Department heads Aug. 19, 2005

Department Heads Meeting
August 19, 2005, 10:00 a.m
Honors Hall

G. Weidemann
We have received two FOI requests in recent days. One for all information pertaining to the Illinois River watershed and the other regarding all copy machines and printers in our possession. We will provide more information on timing and details as we receive it.
Preliminary discussions for Promotion and Tenure are scheduled for September 8 and 14. Call Sandi Caster for appointments. Information and policies will go out next week.
Centennial planning is nearing completion. Symposia are set for October 17 and December 2.
Grants and contracts are up 12% from last year and federal grants are up 8%. This is the second highest amount on record.
Campaign final numbers have credited the college and Division with $98 million. The campaign convocation is scheduled for October 28. All chairs and professorships will be recognized with a medal to be worn at the event. We will plan an event prior to that date to give our chairs and professorships their medals.
Preliminary numbers show the college freshman and transfer enrollment up 8%.
September 12, 13 -- Division-wide Unit Heads Meeting
October 7 --
* Dogs with the Dean, 11:30-1:00
* College-wide photograph, Library steps, 1:30
October 15 -- Alumni Reception
October 28 -- Campaign Convocation
Centennial Symposia -- October 17, December 2
December 3 --Centennial Gala