Department Heads Meeting -- Aug. 8, 2008

Department Heads Meeting
August 8, 2008

Those in Attendance:

Lalit Verma, Interim Dean
Carmen Alessi, Assistant to the Dean
All Department Heads (except ANSC, K. Lusby)
Milo Shult, Vice President for Agriculture
Ivory Lyles, Associate Vice President for Agriculture - Extension
Mark Cochran, Associate Vice President for Agriculture – Research
Patty Siebenmorgen, Associate Director, Finance and Administration, AAES
Kellie Knight, Director of Development
Ashley Harris, Coordinator of Student Relations and Alumni Society Liaison

Dr. Verma's personal commitment during his assignment as interim dean is to work:
• with the other two associate vice-presidents as a team with good communications
• to secure additional resources and support for academic programs from the Provost's office
• to coordinate and complement college and departmental recruitment efforts
• to improve the College position on the productivity matrix
• to update the Academic Policy Series on the schedule of comprehensive departmental reviews. (Campus reviews typically are scheduled every seven years. Any focused reviews, such as those addressing accreditation, will go ahead). Preparation for these reviews should start 1-1 ½ years in advance.

College Recruiting Plan of Events (Ashley Harris)
Handout – "Bumpers College Events 08-09"
Budget and Performance Reviews (Patty Siebenmorgen)
The budget situation is comparable to that of last year. We will continue using the flat appointment approach to faculty salaries.

Evaluation of Classified Employees
Performance evaluations for classified employees should be prepared during the period from July 21 to August 15 with one-on-one discussions with employees from August 18 to 29. Reviewing officials are generally the supervisor's supervisor. Any evaluations with an above satisfactory rating must have a written justification. Supervisors should assure that the evaluations and distribution of ratings are an accurate reflection of the work. The 2% cost of living allowance is in addition to merit raises.

Program and Department Review Schedule
• Nursery School, 2008-2009 – Department is ready
• CSES, 2009-2010 moved from this year for appointment of Department head
• FDSC – IFT, 2009-2010 re-approval of the academic program for undergraduates
• AFLS – MS, 2009-2010 Dr. Graham will chair this review

Policies and Reporting Requirements
• Instructors must complete the required forms to report any financial benefit from student materials, textbooks or reference materials. (APS 1550.30)
• Reports on outside employment and potential conflict of interest should be reviewed by the department head before being forwarded to the Associate Vice-President. (APS 1450.10) (PMGS 95-3). NOTE that equity of 10% or more of a company must be reported as outside employment. As a general rule, if you are being compensated for services, it should be reported. If you are part owner of a family farm, you should report it.
• Current policy on nepotism (Handout – "Board Policy – Nepotism"). The Division will be coming out with a supplement to the policy.
• Deadline for Faculty Awards is October 1. Timing is shorter than in the past, but we plan to include all faculty awards at the Division of Agriculture Annual Conference from January 6 to 8, 2009. Student awards will continue to be in April.

Summary of Degree Productivity Analysis
Handout – "Five Year Institutional Degree/Certificate Summary"
The Department of Higher Education will be setting thresholds of success for numbers of graduates each year. The highlighted programs on the handout are problematic; however every department needs to actively address their progress on enrollments and degree productivity. Current thresholds are specified in item II on the handout, which is a draft of the state department's proposal. There are ways that we can handle the changes including combining courses or enlarging enrollment capacity. Dr. Verma will pursue these numbers with each department when discussing recruitment plans. Have brought up with the Provost the need to clarify how Cell and Molecular students are counted.
Handout – "Proposed Revisions to Academic Program Approval and Review Process"
Department Class Enrollment Targets
Think about enrollment targets for your programs at the different level classes in anticipation of developing a plan for reaching those targets. Currently, the minimum enrollment numbers are 15 for freshman/sophomore, 10 for junior/senior, and 5 for graduate level classes. Recognizing that there are special circumstances with different majors, department heads need to look at their degree's core curriculum and determine appropriate enrollment targets. Dr. Graham will provide analytical information on the college recruitment program in terms of what has been successful and why. Dr. Verma would like to have similar information from the departments to share successes.

International Agricultural Programs (Rob Wiedenmann)
Handout – "Report and Recommendations, International Agricultural Programs (IAP) Committee"
Department heads were asked for nominations to serve on the IAP committee. Send nominations to Carmen Alessi for participation on the committee. Dr. Graham asked that she be kept informed of proposals involving transfer of course credits to avoid problems.
Handout – "2008 Unit Head Review"
Dr. Wiedenmann presented a draft document to help faculty evaluate their department heads. An ad hoc group of faculty members, with chair as Gene Milus (other members are Jean Turner, Tommey Daniel, John Clark), are proposing this as a way to document department head's accomplishments for use by faculty in their evaluation of the department heads. Department heads need to review the draft and offer suggested changes.

Update on Development Efforts (Kellie Knight)
Handout – "FY'08 Fundraising"
Notify Kellie of any events that might bring potential donors to campus so she can meet with them.

New alumni donor database is being improved. Let Kellie know if there are problems using this database.

If you want individual department reports, let Kellie know.

Dr. Graham

1. Assessment of Academic Programs
• The academic policy 1630.10 has been revised and each unit will have to write a report in odd years outlining what assessment measures have been completed and the results of the assessment activities. The next report will be due in June 2009.
• Graham reported that all assessment plans had been reviewed. She shared some common elements that all will need to address in the coming year. (handout)
• A meeting will be scheduled with each department to review their plans, suggestions to strengthen the plan and assessment measures.
2. Enrollment Distribution Report & Charts-
• A copy of the current enrollment distribution report, enrollment in departmental courses for three semesters, and enrollment in the various majors for the past 10 years was distributed to each department head. Each person was charged in studying the trends that are evident in low enrolled courses, enrollment in the major and degree productivity.
3. Pre-requisite Checking
• A list of all courses for which the pre-requisites were not met or an administrative assistant performed an override into the course (reason unknown) was distributed. She requested an examination of courses with multiple overrides—is the course set up incorrectly in the UAConnect system? Is the pre-requisite needed? Are courses too specific at the graduate level? Are secretaries doing favors for students?
4. Echo- 360
• The CIV equipment has reached its life expectancy and needs to be replaced. We have purchased the software, Echo 360, to replace this technology. It is a class capturing software which is remotely controlled by computer to begin recording at specified times in the classroom. We are installing in the distance education classroom in POSC 0117, AGRI 115 and will maintain a portable check-out unit that can be used in your office or another classroom. The class, once recorded, is loaded onto a server for access over the web. Certain instructors that are teaching courses normally offered in the MS-AFLS degree program will be asked to record this fall and next spring.
5. Classroom Utilization Study- Dr. Graham is a member of a campus committee studying how classrooms are assigned to determine if a better utilization can be achieved.
• As a college, we have several classrooms that are being underutilized, i.e. 5 students in a room that seats 100 students. Everyone wants to teach from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. which leaves many rooms open in the afternoon.
• During your next submission of classes, you will be asked to meet a new standard of 70/30 for classes: 30% outside of the 8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. time period.
• Related to this is the construction of a logic tree in how classes are scheduled in rooms. DG may be asking the individuals who assign the rooms on the schedule of classes to outline the priorities of how they select rooms for the classes submitted. This will be used for batch scheduling in R-25 and then integrated in X-25 for event scheduling. When campus moves X-25 into production, the administrative assistants will be able to schedule rooms outside of classroom times.
• Some of your assistants have noticed that our special purpose rooms are now in the UAConnect system. Do not worry –no one can schedule special purpose rooms but us. No outsiders can do this automatically.
6. Schedule of Classes—the clean up copy of the spring 2009 schedule in back in the department. Please have these returned by the deadline to Michelle Chavez.
• The fall semester begins on August 25, so department heads were encouraged to have faculty check the schedule and report any difficulties as soon as possible before the semester begins.
7. Career cards—a new format has been developed to be used in recruiting activities. Each department head should have been consulted by the PSRC representative from your department.
• The cost will be $172 for 500 copies; this compares to $1800-$2000 for the brochures previously printed. They are not designed to replace the brochures but are easier to reprint at a much lower cost. Normally, the cost has been paid by each department, but the Ag Communications office reported one department objected to this. Please let Dr. Graham know if you have an objection on the payment.
• Proofs are in the departments and should be reviewed as quickly as possible and returned to Ag communications office.
8. Recruiting Activities—Handout. A list of fall and spring activities already scheduled was distributed. Two new activities include a career fair for September and collaborative activities with Cooperative Extension in the spring.

9. Justus Seminar- This activity is scheduled for August 20. 9am- Noon with the presentations in the AFLS auditorium. You should have received a save the date card. The award winners will give shorter presentations this year so that we can accommodate teaching ideas from several faculty members. The theme will be teaching the "net generation."

Please note: Handouts from this meeting are available upon request from Donna Graham at or Carmen Alessi at