AFLS Curriculum Minutes -- Oct. 3, 2012

Minutes (Draft)
AFLS Curriculum Committee Meeting
Wednesday October 3, 2012
1:30 - 3:30 AFLS D-105, Honors Hall
Voting members: Nick Anthony (chair), Tom Costello, Ashley Dowling, Ed Gbur, Luke Howard, Curt Rom, Mary Savin, Kate Shoulders (for Leslie Edgar), Mike Thomsen (secretary)
Non-voting members: Jody Davis, Kelly Way
Approval of Agenda: Gbur moved, Kreider seconded, motion passed
Approval of Minutes: Krieder Moved, Howard seconded, motion passed
Deans Office Report: Jody Davis reminded the committee that action on ACT 747 was required before approval of new program changes.
Old Business: Revisit College Curriculum Requirements in Response to ACT 747
David Kreider, chair of the ACT 747 subcommittee, moved that the committee address each question that was presented at the September meeting and circulated to the faculty. Luke Howard seconded the motion. The motion passed. Motions 1 to 7 address these questions:
1. Motion to drop requirement for COMM 1313: Kreider moved, Dowling seconded, the motion passed on 7 to 2.
2. Motion to keep college communication intensive requirements and add COMM 1313 to the list of approved communication intensive courses. Thomsen moved, Kreider seconded.
Rom moved that this motion be amended to read "require six hours from the list of communication intensive courses and add COMM 1313 to the list of communication intensive courses." Savin seconded the amendment. Amendment to the motion passed 5 to 4.
Amended motion passed.
3. Motion to retain college "Bumpers" broadening requirement as is. Thomsen moved, Rom seconded, the motion passed 5 to 3.
4. Motion to retain the 39 hours of upper division credit. Rom moved, Dowling seconded. The motion passed.
5. Motion to retain the requirement of 30 hours in residence from the Bumper's college. Rom moved, Kreider seconded, the motion failed.
6. Motion to retain rule limiting hours in internships and special problems that can count towards the bachelor's degree. Rom moved, Kreider seconded, the motion passed.
7. Motion to keep two separate curriculum committees. Rom moved, Savin seconded, the motion passed.
Additional ACT 747 related actions:
• Motion that the AFLS curriculum committee define what is meant by "communication intensive" and reevaluate list of communication intensive courses. Rom moved, Gbur seconded, the motion passed.
• Motion to modify the existing requirement of upper division credits from 39 hours to 36 hours. Gbur moved, Kreider seconded, the motion passed.
Announcements: The committee was informed of minor changes to CHEM 1103, CSES 4143, CSES 4224
Motion to Adjourn: Kreider moved, Gbur seconded, the motion passed.