AFLS Curriculum Minutes -- Oct. 6, 2010

AFLS Curriculum Committee Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, Oct. 6, 2010
3:30 – 5:00 pm, AFLS D-105, Honors Hall
Members in attendance: David Kreider (chair), Ed Gbur, Luke Parsch, Leslie Edgar (secretary), Chuck West (for Mary Savin), Curt Rom, Nick Anthony, Luke Howard, Gene Milus (for Jim Correll), and Ashley Dowling
Non-voting members: Dean Michael Vayda, Diana Bisbee, and Jody Davis
Visitor: Steve Boss
Call to order: 3:30 p.m.
Approval of Agenda: (motion by Gbur, seconded by Milus)
Approval of previous minutes: (Sept. 16th, 2010) (motion by Gbur, seconded by Rom)
Dean's Office Reports: Dr. Vayda (skipped)
Old Business:
• Campus-wide Sustainability Minor
Discussion needs to be a method to approve new course. This will be decided on by the minor governing committee. Horticulture believes that 20 – 25% of students will enroll in the minor. Requested that the minor be a 2.0 minimum -- it was verbally confirmed that the minor would have a minimum requirement of a 2.0 to complete the minor.
Motion to accept the program on the second reading (motion by Rom, seconded by Gbur)

New Business:
AGED new class and course change proposals:
• AGED 4632 Teaching Diverse Populations (Change to dual credit)
Noted the need for an objective for graduate credit.
Motion to accept for first reading with the understanding that an additional requirement is needed for graduate students or the course will not be approved on the second reading (motion by Gbur, seconded by Parsch) One objection to the motion

• AGED 4543 Ag Publications (New course proposal)
Course created the first AR Culture magazine. It will serve as a capstone course in agricultural communications. Question posed regarding whether the course could be listed as cross section with Journalism.
Motion to accept for first reading (motion Gbur; seconded by Anthony)
• AGED 4243 Graphic Designs in AFLS Productions (Delete "productions" from title) – courtesy announcement
• AGED 2143 Introduction to Ag Communications (New course proposal)
Course will fulfill a need, because there is not currently an introduction course in agricultural communications. This course is standard in other agricultural communication programs at other institutions. Course could be taken by students in other departments.
Motion to accept for first reading (motion Rom; seconded by Milus)
▪ AGED 4233 Program Development (change in hours from two to three credits, previously AGED 4012)
Course is intended for students pursuing teacher certification. The course added objective #4 and four weekly assignments and a final assignment. Committee requested that the course description reflect it being a four week course and the assignment area noting that final assignments are due on week 15.
Motion to accept for first reading (motion Parsch; seconded by West)
• Request that Curriculum Committee representatives discuss with their respective departments whether the AFLS International Programs program is valuable and should continue
Request to take this issue to respective departments to determine the importance of the program (international perspective / experience). Horticulture noted an average of 4.2 students a year that are a part of the program so it is important to their department. CSES endorses the program. Mention was made to need for consistency in instruction in the 2003 course. Also, it was noted that the 3000 level honors class has only been offered twice.
Dean Vayda indicated that the program is not being looked at for discontinuance. The issue with the program is a personnel issue and not a program issue. He indicates that the program was never canceled or planned to be canceled. He is looking at enhancing this program. Vayda indicated that the better discussion on the program is how to staff the needs in the courses and enhance the student experience without requiring students to stay around to complete additional courses. Additionally, there is a need to make sure it is a curricular activity and not just a travel activity for students.
CSES items
• CSES 4103 - Bioenergy Feedstock Production
Course is a part of AgIdea (UA, SDSU, OSU, and KSU); one of about 12 courses that will be coming through the curriculum approval process. Three tracks possible for this certificate. This is an introductory course for the Feedstock track. This is a part of a certificate program shared by other universities. The course is requested as a dual credit course. There is an additional course requirement for graduate students (paper on assigned area). Undergraduate students from UA will be the only undergraduate students in the program.
Motion to accept for first reading (motion by Gene, seconded by Anthony)
• Changes to Crop Biotechnology minor
◦ Require 16 not 18 hours for minor
◦ All students will take a genetics course, and PLPA 4333 Biotechnology in Agriculture, and CSES 402V Special Topics in Crop Biotechnology as two 2-hour courses taken in two different semesters.
◦ Choose two courses from BIOL 4303 Plant Physiology, CHEM 3813 Introduction to Biochemistry, and CSES 4103 Plant Breeding
It was noted that there is interest among students but not a lot of students in the minor; this change allows for more flexibility in the program and adds new course options. The minor is an interdisciplinary program (plant).
Motion to accept for first reading (motion by Rom, seconded by Gbur)
ESWS major changes
• Change MATH requirements to MATH 1203 and Math 1213. Delete MATH 2043.
Justification is that there is only one optional course that requires calculus; it is not required for other courses. It was noted that calculus is not required for the outcomes for the major; change seen as a necessary change for student numbers. A point of clarification was raised regarding whether or not ESWS was adding an additional MATH course to the requirements. A question was posed regarding whether or not it was an option for the math requirements to read MATH 1203 and Math 1213 –or- MATH 2043. Curriculum changes were not in an electronic format, request to get the forms electronic.
• Make the following changes to the Natural Resources Core
◦ Delete BENG 4803 because no longer listed in BENG
◦ Add GEOS 3543 GIS (SP, Fa) to Methods/Techniques
◦ Add AGEC 3523 Environ. & Natural Resources Law (SP even) to Environment & Society
◦ Add GEOG 3003 (Sp. Su, Fa, junior standing) Conservation of Natural Resources to Environmental Management
It was noted that curriculum request changes were not in an electronic format, request for the forms to be made electronic. These courses are currently, commonly substituted so the request was made to add these courses as options to the core of the program.
Motion to accept for first reading the curriculum major change for ESWS and the Natural Resource Core (motion by Rom, seconded by Milus)
• Create ENSC 4xx1 Professional Certification Preparation, senior level (4000-level), 1 credit hour, spring, 1st 8 weeks of semester (exams alternate between Environmental Science in odd years and Soil Science in even years) (offered 3 times already) (Savin). Add to Environmental Management.
The course has been taught as a special topics course three times previously. The course was well received. The course numbers have not been decided.
Motion to accept for first reading (motion by Milus, seconded by Gbur)
• Announcements:
◦ Dianna Bisbee: Biobased Products and Bioenergy Graduate Certificate program associated with the Great Plains Ag*Idea Consortium
Discussion regarding the process.
◦ Moving CSES 4253/4250L to every other year, spring even. (Minor change)
◦ Moving ENSC 3263 to every other year, spring odd. (Minor change)
◦ Change CSES 5264 (Soil Microbiology) to Microbial Ecology, offered in fall odd. Change pre-reqs to BIOL 1543, and BIOL 3863 or ENSC 3223, and highly suggest BIOL 2013, CSES 2203 and ENSC 3003
Above are courtesy announcements.
• Adjourned at 5:20 p.m.
Motion to adjourn (motion by Anthony, seconded by Kreider)
• Approved