Department heads Feb. 15, 2005

Department Heads Meeting
February 15, 10:00 a.m.
Honors Hall
Participants: G. Weidemann, I. Lyles, M. French, D. Graham, R. Roeder, P. Siebenmorgen M. Cochran, D. Herring, R. McNew, K. Lusby, R. Bacon (for CSES), L. Verma, F. Stephen, R. Buscher, S. Martin (for HESC), D. Hensley, W. Bottje.
G. Weidemann
Grant submissions - Recently, a grant was submitted that was of poor quality due to lack of oversight. Possible options to improve oversight on grant submissions were discussed. They include the requirement to submit several days prior to the deadline or to require that the grants be submitted complete before it will be signed. Unit heads will take this back to their respective faculties for discussion.
Lead 21 - The new leadership program is taking applications. Our practice has been to send newly appointed administrators but also will consider sending selected faculty with leadership potential. Unit heads are invited to nominate faculty for consideration.
Centennial - Centennial planning for the College continues. Subcommittees have been formed for all activities including the rollout event, speaker series and gala. The gala is scheduled for December 3 and the rollout event will occur during Honors week in association with currently scheduled activities.
Federal budget - The President's budget has proposed fazing our formula funds which would cause us to lose nearly $4 million in formula funding over two years. The land grant community will make every effort to restore these funds.
P. Siebenmorgen
Teaching Budget Preparation - The salary portion of the teaching budget will be prepared this year using the web. The basic information and entry will be very similar to that of the past two years, but it will be done on the web (as opposed to a floppy disk). A demonstration of the entry system was given. Department heads were encouraged to be sure that all planned classes are included in the budget as there are few, if any, funds available for classes that are not factored into the budget. The departments will be notified within the next week or two when the "live" data is available and data entry can begin -- written instructions describing the entry (that was just demonstrated) will be provided at that time.
The meeting was adjourned at 11:50.