AFLS Curriculum Minutes -- Oct. 17, 2008

Minutes AFLS Agriculture Curriculum Sub-Committee 17 October 2008
Time & Location: 3:30 – 5:00PM on Friday, October 17, 2008 in AGRI 316 Entomology Conference Room


1. Call to order

2. Review and approval of agenda

3. Approval of minutes:

4. Dean's Office Report: Dr. Donna Graham

5. Old Business

6. New Business
a. Reminder of next committee meeting:
Dates: 21 November from 3:30 to 5pm
Where: AGRI 316 Entomology Conference Room
b. Discuss Adding Courses:
• AGED 4443 Principles of technological change (UG & G credit) - approved 2nd reading with title changed to: Methods of technological change; on 24 October, as Chair, Donn Johnson approved this course change online
• PLPA 4304 Applied Plant Disease Management – approved 2nd reading with changes noted below; on 24 October, as Chair, Donn Johnson approved this course change online
Craig Rothrock and Terry Kirkpatrick have addressed most of the Committee concerns and Donn Johnson has edited the online ADD Course request with the following modifications:
* Added more detail in Description: "A plant pathology course emphasizing practical understanding of the concepts and principles of agronomic and horticultural crop disease management including disease diagnosis, monitoring and using models to forecast disease events."
* Added to description of requirement for graduate students....Students enrolled for graduate credit will be expected to conduct a literature search and develop a publication - quality fact sheet targeted for extension audiences. The topic must relate to plant pathology with approval by the instructor and will include successful completion of a peer review.
* There was concern about potential for dishonesty on exams completed and returned electronically with no apparent supervision (proctor) during the exam process. Modified as follows: ..."Exams and Grading: ... Wherever, the student is completing the exam, there will be a proctor present to monitor the examination unless the exam is to be open book. The completed exam will be returned electronically by email by the assigned due date.
c. New option (concentration) for the AGECMS degree (3 attachments) – first and second readings – motion was approved for the Atlantis MS Thesis track concentration.
• Lucas Parsch requested a first and second reading to expedite the proposal through the approval process so that it can still appear in the 2009-10 catalog.
• Discussed and voted on Document 1, whereas Documents 2 and 3 are targeted for Grad Council and ADHE:
1. Form 1622.20 for the Atlantis MS thesis track concentration (this is the main document AFLS Curric Comm will review).
2. Form 1622.20 for the Grad School policy changes related to the Atlantis MS.
3. Letter of Intent Notification 3, the ADHE form for a new concentration.
* Justification: AEAB received a grant from the Department of Education to develop a double MS degree program (called Atlantis) with a consortium of universities in the European Union (E.U.). Students who participate receive an MS in AGEC from UA, and an MS in Rural Development from the E.U. The new MS track allows us to implement this program.
d. Lucas Parsch requests that we review the English requirements that the College currently enforces with respect to ENGL 1013 and 1023 and the issue of "testing out" of these courses. In AFLS, we require that even though a student "tests out" of ENGL 1013 or 1023, they are nevertheless required to take an "alternative" English or communication course. My understanding is that only AFLS makes this requirement whereas other colleges give the student a wide-open elective to replace these English courses. Perhaps, our Committee should re-visit this policy to verify whether we want to maintain this policy. A good starting point would be to have someone from the Dean's Office review for us just what our policy is.
e. I open the floor to discuss the precedent of merely putting "Sustainable" in front of any of our College crop/livestock/poultry production or pest and disease management course titles. I think this is a "major change" requiring Ag. Curriculum committee approval. Such a change should include major course content change that truly introduces the goals and the 3 tenants of sustainability that emphasize -- environmental, economic, and social sustainability. I would like to suggest that the AFLS curriculum committee appoint a task force (Donn Johnson, Curt Rom, Dave Longer or David Miller, Jennie Popp, others) to study and make recommendations for classes and programs (esp starting with a Minor) on sustainable agriculture in our College. With this, I would like us to develop criteria for using the name sustainable in classes. I believe the current CSES 2103 Crop Production class and its corresponding Lab CSES 2101L (see catalog descriptions below), could be modified into a sustainable production course and be an integral course cited as part of a Minor in Sustainable Agriculture Educational Program in our College.
• CSES proposes changing titles of CSES 2103 Crop Science to Sustainable Crop Production and CSES 2101L Crop Science Laboratory to Sustainable Crop Production Laboratory.
* Current Catalog description: CSES 2103 Crop Science (Spring) Principles of crop growth, development, and utilization and how these principles relate to production. Emphasis on major agronomic crop species. Lecture 3 hours per week. Prerequisite: CSES 1203 or HORT 1203.
* Current Catalog description: CSES 2101L Crop Science Laboratory (Spring) A series of laboratory experiments designed to reinforce principles of plant growth and development, reproduction, classification, and the utilization of plant products. Emphasis is placed on major crop plant species. Experiments are conducted by individuals or by teams. Laboratory consists of a single, 2-hour period each week. Required for Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences majors. Corequisite: CSES 2103.

7. Other Business
a. On 8 October, as Chair, Donn Johnson approved online course changes from Active to Inactivate/Delete for:
• HORT463V Horticulture internship
• HORT464V Turf management internship
• HORT465V Horticulture merchandizing internship
The Justification to Inactivate/Delete each course is as follows:
"This course is no longer valid now that we have one degree plan (Horticulture, Landscape and Turf Sciences) instead of concentrations. We have left HORT 462V HLTS Internships open and all students will now register under that course number for internships."
b. On 24 October, as Chair, Donn Johnson approved online course change from Active to Inactivate/Delete for:
• POSC5752L Advanced poultry diseases laboratory
8. Announcements
9. Adjourn

Respectfully submitted by David Miller and Donn Johnson