriculture's strategic planning committee. The department heads requested to table the initiation of a college strategic plan until a dean is hired and in place.

ACTION In the meantime, Dr. Graham will send a copy of the latest management plan electronically to each department head to review.

ACT 182 Update
The associate dean's office handled all requirements and the revisions can be found on the College Web site.

Enrollment Numbers
Shows the college is down 50 students. Department heads were asked to contact the associate dean's office, if they feel there are any discrepancies in the enrollment numbers after the 11th day enrollment numbers are released.

Freshmen Survey & Recruiting Initiatives
Results of a freshman student survey show most freshmen get their information from the Web and they are most influenced by their parents when selecting a university to attend. Interest and location are the two most cited reasons why CAFLS freshmen enrolled at the University of Arkansas.

ACTION The recruiting team will be invited in the near future to meet with the department heads for further discussion on recruiting initiatives.

Summer School Semester Credit Hours Productivity & Scheduling
A new summer school budgeting process is being used this year. Department heads were advised to not announce plans for summer classes until the budget was approved. Courses selected will be those courses that can project the most revenue in credit hour productivity.

New Distance Education Courses
All of the classes submitted to the Global Campus in their grants program were approved. Instructors will be paid when the course is finished and taught.

Course Changes-new form
Administrative assistants of each department will be responsible for forwarding course change forms to the dean's office instead of calling on the phone or sending emails to the front desk personnel.

ACTION It was suggested that a line be added to the form: Other majors that would be affected.

Class size – enrollment maximum
Campus is reviewing matching seats to space – maximize enrollment to the specific room. It was suggested to conduct a new inventory of each room for the actual number of chairs.

Implementing policy change for English exemptions
The exemption for English does require a program change and must be sent to the curriculum committees in early February to make the fall catalog.

The lottery funds may award $5000 scholarships on a first come, first serve basis, provided the applicants meet the criteria.

Student Award Nominations
The awards committee has asked for a one-page summary be added to the packet of materials in addition to the requirements listed in the guidelines.

Future Dates to Remember:


National Summit on Teaching and Learning – June 22-25 at Penn State
February 1– Student Awards Nomination Packets Due
February 2 – CSES luncheon for department heads
February 19 – Faculty Council Meeting, 2:30 pm
March 19 – Faculty Council Meeting, 2:30 pm
April 16 – Faculty Council Meeting, 2:30 pm
April 22 – College Honors and Awards Banquet, 6:00 pm
April 30 – Spring Faculty Meeting, 10:00 am
May 8 – Commencement

Submitted by Carmen Alessi