AFLS Curriculum Minutes -- Oct. 3, 2011

Minutes (Draft)
AFLS Curriculum Committee Meeting
Monday, October 3, 2011
10 a.m. – noon, AFLS D-105, Honors Hall
Voting Members: Leslie Edgar (chair), Nick Anthony (secretary), Curt Rom, Mary Savin, Ashley Dowling, Mike Thomsen, Luke Howard, David Kreider
Nonvoting Members: Lona Robertson, Jody Davis, and Kelly Way
Guest: Dan Donoghue
• Call to order
• Approval of Agenda: Motion to change agenda as follows: Move the following items to the November meeting: FDSC 2603 Science in the Kitchen, POSC 3112 Food Toxicology, and ENTO 1023 Insects and People. Add announcement of AGED 4243 to be added to Spring-even. Motion for approval – David Kreider, Second motion – Mike Thomsen – Motion passed.
• Approval of previous minutes: (September 9, 2011) Motion for approval David Kreider, Second motion-Luke Howard, Motion passed.
• Dean's Office Reports: Lona Robertson – International Programs: A subcommittee has been charged to look at and/or to make recommendations on changes to minor. Leslie Edgar requested the Curriculum Committee also be encouraged to submit proposed changes. Honors Program: The Honors Program Committee is also considering possible changes to their requirements. More information to come in future meetings.
• Old Business (second readings):
• POSC Program Change – L. Edgar requested AGED 2141L be corrected to 3141L. Motion to approve program change made by David Kreider, Mary Savin seconded motion – Motion passed.
• POSC/ANSC 1062 – David Kreider requested description be edited to better reflect that required for catalog copy. Curt Rom request sentence in description to define sustainability. New description: "Practical information on small scale animal production, including practical strategies for farm planning, issues of economic and environmental sustainability, best management practices, biosecurity, disease prevention, and farm safety will be presented". Course number correction from 1061 to 1062 and description to be edited in curriculum system by J. Davis. Motion to approve course with correction - Nick Anthony, Mike Thomsen seconded motion – Motion passed.
• HORT 3123, 3203, 3803, 5103, 5203 – Motion made to accept all courses for on-line offering- David Kreider, Mike Thomsen-seconded motion – Motion passed.
• AGED 1123 – Motion to add 1123 and delete 1122. Program change presented with course. - David Kreider, Mike Thomsen- seconded motion. Motion passed.
• AGED 3942 to 3943 – Motion to change course to three credit hours. Program change presented with course. - Curt Rom, Mike Thomsen- seconded motion – Motion Passed.
• FDSC 6143 – Dr. Howard presented information from Tahar Messadi regarding possible inclusion in sustainability minor had been approved. Motion made to add course - David Kreider, Mike Thomsen- seconded motion – Motion passed.
• ENSC 4023/4021L – Previous announcement confirmed deletion of ENSC 4020L non-enrollment lab from the ENSC 4023 lecture. Motion made to add 1-credit hour separate laboratory course that would not be required by encouraged for students wishing additional experience. - David Kreider, Curt Rom- seconded motion, Motion passed.

• New Business (First reading):
• HORT 4503 – Dr. Rom presented information related to the course and its incorporation into the horticulture major as well as other perspective audiences. Motion made to accept course addition - David Kreider (1st read), Curt Rom-seconded motion, Motion passed.
• Communication Intensive Substitution for Sally Williamson – Dr. D. Kreider presented information on ANSC student, Sally Williamson who completed a technical writing course at National Park Community College. Because the transfer institution is a two-year institution, the course cannot be accepted by the U of A any higher than 2000-level. Motion made to accept the substitution of the course as equivalent to that required for the Communication Intensive requirement - Mike Thomsen- motion, Ashley Dowling- seconded motion, Motion passed.

• Other Business: Changes to Policy and Procedure discussion, David Kreider discussed handout provided at last meeting and suggested the structure of the college website have a curriculum webpage that would include this information as suggestions and to be available as "how to" make curriculum changes. Lona Robertson suggested additions for Grad classes. David Kreider to send electronic version for any committee wishing to make suggestions to do so using the track changes and submit to him by October 15, 2011.
• Bylaws – Discussion on Bylaws changes submitted to the committee from Dr. Jeff Miller. Motion made to accept changes -David Kreider, Curt Rom- seconded motion. Motion passed unanimously. Additional discussion included question as to why only faculty representative can serve on curriculum committee instead of departmental staff knowledgeable in curriculum and programs. The consensus was that curriculum is strictly a faculty committee.
• Announcements:
Minor course changes – AGED 4243 (Graphic Design in AFLS) adding a summer offering and AGED 5053 (Philosophy of Agricultural and Extension Education) move from summer to fall offering.
• HORT courses being listed with global campus not being approved by HORT. Lona Robertson to follow-up to confirm courses must be approved prior to listing in UAConnect.
• Honors Program announcement: October 21, 2011, is deadline for interdisciplinary course proposal, funding of 10k – 20k for 1000 – 3000 level classes, no pre-requisites should be required for proposed course.
• Adjourn