AFLS Curriculum Minutes -- Sept. 15, 2009

Minutes, Bumpers College Curriculum Committee Meeting , September 15, 2009
1. Call to order: 8:30

2. Review and approval of agenda, approved

3. Approval of minutes for March 13, 2009
Motion to approve Gbur, second Costello, approved
4. For 2009, David Kreider is Secretary (becomes Chair in 2010). The Secretary takes minutes, distributes minutes to committee members, and sends a file of approved Ag. Cur. Minutes to David Edmark ( who posts them online (

5. The membership to this Ag Curriculum Committee is on a two-yr. term rotation. This information will be used to update the current online listing of Ag. Curriculum Committee membership:

Agriculture Curriculum Committee: Terms were again adjusted so that only about a third of members will roll out each year, as follows:
Representative Unit
Leslie Edgar AEED (2010)
Lucas Parsch AEAB (2009)
Ed Gbur AGST (2011)
David Kreider ANSC (2011)
Tom Costello BAEG (2010)
Mary Savin CSES (2011)
Randy Luttrell ENTO (2010)
Ya-Jane Wang FDSC (2009)
Curt Rom HORT (2010)
Jim Correll PLPA (replace Rothrock) (2011)
Nick Anthony POSC (2010)
Donna Graham Dean's Office (non-voting representative)
Alice Griffin Dean's Office (non-voting representative)
Laurie Apple Dean's Office (non-voting representative)
Tim Killian HESC (non-voting representative)

6. Report from the Dean's Office (Dr. Graham followed by Alice Griffin)

· Dr. Graham:
◦ Received report on number of programs exempt from productivity requirements
▪ Approach was to show that many programs are linked and embedded with other programs. Won some and lost some. Ento appears to have won even though linkages were hard to show.
▪ There will have to be a full review on merit.
▪ There will need to be a campus meeting to decide approach to justify some programs, ie. No other institution offers it, specific to Land Grant Institutions, etc.
▪ Attempted to show linkages between MS and PhD programs
▪ Education dept had a chart with multiple zones, 6 colors, that showed all things considered in evaluations.
▪ Message:
· Need to be diligent and not add too much
· Need to see and show how programs are interrelated
· May be value in integration, using other courses in programs to show linkage.
▪ Had to look at undergrad, MS, and PhD programs (84)
▪ Assessment based on number of graduates by program over 3 yr period.
· Worst case scenario – hold funding for deficient programs ie. If we continue to offer program, it will not be funded or will receive reduced funding.
◦ Campus emphasis on distance education
▪ May see incentive policy
· need to be smart and strategic in what we do
· Horticulture this year starting one shared with 3 other states (OK, MS, LA). There is tuition sharing.
◦ Community colleges
▪ Legislative act says in essence that if a student transfers with an Assoc Degree, they do not have to take any lower level (1000 – 2000) level courses.
· Alice is working on articulation agreements with community colleges to address.
◦ Residency requirement changes (30 hrs residency, 27 hrs upper level)
▪ College is OK
▪ Also requirement for minors (9 hrs of upper level courses).
◦ Heads up on overrides:
▪ Still too many (400-500 per semester) for undergraduates who don't meet requirements. Need to check on prereqs see if they are correct, see if they are really needed.
· Alice Griffin:
◦ Charged with spending time looking at retention strategies, which are working, why
they are working.
◦ Be aware of the changes (Arts and Humanities) on the check sheets. They are now all
posted online.
◦ Also be cautious if a student changes degree check sheets that they will have to meet
the new requirements in the A and B sections of the Fine Arts and Humanities
7. Old Business

Solidify meeting times.
Meeting has been set to 2cd Wednesday of each month (8:30am to 10:30am)
Second reading on POSC 5103 – Food Toxicology and Contaminants taught by Dr. Donahue.

· Motion was made to accept the second reading for POSC 5103 by Kreider, seconded by Gbur, unanimously approved

Decision regarding the College English Comp Policy.

The Ag. College summary and vote on the issue of "English Comp policy".
· Current policy:
◦ Student must take "alternative" English or communication course when student "tests
out" of ENGL 1013 and 1023.
· Proposed change:
◦ Student that "tests out" or exempts out of ENGL 1013 and 1023 may take any
elective to replace these English courses.
Department representatives were charged at the March 13th meeting to officially poll their departments about the proposed change. However, since some departments had not completed a poll and not all had been summarized, it was decided that chair and secretary would attempt to
compile as complete a summary of the departmental polls as possible and that this would be discussed at the next meeting prior to any action.

Additional points for discussion: None

Study the communication section of the college degree plan: Deferred to subsequent meeting

Inclusion of foreign language as communication intensive course: Deferred to subsequent meeting

8. New Business – first readings
· FYI only presented to committee, not first reading. Proposed course syllabus for "Value
Added Muscle foods" POSC xxx (no number yet) to be taught by Casey M. Owens. Has
previously been taught several times as POSC 510 (Special Topics).
9. Announcements

10. Adjourn

Minutes submitted by David Kreider and Nick Anthony