AFLS Curriculum Minutes -- Sept. 19, 2008

Agriculture Curriculum Sub-Committee Minutes for 19 September 2008
Hayden Brown, Donn T. Johnson, David Miller, Craig Rothrock, Ed Gbur, Donna Graham, Lucas Parsch, Alice Griffin, Doug Karcher, Nick Anthony, Ya-Jane Wang, Freddie Scott, Leslie Edgar (attended to describe the AGED courses proposed to be added)

1. Call to order
Donn T. Johnson called meeting to order at 3:30 p.m.

2. Review and approval of agenda
The agenda was approved by voice vote
3. Approval of minutes:
Minutes approved by voice vote

4. Dean's Office Report: Dr. Donna Graham
Dean Graham said that they were very busy cleaning up paperwork. She shared the 11-day class report with the committee. She will make further comments under item 6D.

5. Old Business
6. New Business
a. Reminder of next two committee meetings:
Dates: 17 October, and 21 November from 3:30 to 5pm
Where: AGRI 316 Entomology Conference Room
b. Discussed changes in Food Science and Food Technology concentrations and committee requested they both be combined and submitted as one program change online and be discussed at the next curriculum committee meeting
∗ The proposed course requirement or core course changes in the two concentrations (Food Science and Food Technology) will be combined and submitted as changes to the Food Science Undergraduate Program online where: 1) Food Science Concentration will require student to complete both FDSC 4203 Quality Evaluation and Control with lab component and FDSC 4413 Sensory Evaluation of Food with lab component instead of choosing between two courses; and 2) Food Technology concentration will Add FDSC 4304 Food Chemistry to the Food Science Core. Approved on 2nd reading by voice vote
c. Discuss Adding Courses:
∗ AGED 3243 Ag. Reporting and feature writing (UG credit only) – 2nd reading was approved with suggested changes below by voice vote:
Omitted "or Graduate" so prerequisite reads "Junior Standing" and omitted "agricultural science" from catalog description so it reads: ... at least six hours of upper division courses.
Donn Johnson and Leslie Edgar completed online editing of suggested course changes above, added the syllabus and inserted a copy of the email of support from Journalism for adding this course.
ADD Course AGED 3243 was approved online for the Ag. Curriculum Committee by Donn Johnson on 29 September 2008
∗ AGED 4343 Communication Campaigns in Ag. (UG and G credit) - 2nd reading was approved by voice vote:
Donn Johnson and Leslie Edgar completed online editing of course by adding the syllabus
ADD course AGED 4343 was approved online for the Ag. Curriculum Committee by Donn Johnson on 29 September 2008
∗ AGED 4443 Principles of technological change (UG & G credit) - 1st reading
Comments were some concern about Dual Credit courses and Cross-credit courses.
Some discussion about assessment for Graduate Credit. Approved on 1st reading by voice vote.
∗ PLPA 4304 Applied Plant Disease Management - 1st reading
Concern about assessment for graduate credit and more detail on open book exam process. Approved on 1st reading by voice vote
d. Proposed new programs by Graduate College (files attached): Comments by Dr. Graham
∗ Professional Science Master in Sustainability Analysis
Clarify degree requirements and need syllabus of course
∗ Preparing for the Professoriate
Concentration policy studies on Aging in Public Policy Program
Certificate for those pursuing Academic Career
Need syllabus of course
No action taken
e. For your information: announce Special Topics course: CSES 402V 1 hr "Bioenergy topics"
∗ Dave Miller provided an outline and file for a Special Topics course: CSES 402V 1 hour, "Bioenergy Topics" (Sp)
8. Other Business
9. Announcements
10. Adjourned at 4:45pm

Respectfully submitted by Hayden Brown and Donn Johnson