AFLS Curriculum Minutes -- Sept. 9, 2011

Minutes (Final)
AFLS Curriculum Committee Meeting
Tuesday, September 9, 2011
10 a.m. – 11:30 p.m., AFLS D-105, Honors Hall
Voting Members: Leslie Edgar (chair), Nick Anthony (secretary), Curt Rom, Mary Savin, Ashley Dowling, Mike Thomsen, Jim Correll, Luke Howard
Nonvoting Members: Dr. Robertson and Jody Davis
Guest: Tahar Messadi, Don Edgar, and Andy Proctor,
• Call to order
• Approval of Agenda: Mike Thomsen-motion, Curt Rom-Second motion – Motion passed.
• Approval of previous minutes: (August 2, 2011) Motion for approval Curt Rom, Second motion-Mike Thomsen, Motion passed.
• Dean's Office Reports:
• International Programs Program and Minor Report:
Andy Proctor, Director of AFLS International Programs, reported on activities. He noted that he is in a 25% administrative appointment for the AFLS International Programs. He discussed the information on a handout provided to the Curriculum Committee.
• Mission of program ties to Atlantis Program with EU.
• Broader than International Programs working with Drs. Robertson and Vayda to provide monthly reviews.
• Faculty Committee represents departments and serve as liaison for information from the program.
• Goal to gather opportunities to increase awareness of what is going on with regard to international programs.
• Dean also meets with Department Head subcommittee on International Programs.
Current version of minor lacks focus and does not mesh with some current majors due to courses having too many prerequisites. AFLS 2003 is not being offered this fall, but will be taught in the Fall 2013 semester. International Programs Committee reviewing minor requirements and making suggestions for needed revisions.
Mary Savin asked the committee to discuss with their departments their need for minor.
Mike Thomsen let the committee know that the AGEC prerequisite's might be overridden for courses required for the AFLS Global Ag Minor.
Leslie Edgar requested that the Curriculum Committee have input in helping edit minor requirements.
• Old Business (second reading):
• SUST Graduate Certificate - Tahar Messadi: Motion for approval, Curt Rom–first motion and Luke Howard – second motion, Motion passed.
• FDSC 2603 – Pam Brady met with HESC faculty and instructors teaching similar courses and more discussion is needed until overlapping course material is addressed. Luke Howard, first motion to table, Curt Rom, second motion.
• POSC 1012- Second read on added course Avian Biology, Mary Savin-motion to approve second read, Second Luke Howard. Motion Passed.
• POSC 2343- Second read on changing POSC 1023 to POSC 2343 Poultry Production, Mary Savin-motion to approve second read, Second Luke Howard. Motion Passed.
• Poultry Program Change was presented. Motion to table by Nick Anthony, Luke Howard Second. Motion Passed.
• New Business (Pending Requests)(First reading):
• AGED Program Change and Class Change
Delete AGED 1122, add 1123, delete AGED 3942, add 3943, Mike Thomsen-motion first read, Mary Savin-second motion, Motion passed.
• Horticulture classes – HORT 3123, HORT 3203, HORT 3803, HORT 5103, HORT 5203 accepted online classes, program and courses to be reviewed every 5 years. Central item of concern was the HORT 5103 having approximately 25% overlap with CSES 5103. Dr. Rom indicated the courses are fundamentally different and the lack of consistent overlap prohibits cross-listing.
Dr. Evans is instructor of record at the U of A for the courses offered at other institutions.
Curt Rom-motion first read, Ashley Dowling-second motion, Motion passed.
• FDSC 6143 – Luke Howard discussed course. Suggestions to consider adding to SUST Certificate. Motion for approval of first read, Mary Savin, Curt Rom, Second motion. Motion passed
• ENSC 4021L – to be added, Nick Anthony, first read, Ashley Dowling, second motion, Motion passed.
• Announcements:
• FDSC 6333 – change offering
• ENTO 4023 – deleting non-enrollment lab (see new business above)
• ENSC 3253 minor change
• AGEC 4373 name change from "Advanced Price Risk Management" to "Basis Trading – Applied Price Risk Management"
• AGED 3243 – pre- and co-requisite change from junior standing to JOUR 1033
• Honors Program – Curt Rom, RFP to develop honor courses, broad appeal and limited prerequisites, multidisciplinary, 1000-3000, team taught.
• Update on Policy and Procedures Handbook for Curriculum Development. Handout provided on "Faculty Guide for Adding a New Course..." distributed to committee for review and suggestions.
• Adjourn – Motion to adjourn, Curt Rom, Nick Anthony second. Motion passed.