Department heads Feb. 18, 2004

Department Heads
Meeting February 18, 2004

Participants: G. Weidemann, D. Graham, P. Siebenmorgen, R. Roeder, C. Rothrock (PLPA), R. McNew, J. Barrentine, L. Verma, K. Lusby, R. Buescher, F. Stephen, M. Cochran, W. Bottje, D. Hensley, D. Herring
G. Weidemann
1. College budget - the dean provided an overview of the college budget based on the presentation made to the chancellor. The college budget is now 93% salary covering platform instruction, undergraduate advising and some academic support functions. With an annual 2% reallocation process, it is imperative that the college continue to grow in enrollment and SSCH's to justify increased resources and to retain current resources. An budget reduction in the college will necessitate making hard choices due to the lack of flexibility in the budget.
2.Legislative update - the special session concluded without any reductions in higher education to help pay for public education. Concern remains about whether the special masters may require additional revenue. Current revenues remain on forecast with some expectation that this may continue. Concern remains about FY 05.
3.Administrator evaluation process - we will move forward to utilize the new administrator evaluation recommended by the committee as an on-line process. Unit heads need to provide individuals to receive the notification along with email addresses to the dean's office by February 27. Recommendations for changes made at the meeting have been incorporated.
4.RAR workshop - The RAR workshop was canceled and will be rescheduled at a later date. Late email notification seemed to account for the low attendance. In future the college administration will select a date each semester where department heads will hold open their calendars for critical workshops or other meetings. The administration was asked to communicate these dates with CES to avoid scheduling conflicts.
5.Grant oversight - department heads are asked to be aware of grants submitted by their units and to serve as the gatekeeper for the unit on grant submissions.
D. Graham
6.FAEIS Report. Units are asked to complete information of employment by career clusters for graduates of summer and fall of 2002 and spring 2003. This information is to be returned by March 12.
7.Web-Site Construction. The U of A has purchased a web management system called Red Dot and has established guidelines for each department and college to use for its web presence. Dave Edmark will lead the college in working with each unit's web master in learning how to implement the guidelines. The site explaining these standards is found at
Everyone will have a new domain name for their department as will the college.
8.Deadline Dates for Awards Submission. It was proposed that the teaching, advising and other faculty awards deadline be moved to November to avoid complications of time with ordering the awards in the spring. All agreed that November would be better than January. Dr. Weidemann will address with Division Administration for Division awards.
9.Teaching Budget Preparation. A general discussion took place of how the information should be entered into the database, a review of errors that had occurred last year, and some suggestions of how to create a form that would serve as both the projected budget and actual project. The diskettes with the revised data entry sheets will be distributed very soon to each department. The proposed budget will be due at budget hearings in March.
10.Curriculum Check Sheets. All check sheets were asked to be revised because BOTY, ZOOL, AND BOTY alpha codes have changed to BIOL and many check sheets still have incorrect Walton College business classes listed. Additionally, each department is asked to submit a 4-year advising plan listing all required courses in a year to year sequence. These are due by the end of March in order to use them in the transfer orientation session in April. An example from Interior Design was distributed as a reference.
A-1. Bumpers Scholars Award has been changed as a result of requests by departments with only a master's graduate program. A new category was established for outstanding M.S. students with an award of $500. The deadline is March 1.
A-2. Advisor training for the spring semester will be held on two days. The training scheduled for Feb 24 conflicts with the grants workshop so a second day was added so that advising faculty could attend on the following day. A-3. Dual Enrollment Policy. The graduate school has proposed a new dual enrollment policy which will change the procedure and process of enrolling in the last semester of the undergraduate year as well procedure of receiving graduate credit for 3000 and 4000 level courses.
A-4. UAConnect Training
The following times are set up specifically for AFLS advisors to learn the new student information system in preparation for Fall 2004 Registration. This training session will provide the necessary survival skills for you to assist students in the advising and registration process.
March 3 11:30 12:30pm AGRI 115
March 4 3:30 4:30pm AGRI 115
Faculty who cannot attend one of the sessions above can attend one of the following times that were set up by the other colleges on campus.
March 1 9:00am Giffels Auditorium
March 2 2:30pm Giffels Auditorium
March 3 3:00pm GRAD 343
March 4 12:30pm Giffels Auditorium
March 5 10:00am GRAD 343
There will be other times available, which we will forward to you as we receive this information from the Registrar's Office.
A-5. NACTA Journal. Department Heads were encouraged to promote submission of teaching articles to the NACTA Journal as well as teaching tips. Interested faculty should consult this link
R. Roeder
11.Grants Workshop. A principles of grantsmanship workshop will be held on February 24. There are a few slots remaining. Contact Dr. Roeder's office for more information.
The meeting was adjourned at 12:20.