AFLS Curriculum Minutes -- Oct. 14, 2009

Minutes of Ag Curriculum Committee Meeting, October 14th, 2009 at 8:30 am, POSC 413/414

1.Call to order 8:30 am.

2.Review and approval of agenda:
one item added for Dr. John Marcy, approved.
3.Approval of minutes for September 16th, 2009
4.Report from the Deans Office (Alice Griffin)
Alice Griffin discussed implications of Arkansas Act 182.
Students transferring with a degree from a 2 year institution in Arkansas cannot be required to take
lower level (1000-2000) courses.
· Generally does not apply to major specific classes, but does apply to state minimum core courses. eg. Animal Science requires Chem 1074 and Chem 1071L. Animal Science will have to justify why this course is required in lieu of other chemistry courses in the state minimum core.
· A handout was distributed on the "Professional Science Masters in Sustainability Analysis" To be discussed at the next meeting by Dr. Graham.
5.Old Business

Decision regarding the College English Comp Policy.

Student that "tests out" of ENGL 1013 and 1023 may take any elective to replace these English courses.

On March 13, AFLS Faculty Council passed the following motion on its first reading:
"Students that are exempt from English Composition ENGL 1013 and/ or ENGL 1023 hav met their requirement for composition in our core. The exemption hours may be met with general electives."
1. Each AFLS departmental representative will present this motion to their respective departments and then vote on the second reading at the next AFLS Curriculum Committee meeting based on the
input from each department. If the motion passes the second reading at AFLS Curriculum meeting, it will effectively change AFLS rules regarding ENGL 1013/1023.
2. Currently, AFLS rules state: "Students who are exempt from ENGL 1013 or ENGL 1023 must enroll in 3-6 hours of English, Communications, Literature, or Foreign Languages to fulfill the college
requirements of English/Communications." UA Catalog, p. 71.
3. A vote in favor of the new motion (Yes) overrides the current rule by allowing exempted students to take any course in lieu of ENGL 1013 or 1023. A vote against (No) the new motion is, in
effect, a vote for the status quo. This motion does not affect current requirements for ENGL 2003 Adv Comp, COMM 1313 Speech, or the additional "communications intensive course" (e.g.,
AGEC 3142/1, etc.) required of AFLS students.
Summary of departmental votes that were reported:
· The vote in Animal Science was 14-0 in favor of the proposed change.
· Food Science 8-yes and 2-no. The rest of the faculty did not vote.
· Horticulture 8 votes for the motion (to allow the exemption and filling the requirement w/ gen elects), and 1 against.
· The AEAB vote on the AFLS ENGL 1013/1023 motion was a large majority in favor of the motion, i.e., 9 for and 1 against.
· The AEED vote on the AFLS ENGL 1013/1023 motion was a large majority in favor of the motion (6 for and 1 against).
· The vote by Entomology faculty was 7 for and 2 against.
· The Poultry Science vote was 13 for and 2 against.
· The CSES faculty vote was 1 for 12 against.
A call for a vote on the question was made by Dr. Kreider and seconded by Dr. Parsch.

The proposed change to the College requirements was approved by of vote of 6 for and 2 against.

The change as adopted is:

"Students that are exempt from English Composition ENGL 1013 and/ or ENGL 1023 have met their requirement for composition in our core. The exempt hours may be met with general electives."

Additional points for discussion:
Study the communication section of the college degree plan (deferred)
Inclusion of foreign language as communication intensive course (deferred)

Clarification on 2 courses:

FDSC 6413 Fall alternate odd years: Nutrition and Chronic Diseases
Description: This course is designed to discuss the major health issues in the United States and the impact of nutrition on these conditions, e.g., cardiovascular, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and dementia. This class will provide students with an overview of major diseases and the role that nutrition plays in preventing or suppressing a disease condition. The concepts and findings of needs/concerns of the individuals in health and in disease will be addressed. Pre-requisites: Basic nutrition

The request for approval of this course was withdrawn by Food Science

CSES 4043 Environmental Impact and Fate of Pesticides, Environmental issues associated with pesticide use, including fate of pesticides in the environment, ecological impact of pesticides, and exposure risks to humans. Course recommended for students who have 12 hours of biological and /or physical sciences or consent. Lecture 3 hours per week.

This course has not met recently, but CSES wants to keep it "on the books", so this listing will be
changed to "irregular"

6. New Business


POSC/ANSC 5952 Respiratory Physiology of Domestic Animals (Wideman for Rosenkrans) Bottje is assuming full responsibility for teaching POSC/ANSC 3042

Minor change to AGEC 3313 Agbus Sales. Change in pre-requisites to add Junior Level Standing in addition to previous pre-requisites.

This change is being made because the course has become too large with below Junior level students in it.

Approved for first and second reading

Changes to AGEC courses:
· Change AGEC 2143 Agbus Financial Records (lecture and lab) to AGEC 2142 Agbus Financial
Records (lecture) .
· Add a new course: AGEC 2141L Agbus Financial Records Lab. AGEC 2142/2141L will replace the lab portion of AGEC 2143. There will be no substantive change in the subject matter or content of either the course or the lab. This change will enable students to sign up for the common lecture period for two hours per week and to select one hour of lab offered at two different times each week. Breaking the course into a lecture and co-requisite laboratory works better in UAConnect similar to the manner in which AGED 3142/1L Agric Communications is currently offered.
The above changes are being made because UAConnect will not allow multiples sections of labs for a combined course. The maximum size of the class itself is not an issue, but the lab portion is limited to about 24-25 students. This change will allow multiple lab sections under UAConnect. Course content or lab content will not change.

Approved for First and Second reading

Information item:

POSC 4033

Proposed as a part of the Master of Science in Agricultural Food and Life Sciences: Food Safety Emphasis.

POSC 4033 Statistical Process Control in the Food Industry, (Graduate or undergraduate credit)

This course was previously approved as POSC 4034, but never taught. It will be changed to a new 3 hr course and taught online every 3 years. Will be targeted mostly to industry people. Instructor permission required.

Committee recommended that this be submitted as a Major change.

7. Announcements

8. Adjourn

Minutes submitted by David Kreider and Nick Anthony