AFLS Curriculum Minutes -- Sept. 21, 2007

Minutes of the DBAFLS Curriculum Agriculture Sub-Committee Meeting
21 September 2007 in APC Conference Room

1. Call to order at 1:30pm by Chair, Curt Rom
∗ Attendance (department representing): Hayden Brown (ANSC), Jason Emmert (POSC), Ed Gbur (AGST), Donn Johnson (Committee Secretary; ENTO), Dave Miller (CSES), Lucas Parsch (AEAB), Curt Rom (HORT), Ya-Jane Wang (FDSC), Alice Griffin (AFLS), Donna Graham (AFLS)
∗ Not Attending: Casandra Cox (AGED),Thomas Costello (BAEG), Tim Killian (HESC),Craig Rothrock (PLPT)
2. Revised agenda date to 21 September 2007: changed, moved, seconded and approved

3. Approval of minutes for 31 August 2007 as distributed: moved, seconded and approved
4. Dean's Report: Dr. Donna Graham:
∗ Mentioned that departments should continue to work on assessment for learning outcomes.
∗ Students continue to late enroll – counting students equates to money. Need to stress to our students the importance of showing up for class the first week of the semester and confirming their enrollment. It was mentioned that many students feel no one teaches anything the first week of classes so why show up – those attending did not agree that was the case in their classes.
∗ Mentioned that Walton College has a problem accepting similar DBAFLS courses in economics or business as meeting the prerequisites for Walton College courses required for some of our minor programs in DBAFLS.
5. Old Business:
1) Food Technology Concentration (FDTN) - Program Change - 2nd Reading;
∗ Mathematics and Statistics (12 hours) – added two courses under section
o (choose one from the following courses): add STAT 2303 or AGST 4023
∗ Business (15 hrs) - added codes under section
o (choose 6 additional hours of business coursework from the following department codes): AGEC, ECON, FINN, MGMT, MKTG, TLOG or WCOB
∗ 2nd reading: moved and seconded
∗ Discussion suggested adding ACCT and ISYS to business course listing
∗ 2nd reading: approved with condition that FDSC add codes for ACCT and ISYS to department codes listing

B. New Course AFLD 5001 – Seminar 2nd Reading
∗ I noted that in the past we referred to this new course as AFLS 5001, but the change form calls it AFLD 5001.
∗ 2nd reading moved, seconded and approved
6. New Business
1) New Course Proposal: FDSC 5503 Food Industry Sanitation
∗ Discussed questions about online courses:
1. How are we sure the students did their own work?
2. Are these legitimate transfer credits?
∗ Noted the fact that industry requested this course.
∗ Dr. Graham saw that this outreach course could serve anyone in the world that pays the enrollment cost.
∗ This online continuing education course was originally meant for off-campus graduate students but could include on-campus students approved by instructor that enroll in an on-campus section.
∗ 1st reading moved, seconded and approved with potential for an on-campus section be made available for on-campus student enrollment approved by instructor.

B. Request from Faculty Council
The AFLS Faculty Council, with direction from the Dean, has asked the Curriculum Committee to do a thorough and extensive review of course offerings and curricula of the college in order to remove 2 FTE. The specific request is that our committee does the following:
1. Complete a course by course, department by department, review to determine redundancy or duplication with other courses both in the college and within the University. Each course currently offered should he unique and justified.
2. Complete a review of college "core" requirements; are the current requirements excessive, insufficient or appropriate.
3. Complete analyses to determine if curriculum structure of BSAg degree is appropriate and relevant in a contemporary context.
4. Complete a determination of potential new courses that should be offered w/in programs of the College to enhance education opportunity and better prepare students.
The deadline for our committee to complete this task is May 2008 - with any proposed changes to he developed, proposed, and implemented in summer 2008 and included in 2009 degree programs and catalog. Dr. Graham stressed that this task pertains to both undergraduate (U) and graduate (G) courses and programs.

∗ Questions to ask to identify these FTEs:
o Does the course meet the learning outcomes for the department?
o Is the program training students with needed job skills?
o Is a course similar to or redundant compared to other courses?
o Do we really need to offer a course every semester or can we change it to once per year or once every other year in case of some graduate courses?
o Generate more cash for teaching - Do we need a consortium to offer shared courses across state lines or national? Noted the Great Plains model
o Do we need to combine an orientation course into an introductory course?
∗ Curt Rom handed out a draft Plan of Action for our AFLS Curriculum Agriculture Sub-Committee to complete our Curriculum Evaluation. It includes 6 tasks:
1. Justify course inventory (UG and G) by noting teaching frequency, average enrollment, duplication or relation to other courses, and how each relates to department learning outcomes (Handout: AFLS Curriculum Review worksheet, where R = required, E = elective). Dr. Graham said her office can assist each department to produce course enrollment for the past several years. complete by December 2007
2. Review AFLS BSAg core requirements and core requirements for both MS and Ph.D. by developing rationale and justification for each course complete by February 2008
3. Review BSAg, MS and Ph.D. degree programs for relevancy as noted by mean enrollment and annual graduation and list benchmark schools with similar program(s). complete by March 2008
4. List potential new courses that meet the learning outcomes missed in other courses. complete by May 2008
5. Make recommendations on course need to department then to college
6. Final report - complete by August 2008
7. Other Business - none

8. Announcements - none

9. Adjourned 3pm